TGuard Classic


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Formerly known as the original ThumbGuard™, TGuard Classic is our time-tested, guaranteed way to break thumb sucking in 30 days or less.

Why is TGuard™ recommended the most?

  • TGuard™ Classic takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • TGuard™ Classic is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA. The product is 100% BPA and phthalate free.
  • It has a success rate greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

For detailed sizing info, please click the “Sizing Chart” tab below.



If you are looking for a guaranteed way to stop thumb sucking in 4 weeks or less, without causing pain or discomfort, then look no further. Most parents see results after only ONE week of using the TGuard Classic™ treatment kit, making it one of the most recommended solutions to break the habit.

Please note: Most children switch from one thumb to the other, when you apply the TGuard. For that reason, we recommend purchasing two treatment kits, one for each hand.

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.

If you have any questions, please visit FAQs for more information.

Kit Contents

Each treatment kit contains the following items, which is all you would need for 30 days of treatment for one hand:

  • 1 Ambidextrous ThumbGuard™ appliance
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • 1 Instalock – makes the fitting process as easy as possible!
  • One set of instructions
  • Reward chart + stickers

Sizing Chart

SIZING CHART Age: 3 to 4 (under 40 lbs) Age: 5 to 6 (between 40 and 55 lbs) Age: 7+ (more than 55 lbs)
Recommended Appliance Size Small Medium Large

If your child is in between sizes, such as a child who weighs around 40 pounds, or is 4.5 years old, order a smaller size if the child is taller / thinner than an average child of their age, or order a larger size if the child is shorter / heavier than an average child of their age.

Please know that children under 3 are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured. If you see that the child switches from thumb to finger sucking, you must contact us.

Video And Instructions



Click here to download TGuard Classic instructions.

103 reviews for TGuard Classic

  1. Dr. Perry Patel

    Even though my son was only 18mths old i wanted to stop his constant thumbsucking habit. i found your product through practicon dental supply. Initially i was very skeptical, but he quit sucking in about 3 weeks, the appliance was a little big for his hand but it still worked. being a children’s dentist, i now have a relatively inexpensive resource for my patients.

  2. Dr. Kyle Jackson, DDS

    I used your appliance [T-Guard] on my six year old daughter. I had tried to curb her thumb sucking habit through educating her on its detrimental effects to her dentition. When she was willing to try and discontinue her habit, I tried using a fixed habit appliance. After 6 months with her fixed appliance she was still trying to suck her thumb. She was my toughest case. Then I . . . used your T-Guard thumb habit appliance. In 1 week I removed her fixed appliance. Within 3 weeks her habit completely stopped. Your appliance worked great. My daughter said it was comfortable and she found it highly effective in curbing not only her ability to suck her thumb, but also her desire to suck her thumb.

  3. Dr. Jay Levitt, D.D.S.

    . . . I had the opportunity to give this kit [T-Guard] to a 12 year old child that has sucked his thumb from birth. His habit has caused a significant change in his oral structures. His mom has tried everything including a fixed orthodontic device which he was currently wearing. He had had it for several months – his mom reports that it did not slow him down a bit. After four days with your appliance [T-Guard] the mom called ecstatic with glee because her son stopped his habit. . .

  4. Dr. Steven Yarmosky, D.D.S.

    I tried it first on my four year old daughter . . . Though I was extremely pleased by her immediate breaking of her thumb habit, I was even more amazed by her personality change: happier, more confident, more outgoing and more interactive with her siblings and friends.

  5. Dr. Martha Dawson, D.D.S.

    The T-Guard is revolutionizing the way I treat patients with a thumb sucking habit. I no longer use an intraoral appliance when I can use the more effective extraoral T-Guard.

  6. Tami

    My name is Tami Burgeson and I have a 10-year old daughter who sucks her thumb. We have tried everything from the bandaids, sports wraps, mittens, gloves with watches wrapped around the wrist. Nothing has worked. Two years ago our dentist, (who is a family friend) suggested the mouth appliance. So, for 3 months she wore it until her gums started growing around the metal. He immediately took it out. For a year we tried all those other things mentioned above AGAIN. No luck, unfortunately. Last week he insterted the mouth appliance in her mouth again. Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s hard to play the saxophone and do well in voice lessons. We feel like we are punishing her for something that she doesn’t know she’s even doing. She only sucks her thumb at night but it is obvioulsy affecting her teeth. Tonight I sat down at the computer and found your product. I will fax my information tomorrow morning and the faster you can get this miracle product to us, the happier our 10 year old will be. Also, I am going to our dentist tomorrow to ask him to take the mouth appliance out as soon as possible! You have given us new hope! I thank God I found you!

  7. Trina Wilson

    I just wanted to let you know that the T-guard was amazing. My son sucked his thumb before he was born. After his third birthday, I knew something had to be done. I ordered the T-guard. After viewing the video, I attempted to put the device on his thumb. Needless to say, I didn’t do it correctly and he pulled it off. His exact words were ‘I guess you need to look at the video again.’ It took a few times but I was successful. After about 4-5 weeks, my son was no longer a thumb sucker. I have recommended the product to anyone who would listen. As a matter of fact, my daughter and I were talking and she’d even forgotten that he had ever sucked his thumb. Again, Thank-you for developing a product that is moderately priced and works miracles.

  8. Nicole Fain

    Just wanted to say that I was completely surprised and shocked that my 4 1/2 year old daughter finally stopped sucking her thumb thanks to T-Guard. She wore them for 3 weeks in December 2001 at night only. I had tried every possible thing I had heard about, to no avail. I was skeptical as she had a die hard, serious habit. We had made some progress behaviorally since age 3 by telling her she was welcome to suck her thumb but she must do it in her room. Therefore she pretty much gave it up during the day. She still sucked her thumb when she got sleepy in the car, for naps or bedtime. She WANTED to stop, she would try for about 15 minutes at night and then cry because she was so exhausted while fighting this huge urge to suck her thumb. The T-Guard took away her need to fight the urge and the inner conflict. It simply helped her break the habit. She was so happy with herself! I wish I knew about these when she was 2!

    I would add that I promoted T-Guard to her from the beginning as a special, beautiful bracelet for girls who want to have “princess teeth.” I showed her the picture of the girl wearing it on your website and told her she was going to be a big girl just like the girl in the picture. We told her after wearing this special bracelet her teeth would not stick out anymore and she would have “princess teeth.” Finally, when she wore the last bracelet and had not sucked her thumb for a whole month, we rewarded her by buying her a “big girl bed.” She was so proud of herself. We gave her lots of positive encouragement and praise along the way. I’m totally surprised that only a few months later, her teeth have moved back to a normal position and do not stick out at all. They are completely in line with her other teeth and her smile looks so much prettier. So wanted to say thank you again and let you know that your product worked.

  9. Eric and Chih-Lan Olson

    I wanted to thank you and your company for creating the Thumb Guard product. It helped my daughter (finally) stop sucking her thumb at the age of four. Not only is your product second to none, but your customer service is, as well! I truly appreciated you following up with us individually and helping us with our questions. I will recommend your product to anyone I know who needs it. It worked wonders. Thank you again.

  10. Lori Sloan

    I wanted to let you know that your Thumb Guard was very succesful! The colorful bracelets helped my child to be very excited to have the Thumb Guard put on every night. She would try to match her pajamas to the color of the bracelet. After six years of thumb sucking, she is now putting herself to sleep at night with no thumb sucking! Thank you for taking the emotional energy and drama out of changing this habit.

  11. Robin

    Thank you T-Guard! My son is 9 1/2 and was still sucking his thumb. We tried everything from band-aids to bribery, nothing worked! Our dentist recommended this product, and, no joke, within 4 days he was no longer sucking his thumb. Truly amazing! Thank you!

  12. Janelle

    My son is 2 1/2. I was very nervous to take his thumbs away at such an early age! But his dentist said that in her experience, most children don’t grow out of thumb sucking. She actually recommended another brand, but that brand didn’t fit his hand, so I found Tguard! Within 3 days he didn’t resist me putting them on, at one week I could leave them off all the time except for before nap and bedtime, and after 2 1/2 weeks he was no longer sucking his thumb!!! The first week around naptime and bedtime were difficult for him learning how to go sleep without sucking, but now he passes out just as quickly as he used to! I would highly recommend these to any friend, family, or stranger!

  13. Allison

    I wanted to thank you. My son Quincy has sucked his thumb from the “Very Beginning”!!! He didn’t even know 80% of the time that it was even in his mouth, it was such a habit. He is 10 years old. He would get very upset with himself, but as he would say “My thumb just pops in my mouth!” I searched the internet to find help for him, and read about the T-Guard. With the help of my dentist, we ordered it. He wore it day and night for 20 days. He has not sucked his thumb since. It has been 3 months now. He is more outgoing and has more confidence in himself than ever before. Thanks!!!!

  14. Laura DeFina

    We bought the thumb guard for our daughter which was recommended by her speech teacher. My husband and I were totally amazed how fast it worked, our daughter stopped sucking her thumb 1 month after using! Would recommend this product to any parent!!! This product should be renamed “Miracle Guard!!”

    Thanks a million
    Laura D

  15. Kristen Henderson

    Can’t thank the people at MED et al Development enough. My daughter, Emily, started wearing the Thumbguard on January 22, 2002 and is already celebrating several triumphs. She now goes all day including nap times without wearing the device. She only needs it at bedtime and that is soon close to an end.

    But before you can understand our excitement in our household, you have to understand how severe her habit was up until we started the treatment. Emily is 5 years old and has sucked her thumb ever since our first ultrasound of her early in the pregnancy. We tried many options over the course of the past year only to face failure and to reluctantly go back to watching her suck her thumb.

    The price I paid for the Thumbguard was the best money I spent thus far this year. She has even thanked me for buying it for her!

