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An easy to clean, easy to breathe, reusable, protective face mask that protects you against the type of airborne droplets that transmit disease by coughing / sneezing.

AeroMask features:

  1. Reusable design: no need to purchase disposable masks that hurt our environment.
  2. Easy to clean: use hand sanitizer, soap, or disinfectant that you already carry for your hands.
  3. Easy to breathe: the mask redirects airflow to your neck, through specially designed ribs. Perfect for trips to the grocery store, gas station, etc.

Comes with an elastic band.


NEW! AeroMask is a soft, reusable protective mask designed to protect the wearer from airborne microbes in the form of droplets, which pose the greatest risk during pandemics such as COVID-19. It is designed to redirect airflow to the user’s neck, minimizing the chance of spreading illness to others, and preventing the wearer from airborne droplets, from coughs or sneezes, that contain harmful microbes. It also helps serve as a reminder not to touch the face, especially the mouth or nose, and in this way also protects the user from further potential exposure to the virus.

Our durable rubber design allows easily sterilization with soap and water, disinfectant spray, or hand-sanitizer. Not only is this more convenient (you can clean the mask at any time), but it is better for the environment, since there are no single-use (disposable) components.

Single-use medical masks do not form a perfect seal around your face, and harbor harmful bacteria and microbes within the fibers. Picture someone sneezing in your general direction: do you really want those microbes sitting on the surface of your mask? Every time you breathe, air flows around these microbes and into your body. Since the AeroMask is impermeable, any droplets that land on the front of the mask are 100% isolated from your breaths.

Our mask redirects the airflow to a place where microbes from infected droplets are less likely to land: on your neck, behind the mask.

Made in USA.


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  1. elena

    very durable. I can disinfect without washing in laundry machine

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