Ending the treatment is a big decision – if you end it too early, the child can lapse back to the habit, if you extend it too long, you are expending extra energy for nothing. But there are a few tips we can provide which will help you determine if its time to let it go.

If your child has not put the appliance in their mouth for an entire week, its usually a good indicator that they are over the habit. We recommend waiting for this to happen, which is usually before 30 days have elapsed since the start of treatment.

If you have any doubts, or are unsure, go the full 30 days! However, when you reach day 30, if the child is still sucking on the tube (or chewing on it), you must extend the treatment. If you remove it now, they will go right back to thumb or finger sucking.

This page is based on the TGuard Treatment Coach series of informative and timely tips designed to help you break the habit, after you have purchased the kit.

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