    Thank you for giving my daughter the pride to say she stopped the habit. Something she has been telling everyone as her eyes just beam with joy.

  16. Cheryl Garrison

    It has been almost two years since I used the T-guard for my son. I still talk about how easy and great this device is. I have recommended it to our peditrician and our dentist, and everyone who I run into that is seeking a solution to this problem. My son sucked his thumb(s), either one, from birth to age 4. After using the T-guard(s), I had to use them on both hands, for 3 weeks, the habit was gone! He has not regressed into the habit even once since then, almost two years! And his teeth are not protuding as much as they were. His health is better, not sick as often, since he is not putting so many germs in his mouth. I just can’t thank you enough for this product. The best money I have ever spent.
    Cheryl Garrison

  17. Susan Walsh

    Yesterday I ordered a replacement thumbguard on-line as my daughter broke her original. A gentleman called me today to clarify the order. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to provide such excellent customer service. I have recommended your product to many people because I think it is a wonderful product. Now I will include a glowing recommendation of your customer service as well! Thank you!

  18. Angela Thurman

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased (and amazed!) I am with your product! We have tried everything to stop my 7 year old daughter’s thumb sucking habit to no avail. I mentioned to my pediatrician that we were going to get the dental appliance and she handed me some information about your product. I purchased it on-line that day and started using it the day we recieved it. Within one week, she no longer needed it during the day, and within three weeks she was cured! I have sent your web-page to our dentist- I am a believer! Thank you very much!

  19. Lynn Ball

    This thank you note is many months overdue. But as I recommended the thumbguard to two more people this week, including my pediatrician, I decided a thank you note was in order.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    If I could shout it from the mountaintops, I would. Every dentist and pediatrician needs to be aware of your product and its effectiveness.

    It worked, just as your material said it would. Three weeks of 24*7 wear, and we were done! No more thumbsucking! And after an additional month of no thumbsucking, my 3 year old daughter’s (Aaron)mouth had completely changed shape. The teeth had all moved back into the correct position. I was amazed at how different her mouth looked, and so quickly.

    The dentist was surprized with the change, as well. She double checked the notes that she had made at the previous visit about the condition of Aaron’s mouth and teeth. I confirmed for her that her notes were, in fact, accurate and that the mouth had changed substantially.

    WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT!!!!!!! Many families could be helped by the use of this product.

    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. Heather Tilton

    I bought this for my almost 5 year who sucked her thumb most of everyday and night. I was skeptical at first, but it actually worked! I put it on her for a month and as soon as we took it off she had no interest in sucking her thumb anymore. I wish I had used this sooner. Definitely worth the money.

  21. Cindy T

    I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant in purchasing the Thumbguard. I didn’t know if it would work and felt it was a bigger investment than I wanted. My almost four year old had managed to stop thumb sucking during the day, but couldn’t kick the habit at night. We looked a Thumbguard online together and decided to order it. I know that she neeeded to be motivated to at least give it a try.
    WOW…She began using the Thumbguard on April 23. The first few nights were a little tough, but she began sleeping through the night with it on within a couple of days. After 4 weeks, she is completely over the habit and I couldn’t be more happy. She is so proud of herself for accomplishing this. I am extremely happy with the product and would highly recommend it.

  22. Nalin Baranwal

    I just bought the ThumbGuard with the belief that I will get success for getting the Thumb Sucking stopped for my 6 yr old daughter. She does face behavioral challenges also because of that. Once I use this, I will update the results of it. One thing which I majorly liked in this product is that Child can not remove it which is required as my other options got failed because of this only.

    I would increase the rating once get the results.

  23. Diana

    I’ve been waiting to write this review, wanted to give it a couple of months to make sure the success we had was not just temporary, happy to say two months later we are still thumb-sucking free.
    Our five year old boy was a pretty extreme thumb sucker. Most of the ultrasound photos of him showed him sucking his thumb in the womb, and it only took him a couple of months after he was born to get it back in. Since then he has continually sucked whenever he was tired, bored, uncomfortable or going to sleep. It was a lot of thumb sucking. He never in his life went to bed without sucking on something, be it breast, bottle or thumb. Our dentist recommended putting in an appliance this summer but we wanted to try this first.
    We made a huge reward chart with pictures of the prizes he would get at the end of each week that was thumb sucking free, and really talked it up for the week before we put it on to get him excited and on board with it, and it really worked. I was dreading the first night, thought he would take forever to go sleep, be up all night crying, but he rolled over and was sleeping in five minutes and there was not a peep all night. Each day he was excited to put prize stickers on our chart and we never looked back. We only took it off to clean it once a day, he wore it to preschool and anywhere else he went and was happy to tell his friends when they asked why he had it on. We also let him decorate it with stickers and bandaids.
    I wanted to be extra careful, so at about a month we started taking it off for the day, and putting it back on at night. I also painted his nail with the nasty tasting stuff just to be sure. Never had any issues. We kept it on at night for about a month until he said he thought he didn’t need it anymore, and he was right. Its been great ever since.
    I will say though, that you really need to have your child on board and they have to want to stop. He was able to get his thumb out, and would do it just to show me, but never tried to suck. I don’t think this is something you could force onto an older child, ie 4 and up, as they could likely figure out a way to get it off if they really wanted to.
    I am so incredibly thankful for this product!!!!

  24. Pam F.

    I am happy to say that it has been 6 years since my daughter has sucked her thumb thanks to the awesome Thumbguard. I purchased the guard twice. The first time was when she was 4 years old but her thumb was so little that she found a way to slide it out of the guard. I waited until she was 7 years old to try the TG again and that time it worked like a charm. Her thumb was too big to slide out. I was telling a co-worker about the TG today and she cannot wait to get one for her daughter. ~~Bravo~~

  25. Janice Pope

    I was a bit skeptical at first. Could this strange looking thing really stop my 4 year-old daughter from sucking her thumb? Well, it ABSOLUTELY did! This contraption is no joke, parents! It really works. My daughter has been sucking her thumb since she was a baby and we figured getting her to stop on her own would be impossible. It was impossible; until we stumbled upon the TGuard. The first few nights were the worst, but with each night it got easier and easier. It took a little less than a month for her to stop. Now she has no interest in sucking her thumb at all. This product is worth it and it really works.

  26. Patty Oliveira

    I usually don’t do many reviews, but had to do one on this product. I have a 5 year old son who was a habitual thumb sucker. He sucked his thumb when he was bored, tired, etc. He has a terrible overbite from this habit. I knew I had to do something before he started losing his baby teeth. I reluctantly decided to give the TGuard a try, I figured it couldn’t hurt. I played up the fact that he got to wear the cool bracelets and I let him pick out which color he wanted to wear every time we changed it. I have to say this really worked! He even wore this all day to pre-school and never had any issues with it. It has been about 6 weeks and now he is only wearing it at night. I never see him with his thumb in his mouth anymore. I never thought this would work, but it did! This is well worth the money!

  27. Renee

    I have purchased many things online for many yrs and whether I’m happy with a product or not, I never write reviews but I just had to write a review for the tGuard! I had tried so many things to keep my 3 year old from sucking her thumb during nap and bed time. She never sucked during the day, only when she slept. She had been doing this since she was an infant. Nothing I did worked. A couple of months ago I saw another child in her daycare wearing the thumb guards so I spoke to his parents to ask what those were. IT was the TGuard! They told me he was doing really well with them. He actually sucked his thumb way more than my daughter, practically all day. He stopped in 2 wks after wearing the thumb guard. I finally bought some for my daughter and it took her about 2.5 weeks to stop! Yay! She had a bit of trouble in the beginning because she didn’t want to wear them but my husband and I explained to her that it would only be for a while. We also praised her for wearing them and told her she was going to get a special present/reward when she was done wearing them and stopped putting her finger in her mouth. We made a big deal about them to make her feel special. She whined the first 2 nights but after that she would actually remind me to put them on her! She would proudly tell family members that she was not sucking her thumb anymore and she would want to show them the ‘cool’ thing she was wearing on her thumbs. At one point I wanted to test her w/out them so I didn’t put them on but she started crying and saying she actually wanted to wear them. So I knew she was not ready yet. She would often talk about how happy she was about getting a ‘special present’ soon. We also got great help from daycare because the teacher was very willing to put them on her before nap time. After about 2.5 weeks my daughter actually told me she didn’t want to wear them anymore and that she was done sucking her thumb! I peeked at her for a while from the time she fell asleep until a while later to make sure she really didn’t put that finger in her mouth and yup, she did awesome!! The next morning of course we made a big deal and she was so proud! I did the same thing for about 3 nights and it’s been great ever since! I don’t even really need to check on her anymore. At daycare, during nap time she has 2 teachers in the room w/her so they check on her fairly often and can totally notice if she were to suck her thumb but nope she hasn’t anymore! The big day finally came that we took her for her special present (we didn’t plan for anything big or expensive but to her it was a big deal). She just picked out a play doh set that she had been eyeing for a while and was super excited. We of course made a big deal and praised her a lot. My daughter was old enough to understand what we were telling her…to stop putting her finger in her mouth.. but even when she tried so hard to not put it in, the minute she started getting very sleepy or was actually in her deep sleep she unconsciously sucked it. She would even tell us she didn’t want to suck her thumb anymore but we knew she couldn’t help it. I believe it was also just her instinct since she had been doing it for so long. While wearing the guards, she had learned to stop getting satisfaction from sucking her thumb and had learned to sleep w/out that motion/habit of having her finger in her mouth. This product was worth every penny!! I highly recommend it! Consistency is very important, along with praising your child.

  28. Mike

    All of the reviews I read were either 4 or 5 stars, yet I cannot figure out a way to keep the thumb guard on my daughters thumb. First, I purchased the small, but she still was able to create suction, so i cut the hole larger and put a second one on the opposite side which worked. Second, no matter how tight I put it, even to the point of cutting my 4 year olds circulation off she still can pull it away from her thumb? I know this because I folded her hand from making it so tight and asked if she can still take her thumb out. She said no problem and 30 seconds later it was out. I then cut the strap before her hand went numb from how tight it was.

