The thumb or finger sucking habit is a very difficult habit to break, and we understand that many parents can be apprehensive to begin this necessary journey. That’s why we created TGuard Treatment Coach – a series of timely, informative tips designed to provide guidance and answers to your immediate questions, and a resource you can depend on every step of the way.

We’ve noticed that by following certain tips, treatment success rates were much higher. We have compiled these tips, and provide them for you in our first series, geared towards those beginning treatment.


Beginning Treatment: Series 1

  1. Treatment Tips: Increase your chances of breaking the thumb or finger sucking habit
  2. What can you expect during treatment?
  3. Chewing: Is it normal?

 Halfway Through the Treatment: Series 2

  1. What should you see by now?
  2. When is the treatment over?

 Treatment Completed: Series 3

  1. How to prevent the habit from returning
  2. Help others by sharing your experience


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We dedicate ourselves to helping you break the habit, and we hope these resources will benefit you.