For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. Megan Farris

    We started this as directed by the packaging and used it for the full 30 days for our 4.5 year old. She admitted that her first night after not wearing it (ran out of bands) she sucked her thumb. We ordered 30 more wrist bands at $10.90 plus expedited shipping and gave it another month. The second night it was off, she told us that she sucked her thumb. At least she was honest about it. Sadly, this was a complete waste of money. At least she went for 60 days without sucking her thumb. Poor kid. The reward chart that went along with it was all of nothing.

    TGuard AeroThumbTGuard AeroThumb

  2. Kim Brunhuber

    Easy to use, didn’t cause any pain, but had to buy two of them because he just switched to the other thumb. And when the 30 days was over, he simply returned to sucking. We would thus have to keep paying for more bands to continue the treatment. I would recommend another option.

    TGuard AeroThumbTGuard AeroThumb

  3. Steph

    This is expensive. We purchased 2 of these hoping to help. Our son is very smart and figured the weak points on these and worked at it. This is not worth trying because they only give you 30 days. We gave this 7 months and kept buying the bands as well. Long story short, we are out $160 and our son is still sucking his thumb. What a big disappointment!

    TGuard AeroThumbTGuard AeroThumb

  4. Brandi Albert

    This helped my son not suck his thumb while wearing it. He wasn’t even chewing his thumb anymore!! However it did not kick the habit to the curb. After the 30 day warranty period was up, both thumb guards started cracking all over and started holding so much dirt that I can no longer clean them properly. These are expensive to buy if you have to buy them every 45 days! Extra arm bands are far more expense than other options on amazon only the other bracelets won’t fit for the tguards. It impossible to get customer service on the phone. Make a product you can stand behind. Not one that becomes defective after 30 days.

    TGuard AeroThumbTGuard AeroThumb

  5. Shannon

    My 6 year old broke it in less than 4 hpurs of wearing it.

    TGuard AeroThumbTGuard AeroThumb

    • TGuard Support

      Hi Shannon,
      So sorry to hear that! This is very unusual. It is likely that this is due to a manufacturing defect. Please visit in order to get a free replacement sent out to you.
      Otherwise, our support team can troubleshoot the issue and make sure you have the right size / design for your child’s needs, to ensure a comfortable treatment with a durable appliance guaranteed to break the habit.

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. Patricia leite da Silva lima

    Eu fiz o pedido, e efetuei o pagamento. Porém não recebir o meu produto 😡

    TGuard AeroFinger TGuard AeroFinger