Say Goodbye to Thumb sucking, forever.


Our thumb sucking deterrent kits are the best choice to address the harmful habits of thumb and finger sucking.
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Dentist Approved

Our products have been recommended by dentists, orthodontists, and pediatricians for over 20 years, because they so effectively stop the thumb sucking habit. TGuard treats the habit quickly and painlessly, as opposed to intraoral appliances.

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FDA Listed & Safe

Don’t waste time with foul-tasting liquids. As a soft, flexible, and comfortable medical device, our plastic thumb guard has been thoroughly tested and is made to the highest standards. It’s even covered by some insurance policies.

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Results Guaranteed

Several clinical studies, as well as our own empirical evidence, indicate that our products stop thumb sucking in over 90% of cases. Most will see results within 7 days.

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Made in the USA

Our products are manufactured and assembled here in the United States. All of our materials are 100% BPA-free and contain no harmful phthalates. With a TGuard thumb sucking guard, you can stop it with 100% peace of mind.


We've designed our thumb and finger sucking treatment kits to be comfortable, fun, and most of all, effective tools to break the thumb sucking habit.
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  • 1. Ventilated

    Air vents provide a consistently cool and moisture-free environment throughout the thumb sucking treatment.


    Flexible, ergonomic shape ensures your child stops the thumb sucking habit in the most comfortable way possible.

  • 3. FUN

    Kids love to choose a different multi-colored lockband every day! Each kit contains 30 wristbands in various colors.

  • 4. SECURE

    Instalocks not only simplify adjustment, but provide a peace-of-mind that the device is locked and cannot be removed.

From birth, children have a natural born instinct to suck in order to get nourishment. This sucking feeling, or suction, over time becomes associated with warmth and comfort, and by itself, provides pleasure. Our finger and thumb sucking guards do not prevent the thumb or finger from going in the mouth, but they do prevent suction from forming, so there's no longer any pleasure left in the habit. Without the pleasure, children have no incentive to continue. This finger and thumb sucking deterrent helps them break the habit quickly and pain-free.

As cute as they look, thumb and finger sucking are bad practices that can ultimately result in health problems later in development, particularly affecting the jaw. It is important to quickly correct these destructive behaviors before they can cause permanent, and expensive, damage. With our finger and thumb sucking guards, the urge to continue these detrimental habits becomes a thing of the past. When you require products to stop finger sucking in its path, choose TGuard, the number one dentist recommended anti-thumb and finger sucking device. Deter your child in 30 days or less, and invest in a plastic thumb or finger guard today.

What's so bad about thumb sucking?

Thumb sucking can cause a whole host of health and social problems for your child. Learn more.

Dental Work

Expensive dental work may be required to fix the damage done to the teeth and jaw.
Prolonged sucking can affect the development of the teeth and jaw. Called “malocclusion”, this condition is very serious and the dental work required to fix it can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


Thumb Sucking can be a source of teasing.
Thumb sucking is a very convenient focus for bullies, and can be the source of serious social trauma. Worse, the stress from being bullied compels children to suck more, which creates a self-reinforcing loop.

Frequent Illness

Children are far more likely to get sick when they are putting dirty thumbs and fingers in their mouth.
Every time your child puts their thumbs or fingers in their mouth, they also introduce all of the germs they picked up since they last sucked. This causes frequent illness.

Delays in Social Development

A thumb in the mouth prevents the child from speaking.
With a thumb in their mouth, children are less likely to engage with adults and peers. This effectively slows their social development.


Although no two children are the same, and your results may vary, hundreds of thousands of health professionals and parents alike agree: TGuard is an effective, easy to use tool to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking once and for all. Still not convinced? See what others have to say.

Are you ready to break the habit?