For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. I have a set of 5-year-old twins, both of whom are thumb suckers. We started the T-Guard with 1 at around 4.5 y/o, who had a callous on her thumb just below the second joint from biting while thumb sucking. She was determined to break this habit (which I think made a huge difference).
    We only took the T-Guard off only at bath time, and 45 days later, the habit was broken! 6 months later, my daughter still has no desire to suck her thumb and is SOO proud of herself! At our most recent visit to the dentist, the Dentist commented that there are noticeable differences in her overbite measurements, and the overall shape of her mouth and palate. The enunciation of her words is noticeably clearer as well.

  2. I don’t typically leave reviews, but this product WORKED!! My 6 year old struggled with thumb sucking despite multiple attempts at breaking the habit. We bought two thumb guards (one for each hand), gave him LOTS of encouragement, had some family members send him cards in the mail rooting for him, and had a sticker chart for the nights he made it wearing them all night. First few nights were a little hard for him to fall asleep, but with lots of positive words & comforting he did great. We started noticing after about 2 weeks he stopped putting his thumb in his mouth for car rides, a big step! After the 30 days was up he was broken of the habit completely. So thankful to have found this product!

  3. The product we received has a horrible mothball-chemical-old, old smell. Warm soapy wash per instructions does not help. Airing it out does not help. Could not find other reviews with similar issue on this website. Wanted to love it and try it, as a family member recommended it. I have not used this product at all–it smells so bad I wonder what is off-gassing from it. Not putting that near my child. If I can just use a bad smell to keep my child from sucking her thumb, I’ll just DIY it. I only saw one reviewer on Amazon who had the same problem, purchased around the same time as me. Maybe a recent change in plastic formulation/sourcing?? Returning now, sadly.

  4. I couldn’t believe this worked. Thank you so much.

  5. Its worked. It took almost 2 month but we got the results.

  6. Stayed consistent with it everyday and night for 30 days and it worked!!

  7. We used the TGuard for our 3-year-old daughter whose thumb-sucking habit was getting worse with time. It was a friend who told us about it. I ordered the TGuard plus extra bracelets just in case, as the shipping costs to Canada are quite high, but we did not need them. After 30 days of use, my daughter did not got back to sucking her thumb when we removed the TGuard. The first week was the hardest, as she would previously suck her thumb to comfort herself, but after that, everything went well. She was very proud to stick her stars on the provided sheet. On the very first day she wore it, her childcare educator commented on how much she had talked that day. It was money well invested for us.

  8. We started using the thumb guard at 18 months because she was developing blisters from sucking so much! Stuck to the recommended timeline, but she stopped trying to suck pretty early on (maybe after a couple weeks). She was only slightly bothered by the guard on the first day. Her older sister helped decorate the band with stickers and that immediately incentivized her to keep it on. We didn’t really need the chart, but maybe we’ll use it for potty training next! The guard got yellow pretty quickly, but that seems pretty inevitable for clear items like this. It is pricey, but because she was physically harming herself by thumb-sucking, we thought it was well worth the try!

  9. Worked amazingly my 3.5 year old. The thumbsucking was permanently broken!

  10. Worked wonderfully – in less than a month. Thank you!

  11. Amazing product, 11 year habit broke in less than a week. I wish I would have bought it sooner.

  12. We were very happy with the AeroThumb guard for our daughter. A thumb sucker since infancy, she broke her habit at 2.5yrs in only 30 days. We were so proud of her and there has been no regression.

  13. This product worked. It took longer than expected, but it worked. Our daughter is almost three years old, and was a MAJOR thumb addict. Friends of ours used the bitter tasting nail polish with mixed results, and we heard a lot of horror stories of kids having meltdowns over it. What we did, which I super recommend, was we showed her pictures of the Tguard and talked to her about it and got her excited about it, so when we finally got it and put it on her, she felt proud of it because it made her feel like a big girl. She never once complained about it, though I will say the first few days without thumb sucking were quite hard for her emotionally, and car rides especially became very… stressful.
    Giving 4 stars instead of 5 for a few reasons:
    1.) It took two months for her to finally kick the habit. Fortunately, after week one she was totally fine wearing it, and didn’t seem to mind or even notice.
    2.) Though she wasn’t able to take the Tguard off entirely, she was indeed able to get her thumb out of it, even if it was on quite snugly, and she would suck her thumb at night and nap-time. She was very sneaky about it, and we didn’t know she was doing this for about two weeks. It put her hand in an awkward position, so I think she eventually gave up on it since it wasn’t comfortable to suck her thumb that way, and also once we realized she was doing this, we put the bitter polish on her thumb as a further deterrent.
    3.) The band and the Tguard rubbed her skin and gave her a couple blisters, and so we had to use bandages on them for about a week until those went away, and then we loosened up the Tguard quite a bit. She eventually developed some calluses in those spots and didn’t have anymore issues.
    4.) The colors of the bands aren’t great. The green is actually pretty ugly, and our daughter wouldn’t even wear the those ones. Also, there are two shades of pink – like a magenta and a lighter pink. I think they should have more options for color palates – primary colors would be way cuter, and there could be other options like a pink & earth tone palate. We don’t care at all about adhering to the gender binary color norms, but for folks that do, I would imagine that having two pink tones for a boy might be frustrating. Extra bands are pretty expensive, and sometimes you need to use more than one in a day if you need to clean off something sticky or you clipped the wrong hole and made it too loose or tight… not to mention that she wouldn’t even wear the green ones… AND we had to go for a whole extra month, so we had to order two more packs of bands to get through it.
    Ultimately, despite these drawbacks, I can’t imagine anything that could have worked better than the Tguard. Even our pediatrician noted it approvingly when we went took our daughter in for a checkup. I’ve already recommended it to a friend who’s trying to navigate his toddler’s thumb-sucking as well.

