March 14, 2012

Reviews of TGuard ThumbGuard / FingerGuard by Parents

Shown here are real reviews by our customers. Every child is different and the habit is very difficult to break, so your results may vary from those shown below by other customers. Please contact us if you are facing any issues in treating the habit.

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by Stephanie on ThumbGuard
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My 4 year old son has sucked his thumb since he was 3 months old. I waited till he was ready to stop sucking his thumb and asked for help,- I was delighted to be able to order him help by purchasing tguard! We purchased the wrong size and tguard made the exchange process very easy! My son was eager to stop but would still try to suck his thumb out of habit but the tguard prevented suction and stopped the habit. And his preschool teachers loved that he could easily wash his hands! Thank you!

by Matt on ThumbGuard
Great Improvement!
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We started off by using the classic Thumbguard but it was difficult to get the right fit for my son (balance of not too tight and not too loose). My son still sucked/chewed on the thumbguard which made it wet and he soon got a blister.We worked with the great folks at Tguard who offered us the AeroThumb. This is a major upgrade and I highly recommend it. The air flow is significantly improved and he can wash his hands and get it wet but it quickly dries. Also, the plastic seems much softer which means no more blisters!We're still working on breaking the habit but the Aerothumb is definitely helping!

by Chelsi on ThumbGuard
Love this product
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In the beginning I wrote a review that said I wanted to like it but couldn't because it broke just after the warenty. Even though past warenty they sent me another free of charge! My daughter had now completely stopped sucking her fingers and it worked! It needed a little longer for her but it was amazing with constant wear. Thank you guys!

by Catherine Desjardins on ThumbGuard
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Wow! Ce fut un succès. Ça n'a pas été facile tous les jours, mais ma fille était très fière de pouvoir choisir ses bracelets de couleur. Elle se trouvait belle quand elle les portait. Elle avait 4 ans et demi et elle n'a pas recommencé à sucer son pouce depuis. Ça fait un an.

by oldine on ThumbGuard
it is work
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I can never thank you enough for this amazing product. I bought it for one of my daughter after I wait 4 years for her to stop on her own. I tried everything nothing has worked. when she went to the dentist, the dentist told me to do something her tooth is getting deform. I finally decided to buy it after I read the review. one week only , it only took her one week to stop sucking on her thumb. thank you so much for this amazing invention.

by Jen on ThumbGuard
It worked, but...
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I have ultrasounds of my son sucking his thumb in the womb and he finally was able to get his thumb in his month at 11 weeks old (after I took the mittens off). Having sad that, I knew it would be difficult getting him to quit at almost 6 years old. His dentist recommended the pricey dental guard. I wanted to see if the thumbguard would work. After 2 weeks he stopped sucking his thumb. Wow! I'm glad he did because the thumbguard would not have lasted 30 days. I wish I could upload pics to show how it's discolored it became & piece of the plastic broke off. My son was biting it for the first couple days. My recommendations for the company is to use better plastic, better design (I had a hard time figuring out how to fit and best fit), and different color groups for the bracelets. My son would never wear pink or purple. Thank goodness I purchased an additional 30 day supply. My recommendation for parents is to not purchase this product until your child is ready. Like I said, the product will not hold up unless your child is motivated to quit. We're off to the toy store for his mini shopping spree. Good luck! 🙂

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your review. We are committed to helping our customers break this stubborn habit, and for that reason, we offer free replacements under our warranty policy, if the device breaks within 30 days. Usually the habit is broken in less time than that.
Congratulations on your success! We hope he is enjoying life without thumbsucking as much as he is his new toys!
Kind regards,
MED et al, Inc

by Noria on ThumbGuard
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I want to thank you for making this product. My son has been sucking his 2-fingers since he was an infant. This product broke a 5 year habit with no problems. My son wore the fingerboard for less than 2wks and does not miss sucking his fingers.

by Jennifer on ThumbGuard
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We had tried everything we could think of to get my 7 year old daughter to quit sucking her thumb when I saw Tguard online. After 30 days with the Tguard, she was finally done! She said she does not even think about sucking her thumb anymore! This product is amazing!

by Carola on ThumbGuard
Only thing that works
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Great Product and Customer support - thank you!!! It is still not easy to stop thumb sucking with the TGuard but it is possible. It took us 3 attempts: 1st one our daughter just switched from thumb to finger sucking. This was at 3.5 years of Age. Customer support advised us to try again 6 months later. They were right. on our next attempt there was very Little finger sucking. But we as parents were not consistent enough, i.e. we did not make her wear the device 24/7. The next time we were successful:
1st couple of days were hard but we had started during vacation and had a lot of time to Play etc.
We taped the thumb so our daughter could not wiggle it out.
We had her wear the Device on both Hands for about 2 weeks, then 1 Hand was enough.
After about 5 weeks she decided she would not Need the TGuard anymore and we trusted her.
During the next couple of weeks she occasionally sucked her thumb while sleeping - unconciously. I was worried but this faded away and I think now (3 months later) we are all clear! She got a great pink Islabike as a present and is extremely happy. And me too!

by Paris H on ThumbGuard
Horrible product
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My 2 year manage to get his thumb out no matter how tight it is. He sucks his thumb n put it back in after he gets caught. This has really made his thumb look like several sores on it. It hurts him thumb is red n swollen. It also appeared to be white and soggy. I'm only left to put ointment on n allow it to breathe. So that's time w/o thumb guard on. I feel as if this shouldn't put cuts nor sores on it. My son hasn't stopped sucking his thumb. He has the small which is the correct size. He started on 3/12 n its been 2 weeks this is a rip off. His thumb is peeling badly I'm gonna cont to try but if this keeps cuts on his thumb I'm gonna let it go.

Hello Paris,
We are very sorry to hear that our product did not work out for you. We would invite you to contact us to see if we can provide you with a better fitting TGuard, or one that is custom shaped and more ergonomic. The device should not cause any cuts or skin issues when used properly; it should be 100% comfortable and safe.
We are dedicated to helping you and we are confident that we can find the reason why the product is not working out so far.

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