  29. Silvia Pagiryte

    Mi historia es esta : mi hija empezó a chuparse el dedo con unos 8 meses y solia hacer para dormirse. Le compramos el chupete y lo utizamos. Pero cuando no encontraba el chupe se metía el dedo en cualquier momento del día. Conozco las consecuencias del mal habito de chupa-dedos, así que estaba muy preocupada. Empecé a buscar información en internet y encontré T-guard. Me pareció un método eficaz: no se lo pueden quitar, no hay que echar “cosas” en el dedo y etc. Escribí un e-mail preguntando sobre este producto. Me comentaron que el producto es a partir de los 3 años.
    En mayo 2013 mi hijita cumplo 3 añitos. No podía esperar más!!! Parecía que se lo chupaba cada vez más – ya que le habíamos quitado el chupete!!! Me decidí en comprar el T-gaurd y probarlo – funcionara con mi hija o no, no lo sabía….pero tenía que hacer algo.
    Un día llego a casa la cajita con los “anti- dedos” – así los llamamos!!!Se lo habíamos comentado a Isabella que van a llegar unas cositas, que va a tener que ponerse en los pulgares para no chupar más. Estaba encantada!!! Le hacía ilusión y todo!!!
    Abrimos la caja – se lo ponemos – elije ella las pulseritas- las pegatinas …muy contenta. Así aguanto un par de horas. Y cuando llego el momento cuando ella ya necesitaba chuparlo – me formo una tregua…..chillando Quítamelo!!!Quítamelo!!! Mama Quítamelo!!!Quiro chupar dedo!! Me asuste – pero sabía que no podía dejarlo. Me habían enviado unos consejos de T-guard al e-mail, explicando cómo lo llevan los niños cuando se lo ponen!!! Y les hice caso. Estaba preparada para el estrés, enfado, irritabilidad. La calme : fuimos a dar un paseo, jugamos,pintamos… se le olvido!!! Luego cuando llego la noche, también no podía dormirse…la tuve que dormir en los brazos…Estuvo sensible un par de días. Luego todo se normalizo.
    Todo el esfuerzo valió la pena!! Solo tuvimos que llevar durante el día un par de semanas!!! Ya no se lo chupa el pulgar durante el día!! Y como me queda pulseritas sigo poniéndolo por la noche aunque ya había pasado un mes. Y voy a seguir hasta que las gasto todas.
    Isabella está orgullosa de que ya no se chupa el dedo – dice : mama ya se ha curado el dedito!!! – una Campeona!!!!
    Estamos muy contentos con este producto – es maravilloso! Lo mejor que podía haber comprado! Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!!Que no lo duden – funciona!!!

    Gracias T-GUARD

    Silvia Pagiryte y Isabella

  30. Shanna

    This is by far the best thing that has worked for my 5 year old son. However, We are buying our second set of thumbguards. The first ones are falling apart partly due to my son getting his thumb out by pulling on it. The use of this product has greatly decreased the amount of sucking but the habit is not completely gone. We only had him wear the thumbguard for a few days 24/7 then just at night. We have been using his all summer. Maybe we should have had him wear it for 2 weeks or more 24/7. Now that he has started Kindergarten, I’m not sure if we should use the product while he is in school. He only sucks his thumb at bedtime, or on the weekends if he is really tired and watching tv. We’ll give it another try.

  31. Deepa Dhawal Mehta

    Thanks a lot TGuard team for great invention.

    We are extremly happy with this amazing product, which help us and my 18 months son to leave his thumb sucking habbit within 3 weeks.

  32. Sanjana

    Dear tguard team,

    Thank you all a million for this wonderful product…both my twin baby gals were terrible thumb suckers..i was really worried for the various problems of thumb sucking..they refused to have their food and was goin under weight as well…i tried all the possible ways to fight this habbit but all gone wasted…i even consulted with their peadiatric for help and she told theres no way and not try to stop it forcefully as this would only prompt them to increase…it was then my brother found tguard in the website and with out hesitating he ordered it…

    I start to observe a good change within one week of usage of tguard. Still i continued using it for 3 weeks and now it is with great proud i look at my babies sleep with out their thumb dumped inside their mouth and they are more active than before and the great releif is they take their food properly and weight is increasing as well…

    Truly i would reccommend this product to any one…thank u so much tguard

  33. LLawler

    We have a five year old daughter who also had been sucking her thumb in her ultrasound pic. she loved her thumb. We had moved several times and as a result did not focus much on the thumb sucking so not to add more stress. Once she turned 5, we realized it had become a serious addiction. The dentist implored us to try all methods to get her to stop, even offering an option for an appliance that is installed in the mouth! That option sounded horrible! I searched the Internet for ideas and found TGuard! I ordered immediately, and am so glad I did. almost immediately, the daytime thumb sucking stopped. I couldn’t believe it. It took a full 30 days to break the nighttime habit, but it happened! She fought it and tried all the tricks to convince us it hurt her hand. The helpful guides TGuard emails gave us the heads up that this would happen, and we pushed on through. Thank you very much and I will be taking the product with me for the next dental checkup to show the dentist.

  34. Cindy L

    I would recommend the thumb guard to anyone struggling to help a child-in good health and a stable environment- break the thumb sucking habit.
    This is the second child we used the thumb guard on. Our first child was three and only sucked her right thumb – so we only needed one guard. She stopped sucking her thumb after the 30 day treatment and never sucked her thumb again. (She did however start biting her nails, she is now eight and still bites her nails and puts things in her mouth, maybe a personality thing).
    Our most recent round with the thumb guard is with our 6 year old. She sucks either thumb so we had to do both thumbs. She had more problems with the thumb guards irritating her skin- especially under the removable straps. (The little red hard plastic piece hurt her so we eliminated it completely) We used bandaids on her skin under the guards where her skin was irritated and this helped a great deal. We also took the guards off for a break on her skin when we could watch her constantly. This may sound like a lot to put up with but after the success of our first child we persisted. We tried a lot of different ways to break the habit with both girls but this is the only thing that worked completely. Our second child has been done with treatment for only 1 1/2 weeks, but we have the guards if she starts again. We are very happy with the results!

  35. Nicole

    The TGuard worked great for my 7 year old daughter. She was comfortable with it and had no complaints. She used it for the entire treatment and didn’t need to extend past that.

    My son used the same thumb guard a few years ago as well. He was successful for months but did fall back to his old ways unfortunately. He had to have an orthodontic appliance cemented in to his mouth to change his bite and stop his thumb sucking.

    My daughter didn’t want to have the ortho appliance so I think that was also good incentive to ensure the thumb guard worked 🙂

    This is a great method for young children! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  36. Danielle

    I had known about Tguard for about a year but decided to try other, cheaper options to get my 5 year old daughter to stop sucking her thumb. A lot of options provided on Amazon did not work; thumbnail paint which tastes bad, thumb gloves made of swimsuit fabric, etc. None of these worked, my daughter would find ways around the product. After the year of trying everything else out, I bit the bullet and bought the Tgaurd, which to be honest, wasn’t as expensive as originally assumed. It only took a week, possibly less, to get her to quit. My daughter did not want to continue sucking her thumb, however she would subconsciously put her thumb in her mouth and not realize until I would tell her to stop. She would do it at night, watching a movie, riding the car, etc. After only a week of wearing this device, she had stopped completely. We realized this after she had forgotten them at school over the weekend, yet I never caught her with her thumb in her mouth. I would check on her at night and there was no thumb sucking! I am absolutely amazed at how quickly and efficiently this product worked, and feel guilty for not buying it sooner. I highly recommend this product to stop the thumb sucking once and for all.

  37. Cera Smith

    OK I was skeptical. I didn’t want to pay that much for something and it not work, but when it said it was guaranteed, I had nothing to lose. My daughter tried to tug on it and pull it off, at first, and even wiggled her thumb out one time (I didn’t have it on tight enough). Once she realized she couldn’t suck her thumb she started biting the tip of the thumb-guard. She wore her thumb-guard for 3 weeks. I probably could have taken it off sooner, but the thought of her going back to sucking her thumb before the 30 days was up and having o start all over with it, kept me from taking it off. so I let her go without it for a few hours and then for a whole day and then finally at night too, which is when she needed it most. It has now been 5 months and I don’t think she even remembers sucking her thumb. I catch her biting her thumb nail every now and then, but it isn’t a problem. The package comes with two thumb-guards, the reason being that some children will start sucking the other thumb, but we only used the second one when my daughter finally bit a chunk off the first one, but that was after she had worn it for 2 weeks. It is a very durable plastic, but still smooth and flexible. Another thing I wanted to mention, my daughter has Down Syndrome and our biggest problem is her speech development. Since she has stopped sucking her thumb her speech has improved so much. It also come with lots and lots of wrist bands. We didn’t even put a dent in the amount and we changed her bracelet every time she took a bath and then sometimes when I would was her hands I would take the guard off to wash it and then change her bracelet. We still have all kinds of them. It truly is a wonderful product, and it really does work. I fully recommend. Thanks ThumbGuard!

  38. Rania

    Honestly speaking the TGuard is the best invention ever, it worked for my son in only 3weeks. We didn’t even reach the required time. And why only 3weeks? We had forgotten to take it with us over a long weekend. But at night I checked on my son to see if he was still with the habit and amazingly he had stopped. We didn’t use it again to complete the 30days. 20 days were good enough!!
    Thank you Tguard

  39. Barb

    We have had the thumb guard for four days now. My son has not been sucking his thumb during the day, but he can get the guard off at night. I am having a hard time finding where to get help on the website. I have a feeling the guard is too small. The tube is the correct size but the strap along the thumb seems to be too short to get the braclet around the thinnest part of his wrist. It would be helpful if there was a better sizing guide rather than just age.

