March 14, 2012

Reviews of TGuard ThumbGuard / FingerGuard by Parents

Shown here are real reviews by our customers. Every child is different and the habit is very difficult to break, so your results may vary from those shown below by other customers. Please contact us if you are facing any issues in treating the habit.

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by Anastasia on ThumbGuard
Don't stress about Thumb Sucking!!
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Hey, mommas and daddy's of thumb suckers. I was sharing with another mom (and thought I would share with others too) how wonderful this product is when you are ready. It is the BEST! As a former thumb sucker myself whose mother tried charts, rewards, taking my blanket away, changing the environment-all to no avail - I highly recommend this way of dealing with thumb sucking. My daughter used this at age 6 and my son at age 5. It's still emotional for them the first couple of days-weeks but it is well worth it if you stick with it. My strategy was to let them suck their thumb until they started to loose teeth. That is the time where they NEED to stop so their adult teeth can come in straight. Both my son and daughter have beautifully straight teeth. I, on the other hand, had to have braces to correct my overbite that accommodated my thumb much too long. Again, can't say enough good about this amazing product!!

by Deanna on ThumbGuard
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I bought the ThumbGuard for my six year old daughter. I have to say I was worried that this would not work after I had tried many other things. After 44 days my daughter stopped sucking her thumb and she herself told me how happy she was that she had stopped sucking her thumb!! My daughter was able to do everyday tasks with the ThumbGuard on with no trouble. I love this product and I wish I would have found this a lot earlier. Thank you for making a product that worked!!

by Antoine on ThumbGuard
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My 18 month son has been a STRONG middle finger sucker since 9 months old. My wife and I didn't really think much of it at first. Especially given that his doctor said that he should eventually grow out of it. But it only got worst and worst given that his fingers became his source of comfort. It got so bad that his skin on this middle finger start to blister and he didn't allow any time to heal. This is when I told my wife that we NEED to take action now! She was reluctant and didn't push forward as much as I wanted to, but this was getting out of hand. So I started to do my research online for products to support. I came across the nail biting polish, but I didn't want to make him throw-up with that poison (lol). So I just decided to try this product out by TGaurd ( THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!!) Once we received it and placed it on, he had a FIT! Cried for an hour straight due to him not being able to resort to sucking his fingers. As the manual says, ***PARENTS...SAY STRONG****, and boy, they weren't lying. To all parents, the success of this product is really in your hands. You have to stay consistent and show resilience every time you place that band on that wrist. My son was very stubborn when it came to his fingers and my wife didn't think it would work, but with persistence and drive, I was wasn't going to allow us to fail. I only took the guard off when he ate and during baths, other than that, I placed the guard back on. The first three days were the roughest. It was literally as if he was in rehab. He cried, screamed, became frustrated, and even throw-up from crying so badly. However, I was determined not to take it off. I had to remain strong for his success. FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!. After about 10 days of consistency, we started to realize that when we took the guard off, he didn't realize it was there anymore. He didn't have a relapse or resort back to sucking his fingers anymore. Only when he heard us talking about it and he tries to be funny and place them back, but he quickly removed them. After about 4 more days with the guard, he was BROKEN!!! He never, and I repeat, NEVER HAS RESORTED BACK TO HIS FINGERS!!! THANK YOU T-GUARD!.....also........please use the bands wisely, they do give you a fair amount, but I did experience trail and error with a few. So use wisely!