  14. With my 6yo daughter we tried the bad tasting liquid, knit gloves, sticker systems, etc. I honestly didn’t think the thumb guard would work either but was desperate to try anything. We had a small setback the first week because I didn’t want to make it too tight and she was able to pull it off her thumb at night after we left. After tightening it, she was so proud of herself when she went 5 and then 6 and then 7 days without sucking her thumb. We promised her a toy if she made it to 30 days and she did so with no issues. I did wonder if she would pick the habit back up after she stopped wearing the device, but it has been a couple of months and she no longer sucks her thumb at all. We are so happy we tried this.

  15. Great

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. We broke the habit in 10 days with the help of this tool. My daughter (2 years 8m) hated it on the first day but got excited about putting it on subsequent days. We are well over 3months after the treatment and the sucking is definitely gone!! Would recommend.
    Down side is , I found it a big too big and bulky and I had to cut off some parts ( the part that went in between her fingers) to make it more comfortable for her.

  2. It helped my 18 month old break the habit after 1.5 month

  3. This product has been a lifesaver! It’s a miracle product. We have a 3.5 YO that loved to suck her middle two fingers. We tried everything else and nothing worked. We slipped on the TGuard, and followed the instructions and it worked like a charm! She no longer sucks her fingers and doesn’t even ask to. We did it for 60 days instead of the suggested 30 as she had quite an intense habit and would suck the fingers overnight. HIGHLY recommend this product! Don’t doubt, just buy it.

  4. Program worked so well! From the device itself to the star chart. Our daughter took to the program so well and she broke the habit much faster than we expected.

  5. My Daughter finally broke the habit! My daughter started sucking her two fingers at 2 months old and couldn’t stop, well with this beauty she stopped at 8 years old. We used this method after many failed attempts, but in no way did we use this as punishment. we spoke with her about it first and we had it around the house until she was ready. She was exited to chose the color of her band and even more exited to add another star to her calendar. She only wore it for 15 days! She probably could’ve stopped at 1 week! But she decided to keep on on a little longer. So grateful for this invention, I wish I would’ve known about it sooner!

  6. The T guard surely change the game in my child’s thumb sucking. It greatly reduced his sucking and he has eventually stopped the habit.
    While the bracelet were colorful, he soon learnt how to manoeuvre it but nonetheless the T guard was wonderful and broke the habit.

  7. Broke the habit completely! I recommend this to any moms with toddlers with the habit. Such a life saver!

  8. My 14 month old sucked her index finger and it was preventing her teeth from coming in properly. I made the decision to use the small TGuard AeroFinger on her now rather than waiting and I’m SO glad I did! It took her about an hour to adjust to wearing it. She wore it 24/7 for a few days. Then I would let her go a few hours in the evening before bed without it. she only had to wear it while sleeping after about a week, and was completely broke from sucking her finger within about 2-3 weeks. So glad I made the investment and even more glad I did it while she was still so little.

  9. My 4.5 year old has sucked her fingers all her life, night and day. During Covid, that became a serious health issue. I’ve been trying to break her habit for well over a year. After trying every other suggested trick, I bought these, very pricy when you live in Canada. We are 6 weeks into our journey and here are my thoughts:
    1) product works but kids are smart and can escape them (I had to tape them onto her hands so she couldn’t skip her fingers out).
    2) the thin wrist bands for securing the guards cut into my kids’ wrists and required padding under to avoid sores. Also rubs between fingers and creates sores so bandaids were needed there
    3) kids are resilient. Mine has had no trouble living life normally with these guards on both hands 24/7.
    This has been the only product/method with ANY success for us. Now my daughter takes them off during the day (while supervised) and then wears them at night. It’s been a life saver, but not easy. Will be worth it in the end.

  10. It helped my 4 year old daughter break the habit!I am really happy! Although it’s not a cheap product I totally recommend it!

  11. This was just what my son needed to kick the habit! He was wanting to and was ready to quit, but it was so tough for him to stop. He would end up with his fingers in mouth during sleep, and he had trouble not falling back into the habit when mindlessly watching tv or riding in the car, etc. After one week, he felt he’d stopped, but we kept it on another month before declaring him free of the habit. Wonderful product, thank you!