  40. Phillip

    We were amazed! Thumbsucker for 4 years and the habit was broke in 4 weeks!

  41. Arley

    My 5yr old daughter (6 next mo) has sucked her left thumb since the womb. We thought it was cute at first, until we noticed her top teeth slowly pushing forward while her bottom teeth moved backwards. We’ve had 2 dentists assure us that it was not a huge deal & the damage would correct itself as long as she stopped before her permanent teeth came in & if not we could put an appliance in. So we started trying to break the habit. We taped a sock around her hand, she’d pull it off. We put vinegar, pickle juice, the bitter liquid for thumb sucking/nail biting, she’d lick it off. We bribed, begged, yelled & sadly even swatted her hand at times trying to get her to stop. I tried scaring her with pictures of what her teeth would end up like & horror stories of braces. Nothing worked. Not even starting kindergarten & peer pressure. Desperate after she lost her first 3 baby teeth all in one week, I took her to our new dentist ready to put the appliance in. Only to be told that we couldn’t until her 6yr molars came in. So she recommended tguard. The first night was the hardest. She was super excited about everything, until she tried sucking her thumb & realized it didn’t “massage her mouth” bc there was no vacuum effect. She cried herself to sleep. Not a tantrum cry, a heartbroken devastated cry. She’d lost her comfort mechanism. I felt horrible. The next few days she tried everything to get us to take it off, she cried, threw a fit, tried to pull it off, said it hurt. She was a little cranky & had to learn to soothe herself without her thumb. My husband had to go out of town for a weekend & I broke down & took it off. The thumb went right back in her mouth til my husband came gone that Sunday night & put it back on & we started all over again. & stuck with it that time! & it worked!! She’s now no longer a thumb sucker:) I know this is long in sorry, I just know what it’s like to be desperate & skeptical of spending more money on another “cure” that let’s you down. & I want to stress that the thumb guard really does work. It’ll be hard at first they’ll probably cry & try to convince u of anything they can to get you to take it off but just stick with it & I promise u won’t regret it. Also my only issue was my daughters thumb peeled & got really irritated from moisture so make sure you dry it off after baths & hand washing.

  42. Belinda Humphrey

    My 3 and a half yo spent aaaall day sucking on her thumb. Despite our begging, pleading, scolding, bribing, rewarding, it never stopped. After a dental visit, we were told her teeth were developing a slight overbite. I was so desperate. Her thumb sucking wasn’t just sucking– it was strong sucking, loud, tough suction and left a big bump on her thumb! After reading several reviews about different things, I decided to try TGuard and pray that it worked. Oh my!!!!!!! I told Emma what I had ordered and did my best to prepare her. Although anxious, she liked the colorful bracelets and after a few days (maybe 5), she was not even bothered by them. She was actually starting to remind me that she needed to “change her bracelets!” We went from all day sucking to a few slips during deep sleep in about 30 days. We started using them only and night and a couple weeks later we were able to stop that too. Be patient! Follow the guide in the package!! Be positive and supportive with your child. I promise!!! This will work!!! My daughter was even sucking in my sonogram pics!!! If she can do t so can yours!! Today we had another dental checkup and she was soooo proud to tell her dentist her good news! I almost cried!!! Thank you T Gaurd!!!!

  43. Isabelle

    TGuard worked well. She was 10, old enough to remember to put it on by herself. She is now very proud of herself.


  44. Jamie

    My daughter comes from a long line of suckers. Her grandmother sucked her thumb until she was in 3rd grade and her mom (me) Sucked on two fingers until I was 9 and had to have some sort of contraption put into my mouth so that I physically couldn’t get my fingers in there. My daughter 3 years old was never without her thumb in her mouth, we tried every other way to get her to stop but then found this. We got her excited about it telling her it was going to help her be a big girl. When it came she was excited to put it right on. She loved picking out what color band she was going to wear each day. It only took One week of her wearing it to break the habit. It’s now been 6 months and she never went back!! Thank you so much for this wonderful product it’s going to save us on not needing braces in the future.

  45. Ksenia

    Dear TGuard team,
    I am extremely happy to post this review, and I was waiting for it for quite some time to ensure that TGuard is really working. My daughter was a heave thumb sucker from the moment she learnt how to use her hands (about 3 months old). Even though she was fully on breast feeding, she was sucking her thumb a lot. As she grew older, she continued thumb sucking (on her right hand) both during the day and during the night. My daughter is absolutely healthy, without any neurological problems, why she was (!!) a thunb sucker I have no idea. When she started walking it became a real problem for me – it is very unhygienic (after playing everywhere she quickly put her thumb into her mouth and I coulnd’t stop it timely), moreover I noticed that her nail looked unhealthy and there was a callosity on her finger as well. I tried a lot of things to stop her, as she still was too lottle to “talk abd explain” I tried to prevent thumb sucking, but all means I could find were nont working. In my country there is nothing like TGuard solution, so I had to order and ship it with my friends from the US – that was the right decision! Thank you a lot for creating such a smart solution. My daugter was 18 month old when we started (I read and understood all the risks for kids under 3 years old), but I couldn’t wait any longer. We followed all the instructions and – wow – it worked! She used to fall asleep ONLY with her thumb in her mouth, si U was very afraid of the first sleep. We put on TGguard (she didn’t fell any discomfort) and went for a long and exausting walk, right after it she fall asleep without sucking her finger for the first time! And it went on, we used TGUard exactly for 30 days. My daughter is turning 2 years in a couple of weeks – and I am proud to say she hasn’t been sucking her thumb anymore since then!
    Couple of comments / proposals – it would be great to share recommendation on correct treatment of TGuard (how often is it recommended to wash it? Is it possible to boil it?)
    It would be great also to think of some kind of cleaning stick for thumb quard. As example – when my daughter ate something with her hands – small pieced of food got inside the tube of TGuard. I had to take it off every time and rinse, it would be much more comfortable to have some device to clean inside the tube (While it is on the finger).

    Thanks a lot from Russia! I shared information about your great product with my friends and doctors (so that they can recommend it further).
    Regards, Ksenia (and small Elizabeth)

  46. Prajakta kate

    Dear Tguard team,
    I can’t thank you enough for this amazing and Truly effective product. We bought this product after reading the reviews and were completely satisfied with its efficacy. Although I must admit we were a bit skeptic initially about how can something so simple can have such magical results as we were amongst those parents who had tried everything under the sky to try and get rid of the thumb sucking habit and had failed miserably! But after reading all those positive reviews by parents we thought of buying this and thanks to it now we happily got rid of our daughters habit. Also her front teeth are starting to go back and the thumb callosity is regressing and it’s barely a month!
    About our journey..well I must say that the first week is a bit difficult but you must stay steadfast and not give in to the temptation of removing it even try go to their limits for making us remove it. I saw to it that she was getting exhausted by the end of the day by stopping her afternoon naps and taking her out daily to parks and playgrounds as it helped her to fall asleep. Also the star stickers and the colourful bracelets do their magic..though I was skeptic does work magically for kids!
    All in all ..I strongly recommend this product for all parents looking to get rid of this habit.
    About the cons- I wasn’t able to understand that if they recommend to wear the thumb guard for 45 days, why do they provide just 30 days worth of wrist bands?
    It’s just that sometimes ..when during that one month period if the kid gets sick and vomits or something and we need to change the thumb guards we have to cut open the bracelet and then we are left with lesser than 30 ( their minimum recommended ) days of bracelets! And without the bracelets the thumb guards come off easily even in sleep!..thankfully this didn’t happen to my kid but I was just thinking of the possibility as we had to be extremely thrifty about wearing those would be better if you supply 45 days worth or 90 bracelets instead of 60.
    Thank you.

  47. S.Miles

    I am the mother of a two year old who’s been sucking her thumb since birth. The doctors told me that she would grow out of it with age and as time went on she did everything with her thumb in her mouth. I worried for her and wanted the thumb sucking to end. My daughter sucked her thumb so often that they became raw and had cuts on them. I went to her dentist who suggested the Thumb Guard and I knew it wouldn’t work because none of my other attempts did. I put the guards on her hands on Christmas Eve and less then a month later the habit STOPPED. Ocassionally she would try to ease her thumb in her mouth and I would remind her that she didn’t need her thumb anymore. Here we are 4 months later and I’m proud to say that the thumb sucking habit has ceased completley. THANKS Thumb Guard!!!

  48. Marianne S.

    I am a mother of four small children. My middle 2 are identical twin girls. One was a thumb sucker the other used a pacifier. At almost 4 we took away the pacifier but had no luck stopping the thumb sucking. We noticed that our daughter began sucking her thumb more often and her teeth started moving as she approached 5 years old. I finally bought the t-guard about a month before her 5th birthday. She didn’t mind wearing it at all. She loved the colored bracelets and the options to choose her own when we needed to change. The first few nights it was hard to go to sleep, but she still didn’t try to take it off. After about 2 weeks we took it off during the day and she only wore it at night. After another 2 weeks we took it off completely and have had no relapses. I am so grateful that after much research we found a product that worked so quick and easy. Thanks!

