For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. The quality is nice but my 4 year old can squeeze her thumb out of this and then suck it. The size is appropriate based on her weight. Maybe the original would work better for her but we won’t be using this unfortunately.

  2. My 4 year old is able to get her thumb out of it and still suck it. I have 2 sizes and she can get out of both of them. If I make it so tight that she can’t get her thumb out it causes pain and redness on her hand. We’ve been working on cutting the habit for about a year and no luck so far.

    • Hi Hannah,
      We’ve sent you a message to troubleshoot this issue.
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  3. Did the full 30 days the first time. It seemed to have worked. However, after removing it just a few days later and my daughter was back to thumb sucking again. So we put it on again an planned to do another 30 days. However, she started compensating by sucking the thumb of the other hand. We cannot immobilize both thumbs at the same time, she wouldn’t be able to do anything. We tried bribes/rewards encouragement, used the star chart but got nowhere. She’s still sucking her thumb and I’m very disappointed. Absolutely nothing has worked. We’ve done everything and this was our last hope :/

  4. Didn’t work. My toddler started to suck her other thumb. The issue hasn’t been resolved

    • Hi Rita,
      Thanks for your review. Switching from one hand to the other is very common, especially among younger children. Please reach out to us directly, we are happy to provide a discount on a second kit.
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  5. It didn’t work. We purchased two but whenever we would take them off for her skin to relax, she would go back right to the habit

  6. It probably works if it’s not a strong habit but my daughter switched from the thumb to the fingers and even if we still put it at night with coton gloves as we have been recommended for a few months now , she stills is sucking her index .

    • Hi Chantal,
      Switching might happen occasionally for children under the age of 3. We do have techniques which can help address this issue.
      Please reach out to us for help!
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  7. Unfortunately we purchased two and have used past 90 days and unfortunately my son is able to slip his thumb out and has not stopped sucking his thumb. Unfortunate this product didn’t work despite proper placement.

  8. My kid bit it so severely I had to buy another. Hopefully it’s not toxic?! The bands are ridiculously expensive and not enough are included so I had to buy more- despite the already high price tag of the t-guard. But you guys are one of the only ones on the market.

    • Hi Elyse,
      This product is made in the USA out of FDA listed, medical grade materials. It contains no BPA, phthalates, or any other harmful compound or chemical, can be ingested safely (though we don’t recommend that!). We do offer free device replacements for customers under warranty. Simply visit this page:
      Our bands are tested to the rigorous requirements that our product demands. Most treatments take less than 30 days, so if your treatment extends far beyond that, we encourage you to reach out to us for guidance. We are here to help!
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  9. Unfortunately he still sucks his thumb.

    • Hi,
      We are sorry you did not find success with our product. We encourage all customers to reach out to us for troubleshooting. Typically, there are a few reasons why children continue to suck after treatment, such as:
      1. Inconsistent use of the device, or the child can remove it (the device needs readjusting)
      2. The child has a strong oral fixation, which can cause a relapse.
      Please reach out to us, we would love the opportunity to help you.
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  10. No. Did not stop

  11. Have used this guard for months now, been through 2 of them which are destroyed and we still have a thumb sucker. I splurged for a second one, because they do have to take a beating to break, but they are too expensive for me to continue to buy more, and 30 days to break the habit not a thing for my son.

  12. This did not work for us. My child chewed on the plastic. The plastic also discolored, and looked gross after a couple of weeks. The red connector piece broke and we ended up having to thread the wrist band through the slits without it which made for a weird fit and ultimately just did not work. We ended up using the nail biting nail polish and that worked much better for us.

  13. Worked great for a bit, but my son ended up chewing through the guard! We had to cut the top down because it was sharp, and little by little his thumb was more exposed making the guard useless. I really thought this would work and wish it came in a more durable, non-chewable material.

  14. Llegó muy pronto pero estoy totalmente descepcionada del producto, para empezar deben especificar si son pesos o dólares, en segunda, el producto no vale la pena por el precio, el rango de edades para el tamaño viene mal, el que compre para una niña de 4 años es para alguien mas grande dado que me queda a mi que soy mamá, tercera para México no hay cambios ni devoluciones, así que estoy totalmente descepcionada del producto, sencillamente no me sirve pague mucho y no vale la pena

    • Hi there,
      Our large size is for children who are 7 and older (and fits some adults!), who weigh more than 75 pounds. For a 4 year old, the size medium would be best. Although you are located outside of the USA, we will be happy to work with you to exchange your large for a medium!

  15. I have twins. The thumb sucker required 4 of these and it didn’t help in the end. I’m still looking for ideas. Her twin needed 3 of the finger guards, and she did break the habit after 3.5 months of wearing on both hands! My kids chewed them very quickly…good thing they sent replacements!! I wonder if it should be harder plastic. The idea is good. Results vary.

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. My kid still finds a way to wiggle his hand out, and if I may the strips a little tighter they cut his hand overnight. Still sucking his fingers

    • Hi Elena,
      Please reach out to us for troubleshooting. In most cases, a smaller size or a readjustment will solve the problem.
      Making the straps tighter is usually not the solution.
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  2. My daughter pulled her fingers out to the point that she ripped the slots open and chewed the top off.
    She’s savage.

  3. The concept is good, the device was not uncomfortable for my 2 year old, it came with a cute little chart and reward stickers. However, im not sure how a child would wear this for a month which is what the instructions are (30 day minimum) and its too expensive . I say that because your child will likely need to wear TWO. My child easily figured out she could just pop the other finger from her opposite hand in her mouth.