  12. This product was a lifesaver for us! It helped my son break his finger sucking habit at the age of 3 years. He has sucked his index and middle finger since the age of 2 months. In 30 days the habit was broken and we are so thankful for this device!

  13. We weren’t sure how to break our 8.5 year old of her finger sucking habit but it was so clear the habit had changed the shape of her mouth and teeth we needed to do something. A friend told us about the finger guard about 6 weeks ago and we ordered it immediately. Our daughter promptly named it the “Invisihand”! It was very rough for the first 3 nights. She couldn’t fall asleep and had to sleep in our living room instead of her bed. But after the first 3 nights she was able to fall asleep in her bed (stays up later to read to get sleepy) and we haven’t had an issue since. We decided to continue using it because she has had the habit for so many years and we want to ensure she won’t go back to sucking her fingers. We even forgot to put it on one night and she did not put her fingers in her mouth! We are so happy with this product from the comfortable design, ease of ordering, quick shipping and mostly the success we’ve had. Thank you!

  14. We are very thankful for this product that was recommended by our pediatrician. It worked for our toddler! It was tough at first but it really did break the habit.

  15. my 2 year old son used the tguard for 4 weeks and it was enough to stop sucking his fingers!!! Recommended 100%

  16. My 3 year old stopped! I’m so happy. I told her she had to stop in order to go to school (preschool). She was so happy about but didn’t do anything. When we got the TGuard she was very excited, loved the color belts and the stickers. She only wore it for less than a week and promised not to suck any more. I was skeptical but she really did. She used to suck her 2 (middle and ring) fingers all the time, and she really stopped. I’m so proud. She didn’t need much use of it but getting it make her realize that she needed to stop. Another success story! Thank you TGuard!

  17. This worked better than anything else we tried to get my daughter to stop sucking her fingers. Overall it took around 3-4 months. She kicked the daytime habit sooner but it was harder for her to stop at night in her sleep. The only thing I didn’t like was that the wrist bands cut into her hand at night. We fixed this by using tied ribbons instead. She was disciplined enough not to untie them. Overall I am glad we bought this, it was the only thing that finally broke her habit.

  18. My almost 3 year old has been sucking her index and middle fingers since she was an infant and now causing her front teeth to move forward. I didn’t want her to have jaw or bite problems later on so I gave the Aerofinger a try. The first night she wore it she instantly switched to her other hand. I had no other choice but to purchase a second Aerofinger. I am so glad I took the chance on these because 30 days later my daughter no longer sucks her fingers! I am so beyond relieved. If you are on the fence about these just take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

  19. Our 7 year old daughter has sucked her index and middle fingers on her right hand since birth. She would suck at stressful times during the daytime and every night when falling asleep and periodically throughout the night. Her last visit to the dentist gave us the impetus we needed to stop this destructive jaw and teeth habit. We put the TGuard on her faithfully every night and kept using it for 60 days just to be sure because it had been such an ingrained habit. It worked!!!!! We are thrilled!!!

  20. We had tried everything else and the TGuard was the only thing that worked. The first few days were a little rough and we had to take some breaks while we were playing but he was very happy to put it back on and was very proud that he wasn’t sucking anymore. We did it fairly consistently for 2 weeks and then for 2 weeks just at night time and he hasn’t sucked since.

  21. Our daughter starting sucking her first two fingers on both hands at 4.5 months. Few months later she started sucking her two fingers only on her left hand. I found this product online and I am so glad I read all the reviews. The one review that really inspired me was of a 17 month old boy who broke the habit in a week. So we decided to purchase the TGuard and start the process at 15 months right after she stopped nursing. I did follow other parents’ recommendations to start the process on a Friday night and also used some band aid under each bracelets to protect her skin. She stopped sucking her fingers after the first couple of days. However, we decided to keep the product for the recommended 30 days (24 hours a day; only took it off to wash it). And it WORKED! We are so glad we purchased the TGuard, and that we didn’t wait longer to start using the product, or that we didn’t wait for her to outgrow this habit on her own (after the damage is done). I wish pediatricians were more willing to suggest products like this one to parents’ whose children suck their fingers. Do not hesitate to buy it. The earlier you start the process the better and quicker is to break this habit. Thank you TGuard!

  22. We had a wonderful experience and outcome with the tguard finger splint. My 2 year old wore it for 30 days as recommended by the company. He is almost 3 now and hasn’t sucked his fingers since the end of the 30 days. Definitely highly recommended!

  23. Worked to break the habit, everything else we had tried failed. The sticker chart provides a visual representation of progress and helps encourage the kiddo. Wish we had done this sooner.

  24. Baby came out of the womb sucking her two middle fingers. Brought the t-gaurd and she was able to break the habit in a little over the span of three weeks at the age of 10 months!!! So glad it worked!

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