  49. nora

    I Am A Mom Of 3 KidS. My 4 Year Old Sucked Her Thumb Since She Was In The Womb. She Always Had HeR Thumb In Her Mouth So I Thought It Would Be Impossible To Get Her To Stop But The Thumb Guard Worked In About Three Weeks.It Was Not Easy At First But I FollOwed THe GuideIineS And The Advice Of Other PareNt Reviews And We Had success. Prior To Using Thumb Guard We Had Started Using Socks At Night.We Pinned Safety Pins To The Pajama And Socks So She Wouldnt Take Them Off. In The Morning She Would Immediately Ask To Have Them Taken Off. When We Did She Sucked Her Thumb Even More During The Day. She Got UPset At First But Eventually She Started Reminding Us To Put On Her Magic Night Gloves.whEn We Had Her Weened OfF At Night We Started In The Day. We Bought The Thumb Guard And We Put It On All Day. She Did Cry And Beg Us To Take It Off But We Just Talked To Her And Convinced Her Thst It Was The Right Thing To DO Because Her Teeth Were Already Crooked And She Starts Preschool In The Fall. She Has Tiny Hands So She Did SlipOut Her Thumb Twice And When She Did I Took It OfF And Put Strap On AgaIn And Added Yucky Tastibf Liquid To Her Thumb. That Worked ANd She Didnt Do It AnyMore. Its Been 3 Weeks And She’s Done. Since Its Still Soon I Use Socks At Night Just In Case But In The Day She Is Done! Im Super Happy. Shes A Different Child. Her True Self Has Come Out. No More Hiding Behind The Thumb. She Also Had To Learn How To Cope With Her Emotions WithouT Her Thumb To FAll Back On When She Is Upset.We Are Very Happy That Our Daughter Has Stopped Sucking Her Thumb. My Family Is Very Grateful That We Found The Thumbguard.

  50. Liza

    I truly thought that this would not work. My 6 year old loved both her thumbs. If she was not talking or eating, she was sucking her thumbs..literally. She wore them for under a month. She was able to pull her thumbs out, but I have everyone making sure she didn’t suck those thumbs when she was out of my sight. She chewed on the tips. I think she really wanted to stop and didn’t know how, so this helped a lot. It have been at last 4/5 months, & they have not been in her mouth! AWESOME product.

  51. Melissa McHugh-Garcia

    We purchased the Thumb Guard almost 1 month ago. Our daughter is 4 and has been sucking her thumb day & night since her prenatal ultra sound pictures. Absolutely nothing we said or did could make her stop. It has been a daily frustration as we watched her teeth and gums start to protrude from the constant sucking. She would always be angry when we tried to get her to stop and we all felt like just giving up. We kept coming across the Thumb Guard online and decided to give it a try, not thinking that anything could possibly help at this point.

    Three days into our daughter wearing the Thumb guard we started seeing results. She went from wearing it around the clock to just at night in her very 1st week. We are a little over 3 weeks in now and she isn’t even wearing it anymore. The stress we were feeling for years from her sucking her thumb is now gone from our home.

    The chart that came with the Guard has been so motivational for her. She looks forward to adding a star each morning & she is almost at her goal to go on her very 1st trip to Build a Bear!

    Thank you Thumb Guard for helping our family get past our daughters thumb sucking habit! We give you 10 stars!

    – The Garcia Family

  52. Jaime

    My son was a pretty avid thumbsucker, his sonogram pics show that he was sucking from the beginning. He sucked during the day, mostly when watching TV or when he was bored or tired. However, he would not suck without his “woobie,” his very favorite security blanket. I was so afraid to take away his woobie, but I knew I had to in order to lessen his urge to suck. By the time he was 4, I told him that Daddy was taking woobie to work with him for safe keeping, while he was practicing not sucking. He agreed (with lots of incentive charts, rewards, and trips to the toy store) and I thought we were on our way, as he didn’t suck the first few days without his beloved woobie. But about a week in, he started again, rubbing on his regular blanket. I started wrapping his thumb up in band-aids, and it worked most of the night, until early in the morning when he was in his lighter sleep, around 4:30-5 am, he would start the sucking. Thats when I decided to get the thumb guard. But he was willing, and that is key. If you read many of the reviews, all the parents say the same, the child has to be willing. And rewards must go hand in hand. Its been a month and a half, and he keeps it on all night. I am considering buying a replacement set of bracelets, because my pediatrician told me that the urge to suck is a strong one, it takes a LONG time to rid it. So far its been great…so do it.

  53. Gary Sakin

    Outstanding company to work with. Customer support responded immediately when we needed assistance. Best product on the market for this issue in our book. Very happy to say both of our children have not sucked their thumbs for the last 45 days. They even remind us to put them on before bed!

  54. Kristie

    I have actually left it over a month to write the review because I didn’t think it was possible for this product to work sooo fast:)
    My Daughter who is now 3 and a 1/2 had been sucking her thumb since I stopped breastfeeding her at about 14 months. At first she was doing it when she was tired and out of boredom! However in the last 12 month the problem has got worse and worse! She pretty much spent her whole day with her thumb in her mouth, I had to make sure her hands were always busy for it not to be in there:( So like most parents, I’d tried almost everything to stop her sucking her thumb! So I decided to look into a product called Thumbguard that the dentist had recommended to me after stating that if she doesn’t stop sucking her thumb it will cause significant damage to her teeth:(. I figured I had nothing to lose, Iv’e tried so many different techniques over the time which has probably cost way more than I was about to spend on a Thumbguard!
    So our Thumbguard arrives 3 days after I’ve ordered it and I thought “Oh no” there’s going to be a fight to put this on, but no my daughter was quite happy to wear it with the funky wrist bands it comes with! I only put one on to begin with which was her right hand as that was the hand that was ALWAYS in her mouth! Great didn’t try to suck that thumb but then day 2 started sucking the left thumb:( So i had to put the other one on too! I then left it on both hands till Day 3 night, when I went to change the wrist band discovered she had a little moisture mark on one of her thumbs where a bit of water must of been sitting inside the tube, so I decided to leave it off over night and when I went in to her room on day 4 morning she had her thumb in her mouth whilst asleep, so upon waking I didn’t bother putting the Thumbguard back on because her thumbs still had little moisture marks on them and because she wasn’t aware that she had been sucking her thumb. I watched her all day like a hawk and she didn’t even attempt to put either thumb in her mouth. So I decided I would only put them on of a night time which then lasted only 2 nights! That was over a month ago!!!!!! She has NOT once gone to put her thumb in her mouth day/night since then:)))) So this product took 3 days to work!!! Unbelievable!!!! I cant believe I wasted so much time trying different nail polishes, sprays, bribery etc when it was as simple as this!!! Thankyou Thumbguard your Amazing!!!!!!

  55. Annette Black

    I have few words to express how disappointed I am with how ineffective this device (the thumbgaurd) has been for our 6 year old. We have been using it for almost TWO months now with ZERO progress. At this point the device actually causes her PAIN and incredible amounts of DISCOMFORT because the sizing does not seem to work no matter how we adjust it. Not only did we pay for the device but I ended up needing to pay for another set of bracelets because the habit was not broken in 30 days. I plan to return the device for a refund.

  56. Lisa Richardson

    I purchased the thumb guard when my daughter was just 3 years old. She is now 6. It worked so well for her that I am now back on this site because my son has the same habit. I wasn’t sure if the product would work but I knew it was worth a try. I was hoping for a thirty day change like the website said. My daughter stopped sucking her thumb in 2 weeks. Her teeth straightened in a very short time and I am hoping for the same results with my son. I told my dentist to recommend this product to his patients. It really works!

  57. Angela

    I have an ultrasound of my daughter sucking her thumb. Knowing that she has been sucking since it was possible and that I had a younger sister who sucked her thumb into high school, I figured this was going to be a battle.
    I tried to get her to stop on her own, but she couldn’t. So after the dentist saw some changes to her mouth shape, and highly suggested we get her to stop before she turns 5, I looked around for help. I found the “TGuard” online. After two weeks of consistant use, she stopped! At first she was excited to wear it. (Brought attention) But soon wanted to take it off at night, which was when she needed it the most. I made a deal with her that she could not wear it during the day, but if I saw her put her thumb in her mouth, then it would go back on. That happened once. She really wanted to stop.
    I am so proud of her. I am so glad I found TGuard. Thank you.

  58. Renee Clark

    My son is 2. He was a chronic thumb sucker! He had a pronounced over bite from sucking his thumb so much, so I got tguard. After 2 weeks of use my son has stopped. Its been about 2 months and he is doing fine….His teeth are shaping back to normal also….It worked wonderfully!

  59. Sean Smith

    My daughter is 4 years old and still sucks her thumb. I read the reviews and was confident that the thumbguard would be the right product to get her to stop. I realized on day one that this product has a major design flaw – perhaps it has to do with the age of my daughter. After the thumbguard was on my daughter’s thumbs I left the room confident that her thumb-sucking days were finally behind me….that was until I came back into the room and realized that she was SUCKING her thumb. How you ask. Frustratingly, my daughter grabbed onto the plastic piece that covers her thumb and literally forced it over her thumb so her entire thumb was exposed as if she wasn’t wearing the thumbguard. Initially, I thought the device needed to be tightened; however, I tightened it until it cut off the circulation in her hand and she was still able to pop the thumb out of the thumbguard. So no matter what I did my daughter, if she wanted to, would still be able to suck her thumb. The only time the device worked was once she fell asleep.

    As I said, maybe it had to do with the ingenuity of my daughter or simply her age but for the price of this product I’d look elsewhere.

  60. Susan

    I got the ThumbGuard about a month ago and my daughter who is turning 5 has been wearing it since.I put the thumbguard on the finger that she had been sucking since she was a baby and within two days she was sucking the finger on the other hand(I never thought that would happen)so I put the second one that I thought was just extra.For about a month she is wearing it on both hands and the fingers are not in her mouth but when I took it off to wash it and forgot to put it back one night the finger was in her mouth right away. I’m not giving up yet but I’m starting to have doubts that it will work.Hope I’M WRONG!!

  61. maged fam

    My girl is 21months old
    She has been a thumb sucker since she was 6 months
    I will go directly to the point
    I used the smallest size
    First three nights (and midday naps) were a hell of crying/screaming cos she couldn’t access the wife had to hold her all night long. .
    After 3-4days ..she stopped that crazy screaming and started sleeping calmly; but she started another bad habbit of being closely attached, physically, to her mother during sleep not allowing her even to move.
    She hasn’t tried to remove it to much.
    By 3 weeks she forgot about the thumb..
    I am thankful to tgurad..

