For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. Took about 3 weeks, but completely broke my 20 month old’s habit of sucking his thumb to fall asleep!

  2. This is great. We found it on Amazon but decided to buy it from the manufacturer because it was cheaper.
    My 2 years suck his thumb from birth amd we wanted to get rid of the habit. The T Guard helped him in leas than a month. Just 24 bracelets/days. He has not even tried since. We started using the T Guard in July of 2022, stopped using it in early August. We bought additional bracelets but have not used them.

  3. I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I got my daughter, prepped and expecting it, and received the package, she was super excited about the sticker chart! I made sure to sit down together and plan it the reward for the end goal of 30 day without thumb sucking, (daughter is 5). For us, she did try to take it off, at first, I had to be a pausing mom, and let her just go through the Emotions and a bit of crying,and be lovingly stem about it. However after a few minutes and reminding about the sticker and goal chart, And less if distracting and cuddles from mom, she was getting used to it.
    I did give my daughter a safe kids chewer in the meantime, because part of her thumb sucking is the oral fixation, soon, that helped tremendously in the first few days.
    Currently, my daughter is thumb sucking free, and is she had the urge to sick her thumb, I showed her how to communicate that to me, so that I can nip it in the butt, and either offer cuddles, or to put the thumb guard on, she immediately says, No! and we talk/ work through why she feels like sucking her thumb. Thank you so much, my kindergartener feels confident!

  4. It worked! I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure how I feel about using it on my 16 month old. I ordered 2 because I read the reviews and some recommend to get 2. But I only end up using 1 and it only took my baby 1 week!!!! The product and customer service are awesome!

  5. So awesome! My dentist recommended it for my 3 year old because her thumb sucking habit was too constant and it worked immediately! She just stopped putting her thumb in her mouth. So shocked! Definitely a life saver, thank you so much for this invention!

  6. We had a wonderful experience with the Tguard. We talked it up for a few weeks and had family and friends send cards of encouragement. By the time we started the guard, my 5 year old daughter was cautiously optimistic. She loved the colored bracelets and found the guard comfortable enough. She was able to play and color and participate in all of her normal activities. In just 4 days we were able to remove the guard during the day! Now she only uses it at night and I feel confident we’ll be over the habit soon!

  7. It worked!! We had to use the thumb guard for a little longer then recommended but it broke the habit!! Thank you

  8. It worked well! We had it on for 28 days though, just to be sure it stuck. After the first two weeks, she seemed to still want to thumb suck.
    It was hard because no one in our area seems to do this or even know of it, felt a bit cruel. But we took it off on her first birthday and we didn’t regret the purchase!
    I’m a family Dr myself and I know the kinds of complications that can be caused by thumb sucking, dermatitis and teeth problems. To replace the soothing thumb sucking gives, we gave her extra extra special love!!
    Great product!

  9. This product worked 100% My child was about 2 years 9 months when we decided to use the TGuard. She had thumb sucking habit for more than 6 months and so we decided the habit had to be stopped. Our pediatrician recommended this product and we thought we’ll give it a try, we were not sure if it will work. The quality of the product is pretty good. We followed the instructions of continuing for 30 days daily and to give the child an incentive (like a candy or something) to wear the TGuard. The first 3 days, our child was not happy about wearing it and tried to remove it but she was unable to remove it. Later on, she got used to it. So, my recommendation is to give it a try, Yes, it is expensive but totally worth it, if it works. Make sure to do for 30 days completely. We needed to be patient but in the end it worked out.

  10. After eight years of trying absolutely everything with nothing working, this broke the thumb sucking habit within the 30 days. I left it on at night for a further 15 days because it’s more subconscious, but not sure whether that was actually needed. When it was a risk purchase i.e. not knowing whether it would work it felt like a lot of money, but knowing now that it works it seems cheap and I’d spend the money again and again. Would highly recommend.

  11. We’ve been trying for a year to break our daughter’s thumb sucking habitat with some success and a lot of rebounding. It has been two months since we stopped using the TGuard for the recommended 30 days and she still has not once sucked her thumb! Worth every penny. We’re looking to get the finger guard for our son since he sucks his two middle fingers.

  12. I am absolutely amazed by this product! I wish I had skipped all the other attempts at breaking my son’s thumb sucking habit and just used this. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is trying to break a thumb sucking habit.

  13. Finally did the trick! The lock band is crucial because during the night, thumb sucking is subconscious and inevitable. The sticker chart is a nice challenge and adds a visual guide to our sons success. He no longer sucks his thumb and his dental hygiene has improved due to less germs being in his mouth!! Thank you so much!

