As much as we want to see your success, we understand that this is a hard habit to break, and sometimes an exchange or return must be made. The form below will assist you with that request.

Returns & Exchanges

About Size Exchanges:

If you feel that the size you ordered is incorrect, it is possible to exchange sizes if you are still under the warranty period. Before you send us your appliances, we must emphasize that the important parameter when it comes to wearing the right size is not the length of the tube: it is the space between the thumb (or finger) and the tube (it must be large enough to allow air to pass through). If you see that the clearance between the thumb (or finger) and the tube is small enough that a suction can be created (in other words, the thumb or finger plug up the tube), you must exchange for a larger size. If you ordered a size for a particular age group, and your child is significantly lighter in weight than others in that age group, we would recommend exchanging for a smaller size). Upon completing this form, we will review your information, and provide an answer with next steps.

Replacement of Damaged / Defective Items

Some children chew on the appliance until it is no longer functional. Because of this, we are glad to offer free replacements for our customers, who are under our warranty period, if their device is so damaged that it is no longer functional. To qualify for this offer, we ask our customers upload a photo of the chewed or damaged device, which can be done below.

Return Information

If you are dissatisfied with the product, we would first encourage you to try our troubleshooting service found here. Typically, the majority of problems that parents have can be solved by either readjusting the device, or by having us send you a different size.

If readjusting or a different size do not work, we may also offer additional accessories which can be used with the TGuard to immobilize the thumb and prevent removal.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide returns to customers who bought the kit from other retailers or distributors. Please contact the vendor you bought from for further assistance.

Unfortunately, we can only process warranty claims for customers located in the United States, per our guarantee.

Our standard policy, when it comes to size exchanges or part replacements, requires you to mail back the damaged or poorly-fitting appliance(s) you have, and once we receive it, we would mail out the the desired replacement. Being abroad, that makes this process expensive and time consuming, which is generally why our exchange policy is for US customers only.
With that said, we can offer exceptions on a case-by-case basis. You can keep the device you have now, and simply pay the shipping fees associated with us mailing you the replacement you would need. This would actually cost you the same, but cut the waiting time in half, and save you from making a trip to the post office.
If that offer is satisfactory to you, you may proceed with the warranty exchange. We will review your information and do our best to accommodate you.

Unfortunately, we can only process return claims for customers located in the United States, per our guarantee.

Order Information

Please fill out the form below per your order details.

Sizing Information

To help us determine the right size, please answer the following questions about your child.