  62. Carly

    I read the reviews and thought, “yeah, but I really don’t think this will work for us.” Our daughter whom just turned 7 was literally sucking her thumb in the womb. We tried a lot of different methods and nothing was working. We were one step away from orthodontic treatment and I decided to do one last Google search for ideas. This website came up and we decided to give one last ditch effort. We have been using the thumb guards for a little less than a month and have seen a HUGE improvement. She can now watch TV with no thumb sucking. She really is only wearing them at night at this point. My only concern is that I feel that I need to make the bracelet quite tight in order to prevent her from slipping her thumb out. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

  63. Rachel

    So at first I was feeling really hopeful for my daughter who is 3 to stop sucking her thumb. I ordered a size small tguard for her. It seemed to do well until one day I saw her sucking her thumb because she was able to bend her thumb and pull the thumbguard off. So I tried putting it on tighter. She was still able to take it off. So I tried some of the suggestions the website gave if you ran into this problem. We had it on tight enough that she was getting red marks and blisters and she was STILL able to take it off! Right now I’m trying to see if wrapping medical tape around her thumb to stop her from bending her thumb but at this point I don’t know if anything will work. I feel like I keep wasting the bracelets because I have to readjust it over and over. Also I looked at their return policy and they make it hard to return. Sure they say, “Try it or your money back.”- but even if I wanted to return it I couldn’t because I already have thrown away the original box.

  64. Melissa

    Our 6 year old is using this at the recommendation of our dentist. It just doesn’t work, and it’s not for a lack of trying. She’s able to pull it right off her thumbs. When we tried adjusting the bracelets and making them tighter, it still doesn’t work. She’s able to get her thumb out because the material stretches. It’s pretty disappointing.

  65. Edina

    I bought this for my 5yr old daughter as a last resort after reading so many positive reviews. Unfortunately didn’t work for her. She replaced her thumb with another finger (I had thumbguard on both of her thumbs). I persisted for the whole month, and the minute I took it off she went back to the thumb. So I tried for another month, and another and another (4 months total). The only thing that thumbguard accomplished was for her to switch from a thumb to another finger. So, I’ve given up, and after few weeks she is back to sucking her thumb again 🙁

  66. Susan

    My daughter has been wearing the TGuard for more than 2 months now and we have made pretty good progress. I would say she is about 90% free from this habbit which is extremely difficult and almost impossible (in my opinion) to break and I truly believe that if anything will work it will be the TGuard. We are still using the TGuard and she especially needs it at night.During the day I do not see her put her finger in her mouth at all!! That’s unbelievable compare to what it was, her finger was in her mouth so much during the day and than at night she just couldn’t fall asleep without it. The customer service at TGuard really stands behind their product as I have spoken to them many times and they will answer all your questions and work with you no matter what the problem is.My advice is try it and remember that each child is different so you cant have a specific time frame when they will stop but even if it takes longer you will see progress like I did and that progress to me is so worth it that I will continue and try to completely break this really bad habit.

  67. T. Davis

    I must say that I was skeptical at first… However, NOT ANYMORE! I started using this product on my 20 month old, February 20th… Might I add, he was a habitual thumb sucker–24/7! The first day was slightly painful for us all, as he cried for about 30 minutes–wanting us to remove it from his hand. However, he went to sleep that night without his thumb and slept fine throughout the entire night. Fast forwarding to this past Sunday, March 1st. I decided not to put the guard on him, as I had been testing this for a few hours here and there each day, just to see what he would do. Well, the entire day went by and he never once put his finger in his mouth–however, he has began to put the side of his hand in his mouth to soothe himself when crying, but he does not suck the hand. Needless to say, we have now been three days without the guard and haven’t relapsed once. Therefore, it only took 8 days to break him… I am VERY pleased and his teeth have already began moving back in place–AMAZING! If anything changes,I will definitely submit another review 🙂

  68. Katherine

    I was so excited to get my 3.5 year old daughter the thumbguard and of course bought the 2 pack because she likes both of her thumbs.
    Unfortunately she kept trying to pull it off the first two days, so I had to tighten it… the material gave her a bit of a callous and was painful for her to wear. But I was committed to getting her to get off her thumbs, so I put some gauze underneath. But what I’m most disappointed with is the material, my daughter has been biting the top of the thumb guards off. I wish the material was a bit stronger, as I’m scared that she’s eating the plastic after she bites it off.
    Any suggestions would be great.

  69. Maria

    My son starting sucking his thumb before he was three months old. He never took the dummy and he was sucking the thumb when he was feeling tired or to sleep. But more and more he was sucking his thumb when he was in front of new situations, feeling fears, being shy. He had his thumb infected a couple of times. We wanted to try to stop him shaking the thumb but we were recommended not to do it because he was only 2 years old. We tried with liquids in his nail but it didn’t worked. Then I read about this product and we ordered it. The first time we tried he screamed for one hour. I was not prepared to it and ask my husband to postpone it, the kid was only 2 years old. We waited and repeated again when he was 2 years and a half, and it was completely different. First day he refused it a bit, and at night he cried a bit. We gave him a teddy bunny to hug while he was falling asleep.
    Then he soon started accepted the Tguard, he was repeating that it was to help him to have his thumb sane again. He had sone wounds in his hand but we didn’t remove it. We cleaned it from regularly and he got used to it. To the point that he was able to take the thumb out but he was putting it back again.
    He never tried to suck the other thumb but he was biting the plastic some times.
    After 40 days we decided to take it out… He said he didn’t want.
    He did not suck his thumb for days, we were impressed, even to sleep.
    After two months, we realised that he had again a small wound in his thumb, we observed him, and then realised he was sometimes sucking his thumb sometimes at night when he was too tired or upset. We put the Tguard back again, which he accepted very well. Kept it for about three weeks more, and removed it again. He has not sucked his thumb ani more. We are so proud of him. We think that he even started speaking more when he stopped sucking the thumb, and also interacting better with other kids.

  70. Julie

    I was skeptical that this product would really help my 3-year-old nix a habit she had since infancy. I was also prepared for the process to take a month or even longer. Yet within just one week, my child completely stopped sucking her thumb. She is happier and so am I!

  71. Leni Hernandez

    my son grabbed onto the plastic piece that covers his thumb and literally forced it over his thumb so his entire thumb was exposed as if he wasn’t wearing the thumbguard. Initially, I thought the device needed to be tightened; however, I tightened it until it cut off the circulation in his hand and he was still able to pop the thumb out of the thumbguard. So no matter what I dis with my son, if he wanted to, would still be able to suck his thumb. The only time the device worked was once he fell asleep. This review sounds familiar coz I read the same review, I just cut and paste it and change the gender to a son, but because we have the same, exact experience, my son is 3 years old and we got the small size.

  72. Katie Palus

    I used this product on my 2 year old daughter and within days she was no longer trying to suck her thumb every second! The only reason I rated this product a 4 star is due to the design. The red peg to hold the two pieces together rubbed the back of my daughters hand so much when playing that it left her with a large sore. We had to remove the guard at times because it was too painful to put it back on. Because of that, I think it took longer to fully break her of the habit. However, after 2-3 months she no longer has to wear it and is thumb sucking free!

  73. Lynda

    After many failed attempts to get my almost 6 yr old to quit her thumb sucking habit, I realized this is a much harder task than one would think. It was April Vacation and I came to the realization that she will still be sucking her thumb ALL summer if I don’t step in now to help her. I spoke with the representative and asked many questions. He was so easy to work with. He made sure my devices got there in 2 days so I could get thru the hardest 3 nights during vacation week. I highly recommend doing it during a long weekend or vacation. First night was tough. She had no idea how to fall asleep without her thumb. Sad but true. She is now on Day 19 and doing so terrific. She will be earning a Scooter after her treatment. And yes already there is a difference in her mouth and teeth. Be prepared for lots of extra love and hugs. Rewards such as manicures, ice creams, stickers, anything positive to help along the way. Can’t even begin to tell you how stress relieved my husband and I are since we are no longer asking her to take her thumb out all day long…I only give 4 stars because we are only half way there. I think we may be graduating to just wearing after school and overnight. Hope I have enough bands. Thank you Tguard!

  74. Jill Clayton

    We were extremely places with the product and its ease of use. My six year old sucked both thumbs incessantly during the day at school and at home. We tried lots of things but did not want her to feel shamed. She wore the guards at night and at 26 days was a different child. She stopped sucking both thumbs. We are very grateful.


  75. Rach

    It’s day 4, and I wish I could say it’s working! My incredibly stubborn 6 yr old is persistently pulling her thumb out of the device and almost dislocating her thumb to do so. The drama and lack of sleep are testing us both. She’s too savvy to be distracted with a toy, she’s already over the star chart and doesn’t care what colour the bracelet is. I’m going to keep trying (I’ve even tried sneaking it on while she is asleep) but I really need some tips – including some for a better fit so I am confident it isn’t hurting her and can avoid hysteria based on it hurting. I’ve even tried a cotton glove with the finger tips cut off to avoid the device rubbing her skin. I really want this to work and i know it’s very early days – Ttips please!!

  76. Julia

    I was very optimistic. My child wore it for 44 days straight. Once we took it off, she was good for about a week. We tried to put it back on, and she switched thumbs at that point. She had not shown any interest in the other thumb up until that point. Also, with summer here, I feel like more bracelets are needed in order to wash her hands well and often.

  77. Aletha

    My 8 year old son has been sucking his thumb since he was in the womb. The TGuard has been our last ditch effort to break his habit. After a few short days the TGuard left a rough patch and slight abrasion on his arm where the plastic rubbed on his skin. This was not a sizing issue, it is a design flaw. He has also managed to chew the plastic around his thumb to the point of it splitting. I would not recommend this product for anyone that has a child with teeth. Needless to say we are quite disappointed in the results for the price of this product. And then we found out we can’t get 100% of our money back as they charge a 15% “processing fee”.

