For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. Yes tguard worked after 30 days we took the tguard off to see how our would do its been 3 months no thumb sucking she’s forgotten all about it

  2. Did the job! Helped my very stubborn almost 3 year old daughter stop sucking her thumb. Would definitely recommend.

  3. It took two cycles but the key was being consistent and keeping on for entire 30 days. Very happy this helped as my sons teeth were being impacted.

  4. Put a guard on one thumb, and he sucked the other one at night. Bought another guard, and he sucked his fingers. We ended up having to buy full gloves for nighttime with the guards on top. During the day, he only wore one guard on his main sucking thumb. He broke the habit in about 30 days.

  5. My daughter was a few months away from turning four when we bought the T-guard. We were resolved to help her break the habit. Talking to her (accidentally scaring her) about the consequences of thumb sucking worked for her to stop during the day. For falling asleep, during the night, and wake up, though, she felt powerless to stop. The first night she was excited but shortly hated the device. Didn’t take long before she covertly started sucking her other thumb, and I had to buy another kit. From that point we used the provided star chart with both guards on overnight. After a couple weeks she seemed pretty much done with her thumb! I was really happy we didn’t have to take her lovey away to accomplish this. Within a very short time, her teeth have moved back toward proper alignment to a huge degree. Her dentist and we are super proud of her. Effective product and would definitely recommend!

  6. Worked Amazing. It was the only thing that stopped our son from sucking his thumb. We tried a bunch of other things, but this worked. He was also mentally and ready, but when he wanted to sleep or was tired then he would suck his thumb. This got him out of the habit. Would def recommend!

  7. Highly recommend this product! My 5 year old could not break a thumb sucking habit until we tried this. My child used this 24/7 (besides changing out bands at bath time) for 3ish weeks and the habit completely went away after that. I am stunned it worked but very happy it did! Great product!

  8. Wasn’t sure it was going to work as we had tried other thumb sucking remedies and they all failed, but it did! It didn’t seem to bother him as much or get in the way of holding things like other thumb sucking devices did. I would say the only negative was that we would have liked to have more of the wristbands included.

  9. If you lock the bracelet it really helps.

  10. Worked for our 3 y.o. kid. Minor protest on day 1 but she got used to it immediately after and did not protest. We did the star chart and that helped. Habit was kicked after a couple of weeks. Doesn’t suck her thumb at all anymore.

  11. Worked beautifully for two children!

  12. Worked great for our 7 year old!!!

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. This product was a lifesaver for us! It helped my son break his finger sucking habit at the age of 3 years. He has sucked his index and middle finger since the age of 2 months. In 30 days the habit was broken and we are so thankful for this device!

  2. We weren’t sure how to break our 8.5 year old of her finger sucking habit but it was so clear the habit had changed the shape of her mouth and teeth we needed to do something. A friend told us about the finger guard about 6 weeks ago and we ordered it immediately. Our daughter promptly named it the “Invisihand”! It was very rough for the first 3 nights. She couldn’t fall asleep and had to sleep in our living room instead of her bed. But after the first 3 nights she was able to fall asleep in her bed (stays up later to read to get sleepy) and we haven’t had an issue since. We decided to continue using it because she has had the habit for so many years and we want to ensure she won’t go back to sucking her fingers. We even forgot to put it on one night and she did not put her fingers in her mouth! We are so happy with this product from the comfortable design, ease of ordering, quick shipping and mostly the success we’ve had. Thank you!

  3. We are very thankful for this product that was recommended by our pediatrician. It worked for our toddler! It was tough at first but it really did break the habit.

  4. my 2 year old son used the tguard for 4 weeks and it was enough to stop sucking his fingers!!! Recommended 100%

  5. My 3 year old stopped! I’m so happy. I told her she had to stop in order to go to school (preschool). She was so happy about but didn’t do anything. When we got the TGuard she was very excited, loved the color belts and the stickers. She only wore it for less than a week and promised not to suck any more. I was skeptical but she really did. She used to suck her 2 (middle and ring) fingers all the time, and she really stopped. I’m so proud. She didn’t need much use of it but getting it make her realize that she needed to stop. Another success story! Thank you TGuard!

