For more than 20 years, MED et al, Inc. has been working closely with pediatric dentists and pediatricians to develop an effective device to stop thumb and finger sucking. Over that time, we’ve created a product that is endorsed not only by parents, but by dentists as well. We hope that these unsolicited reviews will illustrate this fact.

For more reviews, click on the “reviews” tab, on each product page. Shown below are 15 of the latest reviews for our top selling products, TGuard AeroThumb (to stop thumb sucking) and TGuard AeroFinger (to stop finger sucking).

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TGuard AeroThumb Reviews

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  1. We used this on our 18 month old toddler and though I was skeptical prior to using it, this device completely eliminated my toddler’s thumb sucking behavior! Highly recommend giving it a try.

  2. Worth every penny. We actually broke the habit. I do think the age of the child plays a role as to when to use it and a big enough reward.

  3. So helpful! Our kid broke the habit within two weeks; still needs occasional spoken reminders for “dry thumb!” and “dry fingers!” but no longer relies on the thumb to soothe and worked when other tactics did not. Thank you TGuard!

  4. Thank you, TGuard! My son broke his habit and hasn’t gone back.

  5. My 9 year old daughter broke her habit in 4 weeks.

  6. TGuard??? A miracle!!! My 3 year old son broke his habit after 45 days of treatment. It’s been two months and he hasn’t sucked his thumb since’s the best

  7. Llegó muy pronto pero estoy totalmente descepcionada del producto, para empezar deben especificar si son pesos o dólares, en segunda, el producto no vale la pena por el precio, el rango de edades para el tamaño viene mal, el que compre para una niña de 4 años es para alguien mas grande dado que me queda a mi que soy mamá, tercera para México no hay cambios ni devoluciones, así que estoy totalmente descepcionada del producto, sencillamente no me sirve pague mucho y no vale la pena

    • Hi there,
      Our large size is for children who are 7 and older (and fits some adults!), who weigh more than 75 pounds. For a 4 year old, the size medium would be best. Although you are located outside of the USA, we will be happy to work with you to exchange your large for a medium!

  8. Our 3.5-year-old finally broke their constant thumb sucking habit after a few weeks with the T-Guard! It is difficult to wash hands with, so we used cotton swabs to dry the inside throughout the day to avoid purchasing additional bracelets. We communicated how to use the device with our child’s preschool teacher and grandparents. We also motivated our child a trip to a pizza/arcade upon completion.

  9. This thing works if you use it consistently. We used it only overnight for about a month.

  10. Worked great for us

  11. We gave the guard an extra 4 weeks, 8 weeks in total, and it has broken the habit.

  12. I was finally able to get my 5 year old to buy into trying the thumb guard, which had been suggested by her dentist. The sticker chart was helpful. She earned small daily rewards and something bigger to celebrate at the end (in addition to lots of praise and encouragement). She liked picking a different color wrist band each night and putting it on herself. The first week was challenging without her coping strategy & routine to fall asleep, but it was smooth sailing after that hurdle. It worked!

  13. The t guard aerothumb broke the habit with just two months of wear for our 20 month old. Our daughter was a thumb sucker when she slept, nap and night time. We had her wear it during these times of the day and within 2 months she had the habit broken. Was a bit of a challenge getting her to be comfortable, but within a couple days it was part of nap and bedtime routines to point where she was asking for it after we stopped. Couldn’t be happier with this product!

TGuard AeroFinger Reviews

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  1. Similar to other reviewers, I was sure my son would never stop sucking his fingers. From 2 months until 3.5 years old practically every picture we have of him he had his two middle fingers in his mouth. We had made some minor progress through the day before the t-gaurd but not much and he still kept them in all night. We stumbled across the aero-finger and pulled the trigger looking for any last hope we could break the habit. We followed the directions and the sticker based tracking system (with the promise of a paw patrol fire truck after 40 nights) and within the first 10 days he had the habit broke. We kept it going until the end nonetheless and at about day 20 he had a funny moment where he couldn’t even remember which hand or fingers he used to suck. It has been 8 months without using the aero-finger and he hasn’t had his hands anywhere near his mouth..
    A life saver that I would 100% recommend.