  14. It worked great! My almost 3-year-old seemed to loose the desire to suck her thumb very quickly! We couldn’t be happier. It was hard the first few days when she was trying to fall asleep for nap or bedtime but it wasn’t too long until she found a new way to cope (snuggling a new stuffed animal). The star chart worked great as well.

  15. This 100% worked getting my daughter to break the habit of ducking her thumb. And she was relentless with the sucking!! All hours of the day and night. Both thumbs. All the time. Wearing these devices and washing them everyday was a chore and my daughter was a little embarrassed at first to wear them at school. But once she got over that, we got into a groove of wearing them. The star chart was awesome and we let her pick out a little toy every 7 days. We threw her a party at the end of 40 days to celebrate her breaking the habit. It worked like a charm. Highly recommend! The key is just to stick with it!

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. My child was 2.5 and chronically sucking fingers on both hands which was affecting her speech as well as her tooth development. After using this product for 5 weeks her finger sucking is completely gone and she completely stopped putting toys in her mouth. We used one device on each hand and she was able to perform most tasks with minimal complications with the exception of eating. We had to help her with that for a few weeks but it was definitely worth it. She is speaking much better and her teeth appear much straighter than before treatment. She never had too much of a problem with the devices other than her hand was a little small and even the smallest device would sometimes be dislodged. Other than a few times of having to re-apply the device during the day we had no issues. She enjoyed picking out her band colors each night and never complained about it. She did complain when we stopped the treatment as to why we were no longer putting bands on her because it had become such an important part of her day. It is definitely worth the money and we were so glad that it only took a few weeks to break a habit that was so ingrained. It has been a month now without them and she has not tried once to put her fingers back in her mouth.

  2. My Daughter only had to use this for 2 weeks and she hasn’t sucked her fingers since. We got this about a month ago so I definitely say this works. We tried hot sauce, tape, a winter glove, the polish that tastes gross etc. I mean anything we tried didn’t work. Shes 5 years old and has done it since birth. Thank you!!!!

  3. My son was a thumb sucker and my daughter was a finger sucker. I started Tguard classic for my son when he was 2 years and 8 months. The first time I put the Tguard on my son he removed it in 2 minutes and gave me the most evil laugh with his hands on the hip. I gave him a break and tried again after a month. He did not suck for a while but started thumbsucking again. I talked to him and showed him pictures of beautiful teeth and tried to convince him to wear Tguard again. Finally he gave in. He did not thumb suck for a whole year and started slowly when he started first grade but I talking to him again and he stopped it forever. He is 9 years old now and has not sucked his thumb ever since.
    My daughter was sucking her finger ever since she was born. I started using Aerofinger at 2 years . I tried the same method that i did with my son but she was very strong willed and hard to break. Honestly by that time I lost all my energy fighting with my son that i was a little easy on her. I tried again when she was three but there was no results. I thought she might stop when she starts school but she never did as she saw other children thumb sucking in her class. I tried Aero finger again when she turned six and she was ready to quit in 2 weeks but I was scared she would not be able to resist the temptation so I kept the Aero finger for a month until she finished the rewards chart. Also I had applied Mavala stop on her fingers and over the aero finger while she napped. Since then it has been a few months and she has never finger sucked. We threw her a small party and gave her favorite toy. I wish I had been aggressive with her like my son. Her finger sucking has caused a slight jaw deformation.

    Thank you T guard for the wonderful products without which it would have been impossible to stop the habit. I shared our success story with our pediatrician and dentist.

  4. Thanks. For 3 weeks, my daughter completely quit the habit of sucking her thumb. In Russia, I did not find analogues. A very worthy effect in just 3 weeks.

  5. My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia 1 week after her second Birthday. With the low immunity, any small opening of the skin can become a big infection. The finger sucking habit became an issue when she repeatedly had to be put on antibiotics because of those little wounds in her fingers. We are so pleased with the Aerofinger, she is off the antibiotics now! I just wish the bracelets were less expensive. She uses many per day as we have to wash her hands very well to prevent infection. The recommendation to wash hands while wearing the device doesn’t work in her special case. Make those bracelets cheaper! Too many medical bills to pay here!

  6. My 2.5 year old boy used it. The first night was so heart breaking watching my boy hating the guard. But after 3 days, he was ok with it. It’s really up to the parents to stick with the plan! Our boy worn this for 2 weeks straight, and the figure sucking habit was completely gone. He is 4 now, and he doesn’t even remember once upon a time he used to suck his fingers all day.

  7. Great product! My 22 month old was sucking his index and middle finger constantly. He threw fits the first day we put this on but was compliant after that. He wore it about 22 hrs a day for 7 days and does not even act like he remembers how to suck his fingers anymore. I highly recommend!

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