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MED et al, Inc. is proud to offer one of the only products on the market that is designed specifically to break the finger sucking habit, called TGuard FingerGuard™. FingerGuard™, which can go on any two adjacent fingers, works the same way that ThumbGuard™ does: it disrupts the vacuum / suction that makes finger sucking so addictive.

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.

Each kit comes with everything you need to stop the finger sucking habit. This includes:

  • 1 Ambidextrous FingerGuard appliance, that can be worn over any TWO adjacent fingers
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • One set of instructions

NOTE: If your child sucks fingers on both hands, or you have seen them switch from hand to hand before, please select the “2 Hand Set” option above. We will include an additional appliance, and enough bracelets for a full, 30 days, two-hand treatment. 

Key Facts

Why is FingerGuard recommended the most?

  • FingerGuard takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • FingerGuard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA.
  • It has a success rate greater than 90%. If worn correctly, the success rate is greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

Sizing Chart

SIZING CHARTAge: 3 to 4Age: 5 to 6Age: 7+
Recommended Appliance SizeSmallMediumLarge

Please note that for children younger than 3, the small size can still be used. HOWEVER, the success rate cannot be claimed to be 95%, because very young children are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured.

If your child is between sizes, please see our “sizing guidelines FAQ”.



100% satisfied

Jan 05, 2015 by Carly
Are You A Dentist Or A Parent?: Parent 

I read the reviews and thought, "yeah, but I really don't think this will work for us." Our daughter whom just turned 7 was literally sucking her thumb in the womb. We tried a lot of different methods and nothing was working. We were one step away from orthodontic treatment and I decided to do one last Google search for ideas. This website came up and we decided to give one last ditch effort. We have been using the thumb guards for a little less than a month and have seen a HUGE improvement. She can now watch TV with no thumb sucking. She really is only wearing them at night at this point. My only concern is that I feel that I need to make the bracelet quite tight in order to prevent her from slipping her thumb out. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.
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positive experience

Jan 04, 2015 by maged fam
Are You A Dentist Or A Parent?: Parent 

My girl is 21months old
She has been a thumb sucker since she was 6 months
I will go directly to the point
I used the smallest size
First three nights (and midday naps) were a hell of crying/screaming cos she couldn't access the wife had to hold her all night long. .
After 3-4days ..she stopped that crazy screaming and started sleeping calmly; but she started another bad habbit of being closely attached, physically, to her mother during sleep not allowing her even to move.
She hasn't tried to remove it to much.
By 3 weeks she forgot about the thumb..
I am thankful to tgurad..
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Response: Thank you Maged Fam!! We are so happy to hear of your success. Treatment can be very hard sometimes, but with patience, consistency, and determination, you will always find success.
Congratulations to your daughter!
Kind regards,
MED et al, Inc.


Jan 04, 2015 by Susan
Are You A Dentist Or A Parent?: Parent 

I got the ThumbGuard about a month ago and my daughter who is turning 5 has been wearing it since.I put the thumbguard on the finger that she had been sucking since she was a baby and within two days she was sucking the finger on the other hand(I never thought that would happen)so I put the second one that I thought was just extra.For about a month she is wearing it on both hands and the fingers are not in her mouth but when I took it off to wash it and forgot to put it back one night the finger was in her mouth right away. I'm not giving up yet but I'm starting to have doubts that it will work.Hope I'M WRONG!!
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Response: Susan,
Thank you for your review. The treatment only works if you are consistent in it\'s application - she must go 30 days without sucking her thumbs. Please contact our support team for more help.
Kind regards,
MED et al, Inc.

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