For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. Worth every penny! Worked beautifully to help our 3 year old stop sucking both thumbs!!

  2. We had tried this as a last ditch effort before moving to a dental implant. This worked perfectly! I highly recommend!

  3. Nothing else worked for my 4yo who sucked her thumb 24/7, but she finally kicked the habit after wearing two TGuards for 14 days! Thank you so much! We are finally able to start myofunctional therapy in preparation for a tongue tie release and begin addressing her high narrow palate from years of thumb sucking.

  4. We got both our girls, ages 7 and 10 the T guard. We kept them on for 40 days if I remember right. They got used to them pretty fast, and had no problems with writing or using their hands. They are homeschooled, so no worry abut them having to wear them to school, but they did wear them to church, sunday school, sleepovers etc. They had no problems with teasing thankfully. The guards did get dirty as the kids love to play outside. we took them off to wash and change frequently.
    At the end of the time they had to problem refraining from thumb sucking. The habit was broke! Super thankful for this product!

  5. This really helped my 5 year old nearly stop thumb sucking. We wore it for longer than 30 days initially and then noticed she sucked her thumb when she was really tired. Now she wears the brace (without the ties) as a regular thing. We will try every few months to see if the habit has stopped. It’s definitely helped SO much.

  6. Our son was committed to sucking his thumb. However, with Tguard, he got excited about completing his “star map” and he had completely broken the habit in 45 days. He never complained about the guard and demonstrated way more maturity than I gave him credit for. He hasn’t even remotely indicated a desire to suck his thumb since. Highly recommend!

  7. It worked great. Broken the habit it 2 weeks.

  8. Worked great for a bit, but my son ended up chewing through the guard! We had to cut the top down because it was sharp, and little by little his thumb was more exposed making the guard useless. I really thought this would work and wish it came in a more durable, non-chewable material.

  9. Great product, wish I know it earlier, it totally change her bad habit, Dave her teeth!

  10. My daughter had just turned 8 and still sucking her thumb! Tried the gloves, nail polish, taking things away! I was reluctant to buy this as i figured she could easily cut the colored bands off if she wanted to just like she could easily remove the gloves! I think what really helped was having the conversation with her that it was time and she was ready to quit too in her mind! Before when i would threaten to buy it she would cry but not this time! So we purchased it and made her wear it all the time at home and especially to sleep. It only took about a week and we noticed even in the car she wasnt sucking! We decided to do it another week or so just to be safe! It has been 4 months and still good! I think this would work great for kids that cannot use scissors yet or older kids who are truly ready to break the habit! Thank you

  11. Worked for our 4 year old. She is thin so we ordered small. A hair too small but i was able to stretch it enough to make it comfortable.

  12. This ACTUALLY worker!
    I have been delaying writing a comment because it makes me look like a horrible parent but we tried everything! My son started sucking his thumb when he was 16 months old. we tried everutb

  13. Shocked but it actually worked! Our 5 year old has sensory processing disorder and really struggled trying to break the habit of thumbsucking for years. I finally figured that I should make the investment in tguard and see if there was any truth to the hype. I am totally shocked but at the end of the designated time, our daughter removed the guard and did the 2 weeks without relapse while we continued the sticker program. She finished completely a few months ago and there has been zero regression. This one is worth the money. So glad we tried it.

  14. Worked in just 4 days

  15. TGuard worked for us! Saved us money & time. Thanks TGuard!!!

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. It worked amazing! Our kid was in immediately after explain him the the reason about the y-guard. From the beginning he stopped to suck (he can’t) and he accepted, no struggle no complaining. He felt also proud marking every day a start till the end. I recommended absolutely

  2. Our son was about 18 months old when we started to notice his finger sucking habit was changing the shape of his mouth/teeth! We tried so many things, but the TGuard was our only success. Our son liked picking out the colored wristband for each naptime and bedtime. It worked perfectly, and he hasn’t sucked his fingers since (he is now 25 months old). We are so thankful for this product, it’s worth every penny!

  3. The first few days were a struggle, more tantrums than usual and it didn’t help that many strangers would stop and ask if she broke her fingers. But after we hit a week it was all in the past. We wore this for the full 30 days and no finger sucking since!

  4. This worked like magic for our daughter! She didn’t mind wearing it at all, so we kept it on an extra week or so just to be safe. When we finally did take the TGuard off for the final time, she never sucked on her fingers again! Highly recommend this product to anyone struggling to get their child to break the sucking habit!

  5. It worked!!

  6. It was really tough at the beginning. But stick with it and it worked!!

  7. My 6 year old sucked two of her fingers, she wanted to stop but we couldn’t find a solution. After less than the 45 days she had completely stopped. Two complaints, 1 the bands gave her a bit of a rash, but if we didn’t put them on tightly, she could slip the t guard off of her fingers, so we dealt with it. Second complaint, she started chewing on the plastic, even breaking off pieces of it, not sure if there was any way to stop it.

  8. Honestly thought this would be a much more painful process. We drew up a “contract” with our daughter (5), where she got to specify the reward for not sucking her fingers any longer (princess dress, naturally), sign her name, etc. The first couple of days were unsurprisingly rough but we remained vigilant. She wore the guard unless she was eating or having a bath, then after a few days she stopped resisting putting it back on. After about 10 days, she said she didnt want to suck her fingers any longer. So we removed it for short periods (in the car, watching a show, etc), and to our amazement she had stopped. Great product and I wish we’d found it sooner.

