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Formerly known as the original ThumbGuard™, TGuard Classic is our time-tested, guaranteed way to break thumb sucking in 30 days or less.

Why is TGuard™ recommended the most?

  • TGuard™ Classic takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • TGuard™ Classic is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA. The product is 100% BPA and phthalate free.
  • It has a success rate greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

For detailed sizing info, please click the “Sizing Chart” tab below.

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If you are looking for a guaranteed way to stop thumb sucking in 4 weeks or less, without causing pain or discomfort, then look no further. Most parents see results after only ONE week of using ThumbGuard™, making it one of the most recommended solutions to break the habit.

Please note: Most children switch from one thumb to the other, when you apply the TGuard. For that reason, we recommend purchasing two treatment kits, one for each hand. Treatment for each hand includes:

  • 1 Ambidextrous ThumbGuard™ appliance
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • 1 Instalock – makes the fitting process as easy as possible!
  • Reward chart + stickers
  • One set of instructions

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.


If you have any questions, please visit FAQs for more information.

Sizing Chart

SIZING CHART Age: 3 to 4 (under 40 lbs) Age: 5 to 6 (between 40 and 55 lbs) Age: 7+ (more than 55 lbs)
Recommended Appliance Size Small Medium Large

If your child is in between sizes, such as a child who weighs around 40 pounds, or is 4.5 years old, order a smaller size if the child is taller / thinner than an average child of their age, or order a larger size if the child is shorter / heavier than an average child of their age.

Please know that children under 3 are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured. If you see that the child switches from thumb to finger sucking, you must contact us.


Video & Instructions



Click here to download TGuard Classic instructions.

102 reviews for TGuard Classic

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cathy M.

    My daughter was 3 ½ when she started with tguard. She sucked her thumb since she was a baby and then also had some Trichotillomania (hair pulling) issues while she slept. She’d pull her hair, wrap it around her thumb and sucked her thumb. (Yuck!) So, we tried hats at bedtime/naptime, but she’d eventually be able to reach under her hat to pull and mittens/gloves never stayed on. So, my main concern was her lack of hair, but I finally realized if we stopped her thumb sucking habit, then she wouldn’t need to pull her hair. Tguard was the answer we were looking for! She wore the bracelets (we called the plastic guards her bracelets) pretty well at night/naptime and liked the colored straps. The chart was nice too. After several months, though, I don’t know if they stretched or not, but she kept pulling them back to free her thumb- to be able to suck her thumb – and still reach under her hat and pull her hair (ugh!). I don’t know how she was able to do it as it was on the tightest setting. Tguard support worked with us and we replaced the bracelets. That worked for a few nights, then she started pulling the guard back to expose her thumbs again. I actually tried a bitter nailpolish on her thumbnails. With the nailpolish, she didn’t pull back her guards and left them on all night. We still wore the guards for a little while, but now she doesn’t need to. She’s completely kicked the habit of both thumb sucking and hair pulling! We are thrilled and so thankful that our little girl can now wear pigtails! Thank you for all your support!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wendy B

    Worked like a charm. Good investment, and my daughter’s open bite was corrected within months after she quit her thumb.

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