  78. Alena

    My daughter had sucked her thumb since she was 4 weeks old. It wasn’t a big issue until around 16 months when she fell down and cut her nose. Well, as many people know, thumb suckers often rub their nose (or another object) while sucking their thumb. She continued to rub this wound open for over a year. At 2 1/2, I’d had enough! As soon as we’d think it would heal, she’d break it open again. I knew the “old methods” would never work and I didn’t want to continously nag her about it so I went online and found these. I thought if we could get her to stop sucking her thumb, this would keep her hands away from her face and allow this wound to heal. I bought these thumbguards and we called them her “special bracelets.” She was super excited. I left them on nearly 24/7 and only took them off for bath time. She quit thumb sucking within a week or so and the wound went away within a week–a wound she had for OVER A YEAR! I continued to leave the guards on for another 5 weeks (I saw that the success rate was better for kids 3 yo and she was only 2 1/2 when we used these so we left them on extra long). Her sleeping was not affected at all. Initially, she did struggle to calm down if she got upset, but not too much longer and we tried to teach her other ways to self soothe. I highly recommend this product. I literally had to do nothing except make sure they were on at all times. She was actually disappointed once we took the “bracelets” off 🙂

  79. Karolina

    Dear T Guard Team
    I absolutely couldn’t thank you all enough for creating this amazing product, that REALLY works! My son has been sucking his fingers since 3 mo and eventually moved on to his thumb. I bought T Guard exactly when he turned 2. Even though I read that I should really wait until he turns 3 I couldn’t wait any longer because his teeth were shifting forward from doing all the sucking. It was extremely affecting his gums and teeth in our case. So I decided to give it a shot. In the beginning I was a bit skeptic about spending so much for the product that I didn’t know would work or not. I have tried so many things previously: bitter nail polish, gloves, sewing the sleeves of his shirt, you name it.. I was getting very stressed about his finger sucking issue and didn’t want my handsome boy to have buck teeth in the future. So the first night we tried t guard, was the hardest time of my life. My son screamed for 30 long minutes, kicked, punched, banged his head on the floor. Anyways it was not a pretty story. However, he did forget about the bracelets pretty quickly and wishing couple of days was back to his normal self. I can now proudly tell you( everyone who is considering in investing $ in this product, do so without hesitating, it’s totally worth it!) that we have been thumb sucking free for a month now! It took him a month, he wore it 24/7 except I would occasionally take them off at night to clean and change the bracelet and put them back on. So thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  80. Holly

    Ok, I am a parent of 3 thumb sucking kids. Trying to get my 3rd child off the thumb, so I’ve been through it all. First off, this is not a magic cure-all, although you’d think it would be for the $75 they charge for 2 pieces of silicone. If your child doesn’t want to stop sucking their thumb, these probably aren’t going to help much. In fact, my husbands socks work better safety-pinned to her shirt, as these are a pain to put on, and I have to put on 2 wristbands on each wrist as tight as I could and tape thumb splints on, and she could still get them off after weakening the tape by sucking on it. And, because she’d pull on them and suck on them and it would get humid inside, they made multiple sores and the skin on her thumb literally peeled off with the thumb splint tape. She ended up with what I think was a fungal infection on her thumb, and I think she’s going to lose her thumbnail. It’s been an absolute mess. If you are one of those parents that has a child with a habit that’s not bad, do yourself a favor and try taping the thumbs first. That worked well for my second child. If, however, your child is a serious sucker, good luck. Only thing we’ve had work are my husbands socks safety-pinned high on the shoulders….but believe it or not, my child is able to work with them….she eats with them, colors with them, and everything in between. There really is no good answer. Good luck.

  81. J S

    I removed the dummy from my son at 6 months and he took to sucking his left thumb immediately. He only sucked his thumb when he needed to soothe himself to sleep which happened in the car, nap times and sleeping at night. We could not stop it. At age of 3, I tried using the thumb guard (small size) but he managed to pull it out as his hand was small. He told us that he wanted to stop but could not do it himself. When he turned 4 in June 2015, we decided to try again. On the first day, he resisted and had a melt down but we persisted and bribed him with gifts. Then he agreed to use it but soon switched to sucking his right thumb. We immediately bought the right thumb guard. He has now been wearing the thumbguard for more than 2 months. He only uses it at night as he no longer takes afternoon naps. However, he has had 2 small lapses so far; once in the rare occasion that he was taking an afternoon nap, he sucked his thumb. (ii) when he was scolded for being naughty and sent to his room, he sucked his thumb. We have decided that since we have come so far with him for not sucking his thumb, we will continue to use for at least another 1-2 months. For the last month, we intend to taper to him wearing the thumbguard on alternate days and then increase the gap between the days slowly. We do not want to rush it as if he gets back to sucking his thumb, it will be hard to try again. I also want to advice on the “withdrawal system”. In the first month of wearing thumbguard, I noticed that he had more meltdowns. We think its because he no longer had a mechanism to calm himself when he got upset. Now, its much better and there are much less meltdowns. Our advice is that the thumbguard works but need to use it for at least 3 months and there could be small lapses and withdrawal symptoms. But it works. All the best.

  82. Jackie Banks

    My daughter has always been a thumb sucker. The earliest photo I have of her sucking her thumb was 11 days after her birth. As she got older (she just turned 6, there were certain times she’d do it (bedtime, car, watching T.V.). We never pushed her to stop, thinking/hoping she would stop on her own. This was comfort to her.

    Over the last year, we have tried a few things to discourage (band-aids, socks over her hand, and reading a book called “David Decides”). She had told us that she was ready to stop so I researched some different options.

    I am proud to say that after 30 days, the habit has been broken! She has gone a full week without wearing her thumb guard and she has not fallen back into the habit! If you are struggling with a thumb sucker, I couldn’t recommend a better product.

  83. Lovebug Love

    My son started sucking his thumb at 4 months. I decided to buy the thumb guard at 20 months bc his teeth started shifting. The first week was tough but he stopped after 3 weeks. He picked up a different habit…SUCKING HIS FINGER. I purchased the ambidextrous option thinking he would switch thumbs but I guess he is old enough to understand he needs his right hand for everyday tasks.

    Only giving 4 stars bc I have a brand new right TGuard and a finger sucker. I will try the FingerGuard next. It would be nice to have the option of purchasing another guard at a lower price instead of purchasing the left and right thumb guard.

  84. sylvie cayouette

    J’avais des doute que ma fille cesse complètement de sucer son pouce après 1 mois mais oui! Dans la 4e semaine nous avons commencé à la coucher sans sa prothèse et au bout de 4 nuits, elle ne réclamait plus de le mettre et n’avait pas recommencé à sucer son pouce. Ma fille est très fière d’elle et nous aussi!!! C’est fini!!

  85. Aletha Breckenridge

    My daughter is six years old and sucked her thumb from infancy. She wore the thumb guard for over 45 days before we took it off to see if she had broken the habit. I noticed her sucking her thumb in her sleep two days later. I was disappointed but determined to help her totally break the habit so we put it back on for another month. She was trying to crack an egg a week ago and she was struggling because of the limited use of her thumb. So I removed it and haven’t put it back on! It’s been 8 days and today we celebrated with surprises and watching Mary Poppins live in theatre. We’ve checked on her at night and she has not been sucking! She said she doesn’t even think about her thumb anymore. I have noticed over the last few months that she needs alot more hugs and is initiating cuddles -something new! I think a big part of the success was her willingness and cooperation. But obviously, a big thank you to Tguard for the product. Much more painless than dental appliances or endless teasing!

  86. Audra Collins

    I’m not sure this product will work for us and we are out of options. Within 3 weeks my son has gnawed the plastic away with his teeth and ripped it so that he can get his thumb out to continue sucking. We can’t get an orthodontic appliance because his big teeth haven’t come in yet. I’m sure this woks great for most kids. Just not mine.

  87. Pia

    I highly recommend the thumb guard. My 5.5 year old had a fierce thumb sucking habit. She sucked her thumb since she was ~4 months old. day. Since my daughter is already over 5 and very self-willed, I felt that her “buy-in” was important in order to be successful. We discussed the negative effects of thumb sucking on her teeth, and I showed her pictures of children with bad teeth resulting from thumb sucking. I showed her this website and she agreed to try. Since it took about 2 weeks for the device to arrive, we worked on breaking day-time thumb sucking first, which wasn’t really that hard (removed her ‘blankie’ and anything soft that she liked to rub on her face while sucking). When the device arrived, she wore the t-guard every night for a month and the habit has been broken. The first two weeks were very difficult – it was very hard for her to fall asleep and she would often still be awake at 10pm. Gradually it got easier for her to fall asleep. We purchased the t-guard 3 months ago, she still likes to sleep with it every night because she doesn’t trust herself yet, even though the habit has been long broken.
    In addition, the original t-guard that we received had a defect (but still useable). I followed the steps on the website for the warrantee, and t-guard promptly sent me a new one.
    This is a wonderful product and have already recommended it to a number of friends and family members.

