Stop thumb sucking in 30 days, with TGuard.

TGuard, the product line including the original, patented ThumbGuard­™  device and FingerGuard™ device, has been a favorite of Dentists, Pediatricians, and Parents since 1995. Why? Because it works. Rather than trying to prevent thumb sucking, our patented technology allows it: but without the suction that creates the pleasure. If you break the suction, you break the habit! With a success rate greater than 95%, it is the most recommended product, in its class, on the market. Made in the USA from a soft, medical grade, BPA-free plastic, our FDA-listed solution, to your thumb or finger sucking problem, is the only product on the market guaranteed to stop thumb sucking in a safe, fun, and effective way!

stop finger sucking with Fingerguard, the most recommended fingersucking remedy order TGuard replacement Braceletsstop thumb sucking with ThumbGuard, the most recommended thumbsucking remedy

Our product is made out of a soft, flexible medical-grade plastic, listed by the FDA, and is designed to be extremely comfortable and non-restricting. Our treatment kit is manufactured right here in the USA: so you can expect only the highest quality, and safest materials for your child.

If you are wondering how to stop thumb-sucking or finger-sucking, then look no further. Our thumb guards are guaranteed to break the thumb sucking habit, and our finger guards are guaranteed to stop the finger sucking habit. Thumbsucking will be a thing of the past with TGuard™.

For more information about thumb sucking, and how to stop it, check out our “about the habit” page.