How Can I Keep My Child From Sucking Their Thumb?

how to stop thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a normal behavior exhibited in babies and young children. In fact, estimated 95% of babies have been shown to suck their thumb on reflex, most likely out of an instinct to nurse.

However, there are many health concerns regarding thumb sucking once a child has reached the age of two or three. Thumb sucking has been proven to cause teeth irregularities, speech difficulties, and fingernail abnormalities.

For this reason, it’s important to know how to stop thumb sucking as a preventative measure to keep your child healthy and happy. Consider the following thumb sucking remedies to help your child learn how to stop thumb sucking.

Help them find comfort elsewhere
In many cases, thumb sucking and nail biting are often caused by anxiety. The child reduces their anxiety by placing their fingers into their mouth. One way to keep your child from sucking their thumb is to give them a healthier way to reduce their anxiety.

For instance, silly putty or playdough are great ways to give your child something physical to focus their attention on to reduce stress. Another idea is to teach your child to name their favorite things or name animals alphabetically. The idea to recognize your child’s anxiety and stress and teach them healthy ways to get through it.

Reduce the pleasure that comes from the habit
A thumb sucking appliance or deterrent is one of the best ways to get your child to stop sucking their thumb. This is because a T Guard finger guard prevents your child from feeling suction on their finger.

Your child sucks their thumb because they enjoy the sensation and find that sensation comforting. By taking away the pleasure that comes from thumb sucking, you limit the reasons for your child to bring their thumb to their mouth.

A thumb sucking guard can help to ease your child off the habit of sucking their thumb. The guard keeps them from deriving a sense of comfort out of putting their finger in their mouth and encourages them to seek comfort elsewhere. For more information on thumb sucking guards and how they can help your child stop finger sucking, contact T Guard today.