  9. It worked great. After 30 days no finger sucking. I can only recommend. Although customs and shipping more than doubled the price ( shipping to Germany) but still worth it.

  10. I had high hopes for this product based on the reviews. We used it for our 20-month old who sucked his index and middle finger faithfully. The plan is for 30 days straight but we started to give him hour breaks without it on day 23. On day 25 we actually forgot to put it back on and realized he never put his fingers back in his mouth. We called it a quits then. This product works! My suggestion is the earlier the better!

  11. My daughter sucked her two middle fingers and we tried everything until the dentist recommended this and in less than a month her habit was broken! Highly recommend!!:)

  12. This is a great product. We have, for years, tried literally everything out there to kick my son’s finger sucking habit (he just turned six). This is the only product that helped us make major progress. He wore it constantly (except for monitored breaks where I’d keep my eye on him and showers, etc) and has now been “off” the system for a few months. While we’ll both notice the occasional “soggy fingers” from sucking in his sleep, that has nothing to do with the guard – only his rabid drive to suck. 🙂 I do have a couple suggestions for improvement. We had to cinch it around his wrist pretty tight or else he had enough wiggle room to get his two sucking fingers loose (pointer and middle). That meant that the skin around his little wrist would get red, indented and sometimes irritated. I would if a softer material could be used instead of the plastic bracelet? Maybe even something that could be washed and reused? I understand that the fastening mechanism would be a problem because a snap or button could be easily broken out of by a toddler, but that’s something to think about. And speaking of the plastic bands, another suggestion would be for the color of the bracelets to be chosen by the consumer instead of a rainbow assortment. My son would only wear the blue, green and yellow ones, which meant the purple and pink went unused and we also ran out of the colors he wanted. Overall, we have been very satisfied with the TGuard. Thanks for your help in breaking our bad habit! Fingers crossed we’ve avoided some very expensive orthodontia work!

  13. We broke the habit in 10 days with the help of this tool. My daughter (2 years 8m) hated it on the first day but got excited about putting it on subsequent days. We are well over 3months after the treatment and the sucking is definitely gone!! Would recommend.
    Down side is , I found it a big too big and bulky and I had to cut off some parts ( the part that went in between her fingers) to make it more comfortable for her.

  14. It helped my 18 month old break the habit after 1.5 month

  15. This product has been a lifesaver! It’s a miracle product. We have a 3.5 YO that loved to suck her middle two fingers. We tried everything else and nothing worked. We slipped on the TGuard, and followed the instructions and it worked like a charm! She no longer sucks her fingers and doesn’t even ask to. We did it for 60 days instead of the suggested 30 as she had quite an intense habit and would suck the fingers overnight. HIGHLY recommend this product! Don’t doubt, just buy it.

  16. Program worked so well! From the device itself to the star chart. Our daughter took to the program so well and she broke the habit much faster than we expected.

  17. My Daughter finally broke the habit! My daughter started sucking her two fingers at 2 months old and couldn’t stop, well with this beauty she stopped at 8 years old. We used this method after many failed attempts, but in no way did we use this as punishment. we spoke with her about it first and we had it around the house until she was ready. She was exited to chose the color of her band and even more exited to add another star to her calendar. She only wore it for 15 days! She probably could’ve stopped at 1 week! But she decided to keep on on a little longer. So grateful for this invention, I wish I would’ve known about it sooner!

  18. The T guard surely change the game in my child’s thumb sucking. It greatly reduced his sucking and he has eventually stopped the habit.
    While the bracelet were colorful, he soon learnt how to manoeuvre it but nonetheless the T guard was wonderful and broke the habit.

  19. Broke the habit completely! I recommend this to any moms with toddlers with the habit. Such a life saver!

  20. My 14 month old sucked her index finger and it was preventing her teeth from coming in properly. I made the decision to use the small TGuard AeroFinger on her now rather than waiting and I’m SO glad I did! It took her about an hour to adjust to wearing it. She wore it 24/7 for a few days. Then I would let her go a few hours in the evening before bed without it. she only had to wear it while sleeping after about a week, and was completely broke from sucking her finger within about 2-3 weeks. So glad I made the investment and even more glad I did it while she was still so little.

  21. My 4.5 year old has sucked her fingers all her life, night and day. During Covid, that became a serious health issue. I’ve been trying to break her habit for well over a year. After trying every other suggested trick, I bought these, very pricy when you live in Canada. We are 6 weeks into our journey and here are my thoughts:
    1) product works but kids are smart and can escape them (I had to tape them onto her hands so she couldn’t skip her fingers out).
    2) the thin wrist bands for securing the guards cut into my kids’ wrists and required padding under to avoid sores. Also rubs between fingers and creates sores so bandaids were needed there
    3) kids are resilient. Mine has had no trouble living life normally with these guards on both hands 24/7.
    This has been the only product/method with ANY success for us. Now my daughter takes them off during the day (while supervised) and then wears them at night. It’s been a life saver, but not easy. Will be worth it in the end.

  22. It helped my 4 year old daughter break the habit!I am really happy! Although it’s not a cheap product I totally recommend it!

  23. This was just what my son needed to kick the habit! He was wanting to and was ready to quit, but it was so tough for him to stop. He would end up with his fingers in mouth during sleep, and he had trouble not falling back into the habit when mindlessly watching tv or riding in the car, etc. After one week, he felt he’d stopped, but we kept it on another month before declaring him free of the habit. Wonderful product, thank you!

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