  6. This worked better than anything else we tried to get my daughter to stop sucking her fingers. Overall it took around 3-4 months. She kicked the daytime habit sooner but it was harder for her to stop at night in her sleep. The only thing I didn’t like was that the wrist bands cut into her hand at night. We fixed this by using tied ribbons instead. She was disciplined enough not to untie them. Overall I am glad we bought this, it was the only thing that finally broke her habit.

  7. My almost 3 year old has been sucking her index and middle fingers since she was an infant and now causing her front teeth to move forward. I didn’t want her to have jaw or bite problems later on so I gave the Aerofinger a try. The first night she wore it she instantly switched to her other hand. I had no other choice but to purchase a second Aerofinger. I am so glad I took the chance on these because 30 days later my daughter no longer sucks her fingers! I am so beyond relieved. If you are on the fence about these just take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

  8. Our 7 year old daughter has sucked her index and middle fingers on her right hand since birth. She would suck at stressful times during the daytime and every night when falling asleep and periodically throughout the night. Her last visit to the dentist gave us the impetus we needed to stop this destructive jaw and teeth habit. We put the TGuard on her faithfully every night and kept using it for 60 days just to be sure because it had been such an ingrained habit. It worked!!!!! We are thrilled!!!

  9. We had tried everything else and the TGuard was the only thing that worked. The first few days were a little rough and we had to take some breaks while we were playing but he was very happy to put it back on and was very proud that he wasn’t sucking anymore. We did it fairly consistently for 2 weeks and then for 2 weeks just at night time and he hasn’t sucked since.

  10. Our daughter starting sucking her first two fingers on both hands at 4.5 months. Few months later she started sucking her two fingers only on her left hand. I found this product online and I am so glad I read all the reviews. The one review that really inspired me was of a 17 month old boy who broke the habit in a week. So we decided to purchase the TGuard and start the process at 15 months right after she stopped nursing. I did follow other parents’ recommendations to start the process on a Friday night and also used some band aid under each bracelets to protect her skin. She stopped sucking her fingers after the first couple of days. However, we decided to keep the product for the recommended 30 days (24 hours a day; only took it off to wash it). And it WORKED! We are so glad we purchased the TGuard, and that we didn’t wait longer to start using the product, or that we didn’t wait for her to outgrow this habit on her own (after the damage is done). I wish pediatricians were more willing to suggest products like this one to parents’ whose children suck their fingers. Do not hesitate to buy it. The earlier you start the process the better and quicker is to break this habit. Thank you TGuard!

  11. We had a wonderful experience and outcome with the tguard finger splint. My 2 year old wore it for 30 days as recommended by the company. He is almost 3 now and hasn’t sucked his fingers since the end of the 30 days. Definitely highly recommended!

  12. Worked to break the habit, everything else we had tried failed. The sticker chart provides a visual representation of progress and helps encourage the kiddo. Wish we had done this sooner.

  13. Baby came out of the womb sucking her two middle fingers. Brought the t-gaurd and she was able to break the habit in a little over the span of three weeks at the age of 10 months!!! So glad it worked!

  14. The AeroFinger worked better than I would have ever imagined. My 4-yr old wasn’t happy the first night she wore it, but after that it became part of our nighttime routine with no complaints. I noticed that her finger-sucking habit stopped after wearing the AeroFinger for less than one week, although she had gotten so used to her “finger practice” that we wore it for the full 30 days. I highly recommend this to anyone who is frustrated with this habit when bribes and yucky nail polish don’t seem to work.

  15. Eu fiz o pedido, e efetuei o pagamento. Porém não recebir o meu produto ?

  16. A simple, straightforward solution. My 5-year old loved the sticker chart and looked forward to a reward at the end of the process. I appreciated the wise advice about also removing the favorite stuffy that was linked to the sucking habit – this was the trickiest part but incredibly helpful for breaking the habit.