  2. Je le recommande totalement! Ça fonctionné à 100%
    Ma fille de 4 ans mettait ses 3 doigts dans sa bouche pour se réconforter très très souvent. Elle voulait arrêter mais disait ne pas savoir comment, c’était plus fort qu’elle. Puis, durant les vacances de Noël, nous avons mis le tguard, au début les 3-4 premiers jours, c’était comme un sevrage, c’était difficile, elle pleurait mais après c’est devenu correct et sans gêne. Nous l’avons mis sans arrêt, jour et nuit, durant 3 semaines environ (le temps des vacances) et puis je ne l’ai plus jamais revue mettre ses 3 doigts dans sa bouche. Cela, fait 7 mois maintenant qu’elle n’a plus cette mauvaise habitude. Le produit est résistant, et au début il demande un peu de temps pour trouvé le bon ajustement mais , par la suite cela se fait rapidement.

  3. Worked for my daughter. Took about 3 weeks of consistent use to be effective. Would like more wristbands included. We did not have her wear it to school as it was her writing hand.

  4. This was the only guard that my three year old could not remove or destroy. He loved the star chart that was included and we had a lot of fun in the process of wearing this making it a game to find which fingers go inside. His habit was gone in about three months of wearing this every time he slept. I highly recommend this product!

  5. in two weeks my daughter stopped sucking her finger! I’m very happy?Thank you!

  6. My daughter sucked 2 fingers on each hand interchangeably for 4 years. We tried painting yucky stuff on her fingers, cloth mitts supposedly designed for finger sucking, and all sorts of reward systems. Nothing worked at all, so we were skeptical of the Tguard. The first few nights were rough, but within a week she was not trying to get them off and was excited to put a sticker on her chart every morning. After 2 weeks we started napping without the guards so I could monitor her, and she did not suck her fingers at all. We left them on at night for another 2 weeks just to ensure the habit was broken and have never had the issue again. This product worked great for us!

  7. It worked! My daughter went from thumb to fingers. I did the full course of treatment and it broke the habit.

  8. We tried stinky bitter nail paint and socks before successfully breaking the 2-finger sucking habit with AeroFinger.

  9. My son gave up the pacifier for his two fingers very early. Every emotion elicited finger sucking. Sleep was only achieved with finger sucking. I was out of options but somehow found this product. My son didn’t even make it through the entire plan. In less than 3 weeks he was done finger sucking. We were also lucky that masks were required at school so that also helped keep the fingers away. I highly recommend this item, it actually works.

  10. This definitely got the job of no finger sucking done…I would definitely recommend this to any parent struggling with trying to get kids to stop sucking their fingers. My son stopped sucking his finger within 2 months, if so long, but it was a little over a month but less than 2 months to be exact. It was recommended by his dentist and it definitely got the job done.??

  11. This product looks silly and seems like a hoax when looking at the product and reading about it, but it was the best thing we could ever have done for our child and his thumbsucking habit. My son used to suck his finger and then moved to his thumb and would switch between his two thumbs. He was 4 years old and thumb sucked every minute he could, even subconsciously while sleeping. We had enough of it because it is not socially accepted and his teeth were getting ruined. We had tried all the methods you read about to stop thumb sucking (hot sauce, sour, soap, gum, etc) and none of them worked until we used this product. We were amazed at how well it worked and have recommended and would recommend it to anyone that is suffering the same problem.

  12. My almost 5 year old grandson has been sucking the 2 fingers next to his thumb on his left hand since early childhood. It had become an unconscious behavior which was very difficult to stop. His parents tried everything to discourage this but with no success.
    One day I saw an ad for the TGuard AeroFinger product and ordered it immediately. My grandson did not fight having it on and LOVED the chart where every day he was able to record his progress. The finger sucking stopped within the first days but he developed a new habit of chewing on the finger guard.
    David, our customer support person, worked with me to make sure the device was on properly and even sent us a replacement which was definitely needed. I am happy to say that our grandson finished his regimen and no longer sucks or chews his fingers. We are thrilled and so is he. ?
    I HIGHLY recommend this product and encourage parents to talk to the support team if you are having any issues. They are amazing to work with. ??

