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If you are looking for a guaranteed way to stop thumb sucking in 4 weeks or less, without causing pain or discomfort, then look no further. Most parents see results after only ONE week of using ThumbGuard, making it one of the most recommended solutions to break the habit.

Each kit comes with everything you need to stop the thumb sucking habit. This includes:

  • 2 Ambidextrous ThumbGuard appliances, one for each hand
  • 60 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • 2 Instalocks – makes the fitting process as easy as possible!
  • Reward chart + stickers
  • One set of instructions

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.

Key Facts

Why is ThumbGuard recommended the most?

  • ThumbGuard takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • ThumbGuard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA. The product is 100% BPA and phthalate free.
  • It has a success rate greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.


Sizing Chart

SIZING CHARTAge: 3 to 4Age: 5 to 6Age: 7+
Recommended Appliance SizeSmallMediumLarge

Please note that for children younger than 3, the small size can still be used. HOWEVER, the success rate cannot be claimed to be 95%, because very young children are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured.

If your child is between sizes, please see our “sizing guidelines FAQ”.



Thumb sucking ceased!!!

Apr 10, 2014 by S.Miles
Are You A Dentist Or A Parent?: Parent 

I am the mother of a two year old who's been sucking her thumb since birth. The doctors told me that she would grow out of it with age and as time went on she did everything with her thumb in her mouth. I worried for her and wanted the thumb sucking to end. My daughter sucked her thumb so often that they became raw and had cuts on them. I went to her dentist who suggested the Thumb Guard and I knew it wouldn't work because none of my other attempts did. I put the guards on her hands on Christmas Eve and less then a month later the habit STOPPED. Ocassionally she would try to ease her thumb in her mouth and I would remind her that she didn't need her thumb anymore. Here we are 4 months later and I'm proud to say that the thumb sucking habit has ceased completley. THANKS Thumb Guard!!!
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Response: We are glad to hear that our product worked after all others had failed. Thank you so much for your review.

Amazing results

Apr 09, 2014 by Prajakta kate
Are You A Dentist Or A Parent?: Parent 

Dear Tguard team,
I can't thank you enough for this amazing and Truly effective product. We bought this product after reading the reviews and were completely satisfied with its efficacy. Although I must admit we were a bit skeptic initially about how can something so simple can have such magical results as we were amongst those parents who had tried everything under the sky to try and get rid of the thumb sucking habit and had failed miserably! But after reading all those positive reviews by parents we thought of buying this and thanks to it now we happily got rid of our daughters habit. Also her front teeth are starting to go back and the thumb callosity is regressing and it's barely a month!
About our journey..well I must say that the first week is a bit difficult but you must stay steadfast and not give in to the temptation of removing it even try go to their limits for making us remove it. I saw to it that she was getting exhausted by the end of the day by stopping her afternoon naps and taking her out daily to parks and playgrounds as it helped her to fall asleep. Also the star stickers and the colourful bracelets do their magic..though I was skeptic does work magically for kids!
All in all ..I strongly recommend this product for all parents looking to get rid of this habit.
About the cons- I wasn't able to understand that if they recommend to wear the thumb guard for 45 days, why do they provide just 30 days worth of wrist bands?
It's just that sometimes ..when during that one month period if the kid gets sick and vomits or something and we need to change the thumb guards we have to cut open the bracelet and then we are left with lesser than 30 ( their minimum recommended ) days of bracelets! And without the bracelets the thumb guards come off easily even in sleep!..thankfully this didn't happen to my kid but I was just thinking of the possibility as we had to be extremely thrifty about wearing those would be better if you supply 45 days worth or 90 bracelets instead of 60.
Thank you.
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Response: Thank you Prajakta for the detailed review! We are very happy for your success.
We also welcome your feedback; we will be sure to discuss this in future meetings regarding ways to improve our kit in order to increase customer satisfaction.
Kind regards,
MED et al, Inc

Thank you from Russia

Apr 06, 2014 by Ksenia
Are You A Dentist Or A Parent?: Parent 

Dear TGuard team,
I am extremely happy to post this review, and I was waiting for it for quite some time to ensure that TGuard is really working. My daughter was a heave thumb sucker from the moment she learnt how to use her hands (about 3 months old). Even though she was fully on breast feeding, she was sucking her thumb a lot. As she grew older, she continued thumb sucking (on her right hand) both during the day and during the night. My daughter is absolutely healthy, without any neurological problems, why she was (!!) a thunb sucker I have no idea. When she started walking it became a real problem for me - it is very unhygienic (after playing everywhere she quickly put her thumb into her mouth and I coulnd't stop it timely), moreover I noticed that her nail looked unhealthy and there was a callosity on her finger as well. I tried a lot of things to stop her, as she still was too lottle to "talk abd explain" I tried to prevent thumb sucking, but all means I could find were nont working. In my country there is nothing like TGuard solution, so I had to order and ship it with my friends from the US - that was the right decision! Thank you a lot for creating such a smart solution. My daugter was 18 month old when we started (I read and understood all the risks for kids under 3 years old), but I couldn't wait any longer. We followed all the instructions and - wow - it worked! She used to fall asleep ONLY with her thumb in her mouth, si U was very afraid of the first sleep. We put on TGguard (she didn't fell any discomfort) and went for a long and exausting walk, right after it she fall asleep without sucking her finger for the first time! And it went on, we used TGUard exactly for 30 days. My daughter is turning 2 years in a couple of weeks - and I am proud to say she hasn't been sucking her thumb anymore since then!
Couple of comments / proposals - it would be great to share recommendation on correct treatment of TGuard (how often is it recommended to wash it? Is it possible to boil it?)
It would be great also to think of some kind of cleaning stick for thumb quard. As example - when my daughter ate something with her hands - small pieced of food got inside the tube of TGuard. I had to take it off every time and rinse, it would be much more comfortable to have some device to clean inside the tube (While it is on the finger).

Thanks a lot from Russia! I shared information about your great product with my friends and doctors (so that they can recommend it further).
Regards, Ksenia (and small Elizabeth)
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Response: Thank you Ksenia for your review! We are very happy to hear of your child\'s success.

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