by Ash on ThumbGuard
Only thing that kicked the habit!
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We got a t-guard after getting off the phone with our pediatric dentist with a case of dizziness surrounding the cost of an orthodontic apparatus to stop our 4-year-old's thumb sucking. She recommended the t-guard and even said it was less "traumatic" than a mouth cage. The first few days went great... I think because our 4-year-old had been well versed on WHY he has to stop ("can get teeth like a bunny") and the included sticker-chart with his written reward (Lego dimensions for his Wii!). We took it off only for cleaning/bathing and though we had one spell of him sucking his thumb about 3-weeks in, we held strong. A little over a month in, we were able to only have it on at night when he is most likely to subconsciously suck his thumb at bedtime. Now? Not at all and we have ZERO relapse! I think it's all about explaining the process, the age of the child and pure diligence in keeping up with it. He DID chew the apparatus for a day or two and it DID get a little discolored from the silicone material but nothing that changed it's effectiveness and nothing that caused discomfort. I am SO grateful for this product as nothing else worked - not bandaids, other rewards, spicy nail polish, etc. I figured it wouldn't work for me but took the plunge and I'm so glad we did!!

by Stephanie on ThumbGuard
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My 4 year old son has sucked his thumb since he was 3 months old. I waited till he was ready to stop sucking his thumb and asked for help,- I was delighted to be able to order him help by purchasing tguard! We purchased the wrong size and tguard made the exchange process very easy! My son was eager to stop but would still try to suck his thumb out of habit but the tguard prevented suction and stopped the habit. And his preschool teachers loved that he could easily wash his hands! Thank you!

by Matt on ThumbGuard
Great Improvement!
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We started off by using the classic Thumbguard but it was difficult to get the right fit for my son (balance of not too tight and not too loose). My son still sucked/chewed on the thumbguard which made it wet and he soon got a blister.We worked with the great folks at Tguard who offered us the AeroThumb. This is a major upgrade and I highly recommend it. The air flow is significantly improved and he can wash his hands and get it wet but it quickly dries. Also, the plastic seems much softer which means no more blisters!We're still working on breaking the habit but the Aerothumb is definitely helping!

by Chelsi on ThumbGuard
Love this product
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In the beginning I wrote a review that said I wanted to like it but couldn't because it broke just after the warenty. Even though past warenty they sent me another free of charge! My daughter had now completely stopped sucking her fingers and it worked! It needed a little longer for her but it was amazing with constant wear. Thank you guys!

by Catherine Desjardins on ThumbGuard
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Wow! Ce fut un succès. Ça n'a pas été facile tous les jours, mais ma fille était très fière de pouvoir choisir ses bracelets de couleur. Elle se trouvait belle quand elle les portait. Elle avait 4 ans et demi et elle n'a pas recommencé à sucer son pouce depuis. Ça fait un an.

by oldine on ThumbGuard
it is work
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I can never thank you enough for this amazing product. I bought it for one of my daughter after I wait 4 years for her to stop on her own. I tried everything nothing has worked. when she went to the dentist, the dentist told me to do something her tooth is getting deform. I finally decided to buy it after I read the review. one week only , it only took her one week to stop sucking on her thumb. thank you so much for this amazing invention.

by Jen on ThumbGuard
It worked, but...
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I have ultrasounds of my son sucking his thumb in the womb and he finally was able to get his thumb in his month at 11 weeks old (after I took the mittens off). Having sad that, I knew it would be difficult getting him to quit at almost 6 years old. His dentist recommended the pricey dental guard. I wanted to see if the thumbguard would work. After 2 weeks he stopped sucking his thumb. Wow! I'm glad he did because the thumbguard would not have lasted 30 days. I wish I could upload pics to show how it's discolored it became & piece of the plastic broke off. My son was biting it for the first couple days. My recommendations for the company is to use better plastic, better design (I had a hard time figuring out how to fit and best fit), and different color groups for the bracelets. My son would never wear pink or purple. Thank goodness I purchased an additional 30 day supply. My recommendation for parents is to not purchase this product until your child is ready. Like I said, the product will not hold up unless your child is motivated to quit. We're off to the toy store for his mini shopping spree. Good luck! 🙂

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your review. We are committed to helping our customers break this stubborn habit, and for that reason, we offer free replacements under our warranty policy, if the device breaks within 30 days. Usually the habit is broken in less time than that.
Congratulations on your success! We hope he is enjoying life without thumbsucking as much as he is his new toys!
Kind regards,
MED et al, Inc

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