  13. My daughter was the one seen in ultrasound sucking her fingers. She is 4 years old now and I felt it was time to stop the finger sucking. She sucks her index fingers and middle finger together and starting to have an overbite now. My daughter was the kid that sucks her fingers about 20 hours a day throughout the day. I was skeptical about the TGuard and bought the TGuard and after 3 weeks of consistency, I have to say she has stopped sucking her fingers. Have to give rewards and let the child pick their band colors and get the siblings involved as well. I work overnight so my oldest daughter helped too. Everyone in the house was telling her how good she is doing and clapping and hi fives and dollar tree treats lol.

  14. My child was 2.5 and chronically sucking fingers on both hands which was affecting her speech as well as her tooth development. After using this product for 5 weeks her finger sucking is completely gone and she completely stopped putting toys in her mouth. We used one device on each hand and she was able to perform most tasks with minimal complications with the exception of eating. We had to help her with that for a few weeks but it was definitely worth it. She is speaking much better and her teeth appear much straighter than before treatment. She never had too much of a problem with the devices other than her hand was a little small and even the smallest device would sometimes be dislodged. Other than a few times of having to re-apply the device during the day we had no issues. She enjoyed picking out her band colors each night and never complained about it. She did complain when we stopped the treatment as to why we were no longer putting bands on her because it had become such an important part of her day. It is definitely worth the money and we were so glad that it only took a few weeks to break a habit that was so ingrained. It has been a month now without them and she has not tried once to put her fingers back in her mouth.

  15. My Daughter only had to use this for 2 weeks and she hasn’t sucked her fingers since. We got this about a month ago so I definitely say this works. We tried hot sauce, tape, a winter glove, the polish that tastes gross etc. I mean anything we tried didn’t work. Shes 5 years old and has done it since birth. Thank you!!!!

  16. My son was a thumb sucker and my daughter was a finger sucker. I started Tguard classic for my son when he was 2 years and 8 months. The first time I put the Tguard on my son he removed it in 2 minutes and gave me the most evil laugh with his hands on the hip. I gave him a break and tried again after a month. He did not suck for a while but started thumbsucking again. I talked to him and showed him pictures of beautiful teeth and tried to convince him to wear Tguard again. Finally he gave in. He did not thumb suck for a whole year and started slowly when he started first grade but I talking to him again and he stopped it forever. He is 9 years old now and has not sucked his thumb ever since.
    My daughter was sucking her finger ever since she was born. I started using Aerofinger at 2 years . I tried the same method that i did with my son but she was very strong willed and hard to break. Honestly by that time I lost all my energy fighting with my son that i was a little easy on her. I tried again when she was three but there was no results. I thought she might stop when she starts school but she never did as she saw other children thumb sucking in her class. I tried Aero finger again when she turned six and she was ready to quit in 2 weeks but I was scared she would not be able to resist the temptation so I kept the Aero finger for a month until she finished the rewards chart. Also I had applied Mavala stop on her fingers and over the aero finger while she napped. Since then it has been a few months and she has never finger sucked. We threw her a small party and gave her favorite toy. I wish I had been aggressive with her like my son. Her finger sucking has caused a slight jaw deformation.

    Thank you T guard for the wonderful products without which it would have been impossible to stop the habit. I shared our success story with our pediatrician and dentist.

  17. Thanks. For 3 weeks, my daughter completely quit the habit of sucking her thumb. In Russia, I did not find analogues. A very worthy effect in just 3 weeks.

  18. My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia 1 week after her second Birthday. With the low immunity, any small opening of the skin can become a big infection. The finger sucking habit became an issue when she repeatedly had to be put on antibiotics because of those little wounds in her fingers. We are so pleased with the Aerofinger, she is off the antibiotics now! I just wish the bracelets were less expensive. She uses many per day as we have to wash her hands very well to prevent infection. The recommendation to wash hands while wearing the device doesn’t work in her special case. Make those bracelets cheaper! Too many medical bills to pay here!

  19. My 2.5 year old boy used it. The first night was so heart breaking watching my boy hating the guard. But after 3 days, he was ok with it. It’s really up to the parents to stick with the plan! Our boy worn this for 2 weeks straight, and the figure sucking habit was completely gone. He is 4 now, and he doesn’t even remember once upon a time he used to suck his fingers all day.

  20. Great product! My 22 month old was sucking his index and middle finger constantly. He threw fits the first day we put this on but was compliant after that. He wore it about 22 hrs a day for 7 days and does not even act like he remembers how to suck his fingers anymore. I highly recommend!

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