This page allows you to register as a dental / health professional on our website. If you are not a medical professional, nor do you represent one, you cannot register on this page.

Dentist Registration

Along with brochures, a poster stand, and clinical info, we are happy to send you free samples of our product which you can use to demonstrate use and fit. This is a very valuable service to your existing patients who are interested in learning more about the product. PLEASE NOTE: The product samples are not suitable for actual, prolonged use. They are meant to show the product to your patients and to assist in sizing.

Please limit one per practice, for USA / Canada only.

Furthermore, we also offer the option to publish your information on our list of doctors who are familiar with our product. Patients interested in our product find local doctors using our online tool, which is essentially free advertising for you. The convenience of showing new patients how to use the device, as well as the cost savings in billing their insurance for the kit, is an excellent way to establish new patients. You carry no obligations and can opt out at any time.