  17. This product was amazing. We tried everything to kick the habit from veins to nagging to bad tasting polish. This worked in the first week. We kept it for naps and sleep for the full 30 days but really after the first few days our son realized he could calm himself in other ways and didn’t need to suck his fingers. I would recommend it to anyone needing help breaking their child of the finger sucking habit.

  18. I was very concerned that the TGuard wouldn’t work, but I am beyond thankful that I’m able to say that it worked beautifully! Our 7yo daughter has Down Syndrome and has sucked both sets of her pointer finger and middle fingers since birth. I had to purchase 2 sets since she favored both hands. She absolutely hated wearing them at first, but we kept them on her 24/7 except to change/clean/dry them at night. She eventually started biting the tips of the guard off, so I had to cut off the loose pieces. But after 4-5 weeks of keeping to this schedule, we began keeping them off during the day and didn’t find her putting her fingers in her mouth!! We kept them on her at night for a few more weeks (bc she soothed herself at night with them), but she did so well we took the off at night too! She has since tried a few times in the last few months to put fingers in, but we just remind her no fingers and she is quick to take them out and leave them out! Thank you TGuard for creating a wonderful product! We definitely refer friends to you when they need help breaking the finger sucking habit!

  19. Following the directions and being consistent was key! This was the only thing that helped break our daughter’s finger sucking habit!

  20. The concept is good, the device was not uncomfortable for my 2 year old, it came with a cute little chart and reward stickers. However, im not sure how a child would wear this for a month which is what the instructions are (30 day minimum) and its too expensive . I say that because your child will likely need to wear TWO. My child easily figured out she could just pop the other finger from her opposite hand in her mouth.

  21. Habit was broken in about 7 days! Highly recommend!

  22. My daughter was so resistant, and had her fingers in her mouth constantly. I was hopeful but skeptical that any device would work for her very constant habit. It took a month, but it worked! She’s been broken of the habit for 4 months now and I’m so grateful.

  23. I was not convinced this product would work, as my 5 year old daughter had such a severe dependency on sucking her finger. Morning, noon and night, it was a constant I thought we would NEVER break. I was so frustrated I was not convinced any product would work, but we gave this a go. We committed to 60 days of wearing the device, vs. the 45 they recommend just to be extra sure the habit was old news. She is now habit-free for 4 months with no signs of interest in her old habit whatsoever. I am so happy, if you feel like no other options will work… you’ve found the right product!

  24. First week of TGUARD AeroThumb wasn’t easy but we got through it for 2 and half months, for my 4 years old, we completed the first packet, and he stopped sucking for 2 weeks, but went back to sucking again, we reordered the strap and used it for about 2 weeks and he finally quit. So it worked but you have to be consistent with it.

  25. It really works. We had excellent luck with both the AeroThumb and AeroFinger working on both of my kids. In Nov 2021 we decided it was time for our 5 year old and 2.5 year old to kick their finger and thumb sucking habits so we wouldn’t have any issues in the future. We tackled both at the same time and did it together. As a family talked about it for a bit getting the kids used to the idea of a tool that would help remind them they were big kids and that got them into the mind set of wanting to stop. After the products arrived my kids were actually so excited to get started (we didn’t have any real push back – crazy), we followed the plan timeline, used the chart and stickers, worked with the kids to come up with a fun incentive for each child if they successfully completed the program. And I’m happy to report that both kids no longer have thumb and finger sucking habits. The kids got to the point where they wore them at nap and bedtime only because they broke the need. Honestly, it was almost too easy! We haven’t had any regression issues 8 months later. As parents we are thrilled. The concept and idea didn’t go over well with opinions of others like daycare and family who wanted to see them give it up on their own terms, but if we hadn’t stood our ground I know we’d still be trying to break the habit. My kids are healthier now because we aren’t putting germy hands in our mouth at all hours of the day and our dentist has been so surprised we were able to stop in 30-45 days. Highly recommend.

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