For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. Highly recommend! My 10 year old son stopped in 11 days! Hallelujah 😁

  2. I had my hesitations with this product, but it did actually work. It took maybe a month or so? At some point my little lady started sucking her other thumb so we had to buy another one, but in seemingly no time at all we are free of thumb sucking!

    The stars and the colored bracelets really helped to get my daughter excited about actually wearing it and whatnot. Very pleased, would definitely recommend!

  3. Patience is key, but, it works!!! We’ve used this on both our kids. The first week is the hardest but consistency and patience are keys to success!

  4. We got the T-Guard on the advice of our orthodontist. Our daughter was willing to break her night-time habit, and she tracked her progress on the chart that came with the device. She never missed a night and, by the end of the recommended usage period, had no inclination to revert to her old thumb-sucking ways.

  5. This product is amazing

  6. This product is amazing! My son sucked his thumbs all day every day. After 44 days with the TGuards he hasn’t sucked his thumbs once. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of breaking this habit and am so thankful that a friend recommended these. They are easy to use and work!

  7. My granddaughter is 8, and the thumb guard broke the habit. She is happy that she no longer socks her thumb.

  8. In less than a month our daughter had completely stopped sucking her them. She only had to wear them at night to get out of the habit.

  9. we stuck with it for 2 months and it worked great!

  10. Great product, my 5 years old daughter just stopped sucking her thumb in 3 weeks. Thank you 👍

  11. Worked great for my 21month old who was also pulling her hair out! It broke both habits

  12. On our side it is the only thing that worked. Tapes, bandaids, nail treatment, nothing enough restrictive to break the habit.
    If the instruction are followed, no problem at school for writting or playing or eating. Respect the calendar and the way to avoid relapse.
    We would have a 100% faster result if the other parent would be more collaborative.

  13. Shortly after buying the device, my son stopped sucking his thumb. I think the threat of wearing it made him think twice before sucking until he stopped.

  14. It worked! It helped that we sold the idea well to our child (the star chart and a big gift at the end for the triumph of defeating the thumb sucking were pluses, in addition to showing them what their smile would really look like….facts more than a scare tactic). They were excited to wear it and show it to their friends. We kept it on day and night, even when they were at school. They even asked to get it put back on in order to not slip up. After going the full amount of recommended time, we had to put it back on for a short time because they slipped up at night. We had it on just at night and encouraged them that they could beat it. They cracked the habit and we haven’t looked back thanks to this guard!

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. It worked. Following the instructions they provided was critical, but I was very impressed.

  2. I was shocked at how easy this made it to break our daughter’s habit. She was almost six when we purchased this product and the immediate impact was totally unexpected. We had a few moments of high emotions but not even close to what I expected. We are about a month out from our 44 day use and have not had any relapses. I highly recommend this approach! It has been amazing for us!

  3. Great idea and product!

  4. Exactly what we needed to get our little one to stop sucking his fingers. Thank you!

  5. My son turned 2 April 21st and it only took 30 days from when I started for the habit to break. Stay consistent he doesn’t even think twice about putting his fingers into his mouth. A successful 5 months

  6. This product works great but you have to be consistent! It only took us 2 weeks of wearing it.

  7. This is great! Stick to the instructions and it will work. It’s hard for you and the child for a while but it will work!

  8. Worked perfectly! No more finger sucking.

  9. I really loved this for my son. After 4 years of finger sucking, my son stopped sucking his fingers 3 weeks of wearing this. I will definitely recommend!!

  10. This worked great! It took 30 days and my 4 year old hasn’t sucked her fingers since.

  11. This product broke my child’s finger sucking habit in 7 days. We were so nervous that she would go right back to it, but she hasn’t sucked her fingers in months.

  12. After a month the 9 year habit was broken. My daughter swears it’s the best thing to help kids.

  13. Our foster child came to us with a habit of sucking his fingers. He was 11yrs old. I was skeptical but wanted to try since the therapists and doctors had no recommendations. After about 3 weeks, I didn’t think 30 days would be enough time for him so I ordered a second kit, but in the end I didn’t need it. His habit of finger sucking was broken at around the 30-day mark. We can only assume that he had this habit for at least 6 or 7 years. This was a blessing. It made a huge difference in his life.

  14. I have successfully stopped my daughter from sucking her fingers. After just 2 days of stopping her, her teeth started to shift back.

    TGuard is 100% worth the $60 I paid. You’d spend way, way more on orthodontic care.

    It’s on for 30ish days and honestly she doesn’t mind it. I crafted her a book talking about her finger sucking and this finger guard. Which we read for a while every night before putting this contraption on. So she knew this was coming.

    If a child broke their wirst they would be in a hard case for a lot longer. This is a bad habit that just needs to be stopped.

    Bye Bye Fingers! 🤟

  15. T-guard helped to break my daughter’s finger sucking habit of 4 years. I highly recommend this product!

  16. This was the best product that I ever came across all the other products that I use never worked but the Tigard was the best. I had to go longer than the time firm that they gave for him to stop sucking, but it definitely helped my son stop sucking his finger. I highly recommend Tguard , absolutely the best product for getting your child to stop sucking…❤️☝🏾 👍

  17. Worked for our daughter in two weeks! She actually didn’t want to take it off at the end!

  18. My four year old wore this nightly for the full amount on the days that are on the star chart. She new she was going to get a baby doll at the end of it. She did it happily and willfully. The habit is officially broken!! Note – she did have another self soothing mechanism. She likes to feel the zipper on her sleep sack. When she grew bigger she switched to sleeping with a sweatshirt just for the zipper. So if there is a secondary comfort, play that up.

  19. Only the first few days were tough. Our daughter told us after about 2 weeks she didnt want to suck her fingers anymore. After that we transitioned to wearing it at night only. Overall, this process went much better than expected. Wish we had done it years ago.

  20. Broke the habit! I wish it came with more bands, but overall great product.

  21. TGuard worked wonderfully! My twins are 8 years old and had a finger sucking habit that we just could not break.

    Everything the kit came with was useful and we worked to follow the program as closely as possible. We utilized spring break to start with them wearing 24 hours. Then only while they were home once school came back in session. The calendar tracker helped also, and 30 days later it was complete success.

    The twins feel accomplished and proud and their teeth are already working to straighten. Just success all around and I am very pleased with the results!

  22. 10/10 recommended. Our daughter has sucked her pointer and middle finger since she was 2 weeks old. She wore T- guard for about 20 days before she was able to have some time during the day without it. She wore it nightly for about 40 days. She did amazing. She’s been 3 months since completing the program and we couldn’t be happier!

  23. Worked great! The habit was broken in about 3 weeks. It’s been a few months now and it’s safe to say he doesn’t want to suck his fingers at all. I highly recommend.

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