  88. Daniel

    My 8yo boy had been sucking his thumb since an infant. We tried a couple of things including the terrible tasting polish for his thumb nail. Nothing worked. Probably because of my inconsistency with the product. We went to the dentist and found out that because of sucking his thumb, they wanted to put a metal guard in the roof of his mouth to stop him from sucking his thumb. We were overwhelmed, and so was my son. We told the dentist we would sleep on it and while looking online I saw the TGuard Thumbguard. I spoke with my wife and decided to give it a shot. It worked ! We were diligent every night putting it on, since that was the time he sucked his thumb, and in the daytime when he got home from school we used a band-aid as a reminder. But every night we put it on and lo and behold after 2 months his habit is gone !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  89. Tee Obi

    This is a good product but giving it 3 stars, because I had to stop after only one week and reverted to band aids. My son is 2.5 years old and sucks his left thumb. He hesitated for the first few days and drove my wife crazy, because he refused to sleep with the product on; however, I persisted until he got used to it after about 3 days. The major issue I had with it was when my wife took it off during his morning bath and left it off for a few hours, we realised that he went about his daily activities with his left thumb sticking up at all times, which I think is because the thumbguard is made of a rubber material that is not flexible enough to allow for easy joint movement. It was hard to watch him use less of his left hand because the guard limits thumb movement, so I started using band aids which has worked perfectly well. He has not sucks his thumb in 3 weeks and does not even try to do so when sleeping or napping during the day. In only one week the product starting falling apart and cutting into my son’s skin on the bottom end. I used a scissor to cut off the end that was cutting him at the bottom of the finger tube and I also cut the tube in half to allow for joint movement. After these altetations, it works well but he has already gotten used to the band aids. My advice for tguard is for the tube to be cut in half and that extra plastic at the bottom to be shaved off. Cutting the tube in half will not reduce the effectiveness of the product, because any kid who sucks, wants to sucks the entire finger and any disruptions will detour them from sucking the finger.

  90. Erin

    My 3 1/2 year old has sucked her thumb her entire life, probably even before she was born. It was something she did ALL the time, day and night, when she was tired, when she was playing, her thumb was always in her mouth. Her preschool teacher worked for 5 months to help her stop by having her wash her hands when she put her thumb in her mouth. She didn’t care that she had to stop playing to go wash her hands. Her dentist told us her teeth were moving because of the constant thumb sucking & offered her a special prize if she could stop. We tried band aids, nothing worked. We bought T Guard and she wore it for about 2 1/2 weeks before we accidentally forgot to put it on for a day. She hasn’t sucked her thumb and hasn’t worn her “bracelet” in about 7 days! It’s truly a miracle that she gave it up so easily with this product! I’m still amazed!

  91. Paris H

    My 2 year manage to get his thumb out no matter how tight it is. He sucks his thumb n put it back in after he gets caught. This has really made his thumb look like several sores on it. It hurts him thumb is red n swollen. It also appeared to be white and soggy. I’m only left to put ointment on n allow it to breathe. So that’s time w/o thumb guard on. I feel as if this shouldn’t put cuts nor sores on it. My son hasn’t stopped sucking his thumb. He has the small which is the correct size. He started on 3/12 n its been 2 weeks this is a rip off. His thumb is peeling badly I’m gonna cont to try but if this keeps cuts on his thumb I’m gonna let it go.

  92. Carola

    Great Product and Customer support – thank you!!! It is still not easy to stop thumb sucking with the TGuard but it is possible. It took us 3 attempts: 1st one our daughter just switched from thumb to finger sucking. This was at 3.5 years of Age. Customer support advised us to try again 6 months later. They were right. on our next attempt there was very Little finger sucking. But we as parents were not consistent enough, i.e. we did not make her wear the device 24/7. The next time we were successful:
    1st couple of days were hard but we had started during vacation and had a lot of time to Play etc.
    We taped the thumb so our daughter could not wiggle it out.
    We had her wear the Device on both Hands for about 2 weeks, then 1 Hand was enough.
    After about 5 weeks she decided she would not Need the TGuard anymore and we trusted her.
    During the next couple of weeks she occasionally sucked her thumb while sleeping – unconciously. I was worried but this faded away and I think now (3 months later) we are all clear! She got a great pink Islabike as a present and is extremely happy. And me too!

  93. Jen

    I have ultrasounds of my son sucking his thumb in the womb and he finally was able to get his thumb in his month at 11 weeks old (after I took the mittens off). Having sad that, I knew it would be difficult getting him to quit at almost 6 years old. His dentist recommended the pricey dental guard. I wanted to see if the thumbguard would work. After 2 weeks he stopped sucking his thumb. Wow! I’m glad he did because the thumbguard would not have lasted 30 days. I wish I could upload pics to show how it’s discolored it became & piece of the plastic broke off. My son was biting it for the first couple days. My recommendations for the company is to use better plastic, better design (I had a hard time figuring out how to fit and best fit), and different color groups for the bracelets. My son would never wear pink or purple. Thank goodness I purchased an additional 30 day supply. My recommendation for parents is to not purchase this product until your child is ready. Like I said, the product will not hold up unless your child is motivated to quit. We’re off to the toy store for his mini shopping spree. Good luck! 🙂

  94. Graciela Cattarossi

    I have been putting the guard on my 2.3 year old daughter for 3 days now . And she keeps sucking her finger like there was nothing there.
    I am doing this correct? Should I expect something else in 2 -4 weeks/
    She does not seem to mind, on the contrary she seems to be getting used to it .Please let me know

  95. Meetali

    My daughter has been sucking her thumb since she was 3 months old. We have been trying thumbgaurd on my 4 year old daughter since the past 2 years and have not had a positive result. My daughter continues to suck her thumb throughout the night. She also sucks ger thumb with the thumbgaurd on. Sucking her thumb is also affecting her speech now and we have no idea how to stop this habit.

  96. Sarine

    My baby was born sucking her thumb. She sucks it for comfort, to calm-down and to go to sleep. We tried everything, and wehn I came across this product, I had very high hopes reading the reviews.
    I seemed to work at first, but after a months, she quickly realized that she was able to slip her thumb out of the device. She is 3 and wears the smallest size… We tried EVERY SINGLE SETTING, nothing works (she pulls on the tube with her teeth and is able to slip her thumb out from underneath).

  97. Samontra

    My 3 1/2 year old daughter has been sucking her thumb since she was a few months old. I purchased the TGuard because of the reviews and for health purposes. It has been about 5 weeks since my purchase and she manages to slip it on and off whenever she pleases. I even tried tightening it as secure as possible; after a few days it began to cut into her skin. Of course, I loosened it and now we’re back to square one. She slips it off at night and during naps so we keep a close eye on her during those times. We constantly explain to her why she shouldn’t be sucking her thumb, but again it’s her long time habit. Currently, I’m considered the Aeroguard.

  98. Stephanie

    I only gave the tguard two stars because it didn’t work for my 3 year old daughter. Despite wearing it on both hands 24/7 for over 2 months she continued to have her thumb in her mouth despite getting suction. Her thumb was in all the time and the device was starting to restrict her thumb movement. We took them off but she still sucks her thumb at night. I guess we are the 10% failure rate. I do though give the company props, they are amazing, send us out new upgraded ones at no cost when she got her thumbs out of the original and the customer service has been nothing but amazing. I am just frustrated that such a highly recommend product by reviews did not work. 🙁

  99. Rachel Gretencord

    I think this device might work if your child is ready. We tried the older-style device when our son was 2 or 3, with no success. No matter how we adjusted the fit and the band, the plastic was stretchy enough he could pull his thumb out, and he was very determined to do so. The newer style, which we purchased last year when he turned 6, seems much more comfortable, so I definitely recommend purchasing the newer version. But, a very determined child can still get his thumb out, and furthermore, our son just started chewing and sucking on the plastic instead of his thumb. We duck taped the end of if because it got so chewed up and pieces were coming off, and finally the strap going down to the wristband broke from him pulling his thumb out. Unfortunately, after two tries this device did not work for us. I think it would work well for a child who was ready to stop sucking their thumb and just needed a reminder, but not for one who is determined not to quit.

  100. Michelle

    We tries the t-guard for our four year old. At first it seeemed that it had worked well and she had kicked the habit, unfortunately she regressed. We bought her the next size up as she she expressed discomfort with her first one when we started using it again. This time she became used to sucking and/or biting the plastic over her thumb. Unfortunately the device did not work for us, although I hear it has for many others.

  101. Cathy M.

    My daughter was 3 ½ when she started with tguard. She sucked her thumb since she was a baby and then also had some Trichotillomania (hair pulling) issues while she slept. She’d pull her hair, wrap it around her thumb and sucked her thumb. (Yuck!) So, we tried hats at bedtime/naptime, but she’d eventually be able to reach under her hat to pull and mittens/gloves never stayed on. So, my main concern was her lack of hair, but I finally realized if we stopped her thumb sucking habit, then she wouldn’t need to pull her hair. Tguard was the answer we were looking for! She wore the bracelets (we called the plastic guards her bracelets) pretty well at night/naptime and liked the colored straps. The chart was nice too. After several months, though, I don’t know if they stretched or not, but she kept pulling them back to free her thumb- to be able to suck her thumb – and still reach under her hat and pull her hair (ugh!). I don’t know how she was able to do it as it was on the tightest setting. Tguard support worked with us and we replaced the bracelets. That worked for a few nights, then she started pulling the guard back to expose her thumbs again. I actually tried a bitter nailpolish on her thumbnails. With the nailpolish, she didn’t pull back her guards and left them on all night. We still wore the guards for a little while, but now she doesn’t need to. She’s completely kicked the habit of both thumb sucking and hair pulling! We are thrilled and so thankful that our little girl can now wear pigtails! Thank you for all your support!

  102. Wendy B

    Worked like a charm. Good investment, and my daughter’s open bite was corrected within months after she quit her thumb.

  103. justina

    My daughter was 2 years when we purchased the device. Since she was born she was sucking her right thumb. After the first visit to the dentist he recommended the use of TGuard as an alternative of getting rid of the habit. Initially we purchased 1 device and she used it for couple of days, until we realized she was sucking the other thumb. So I purchased a second one and she used them contemporary for 1 month. Since then, 6 month have passed and she has quitted totally. Since we removed the device, she never sucked the thumb. While she was on tGuard, we noticed that her need to suck the thumb was diminishing day by day . So in our case it worked and I will absolutely recommend it. We had to purchase 2 of them to benefit from it. Good luck to everyone!

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