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As of 11/1/2018, this item has been discontinued. We recommend the newer, more improved AeroFinger, which treats the same finger sucking habit, but with a more ergonomic and comfortably designed glove. Items out of stock will not be sold in the future.

FingerGuard is our time-tested, guaranteed finger guard for kids, stopping finger guard sucking in 30 days or less. Works on any two adjacent fingers.

Why is FingerGuard recommended the most?

  • FingerGuard takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • FingerGuard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA.
  • It has a success rate greater than 90%. If worn correctly, the success rate is greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.



As of 11/1/2018, this item has been discontinued. We recommend the newer, more improved AeroFinger, which treats the same finger sucking habit, but with a more ergonomic and comfortably designed glove.

MED et al, Inc. is proud to offer one of the only products on the market that is designed specifically to break the finger sucking habit: TGuard FingerGuard™. FingerGuard™ covers any two adjacent fingers, and it works the same way that TGuard Classic™ does, by painlessly disrupting the vacuum / suction that makes finger sucking so addictive.

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.

If you have any questions, please visit FAQs for more information.

Kit Contents

Each kit comes with everything you need to stop the finger sucking habit. This includes:

  • 1 Ambidextrous FingerGuard appliance, that can be worn over any TWO adjacent fingers
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • One set of instructions

Sizing Chart

SIZING CHART Age: 3 to 4 (under 40 lbs) Age: 5 to 6 (between 40 and 55 lbs) Age: 7+ (more than 55 lbs)
Recommended Appliance Size Small Medium Large

If your child is in between sizes, such as a child who weighs around 40 pounds, or is 4.5 years old, order a smaller size if the child is taller / thinner than an average child of their age, or order a larger size if the child is shorter / heavier than an average child of their age.

Please know that children under 3 are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured. If you see that the child switches from thumb to finger sucking, you must contact us.


47 reviews for TGuard Finger Guard

  1. Gloria Jared

    My Baby Girl only wore it one week! She doesnt even care anything about it anymore! Most reveiws are fake….This is a real post IT WORKS Praise the Lord!RAVE RAVE RAVE review I have tried everything!! This works! worth every cent! I used one braclet!

  2. khively

    I was completely skeptical when I saw this product. I wanted to believe my 6 year old daughter would just stop sucking her fingers. I brought the product, and thought let’s see. The first few days were horrible! She was on a mission not to wear it and I was on a mission that she was going to wear it. After the first week, we made a deal, as long as she kept her fingers out of her month, she only had to wear it at night. I was amazed, she was not sucking her fingers. I knew the real test was at night, where she had little control, but sure enough after 4 weeks she was not sucking her fingers. (she had misplaced it and I was sure she was going to suck if fingers again, she didn’t. I found it the next day and had her wear it one more week for my sanity. She has been finger free. Her teeth have corrected themselves, and her blisters on her fingers are all gone. You have nothing to lose and your child has a lot to gain. IT WORKS!!!

  3. Angela M.

    Our 3 1/2 year old daughter sucked her middle 2 fingers of the left hand around the clock since she was 3 months old. We have been using the Fingerguard now for nearly 2 months. We began using it 24 hrs/day for the first seven weeks. I involved her as much as possible – picking out a band, washing the fingerguard, taping her fingers(because she would endure the pain of pulling her finger out of it), counting (in different languages!) the number of holes to get to the right setting, cutting the excess band length – anything to make it fun for her. Bedtime was extremely difficult for many, many weeks. She had to learn to fall asleep all over again, taking many hours at a time – and a lot of patience on our part. This slowing improved. She now requires it at night only. Day time is still going well. We will be staying with it as long as it takes. I think it is worth the effort. So nice to see her without her fingers in her mouth.
    FYI.. I had this shipped to Canada. We paid an additional $40 to get it through Customs.

  4. Steph

    Our 9 month old daughter sucked her two middle fingers all day long. We used this finger guard on her for 3 1/2 weeks and 24 hours a day and she gradually began to forget about her fingers. IT WORKS so I recommend it to people I see.

  5. Carlos Perez Coca

    I was looking for a way to stop the habit on my 20 months daughter, searched the web and found TGuard. I bought it and she used it for 44 days. She forgot the habit completely, now she sleeps, plays, do everything without the need to suck any finger. The two first nights it was terrible, she cried a lot. But at the end it did worth the pain. Thanks everybody on TGuard.

  6. Lucelia

    My baby is 2 years old and has been sucking his finger, day and night, since the day he was born. He was hurting his thumb, but thanks to your treatment, my baby doesnt suck his finger anymore. I entered, which is dedicated to mothers and children, and i gave them the name of your company, because i want to help them the same way that you have helped me with this fabulous treatment. In the name of my husband, we are so thankful for this fabulous invention.

  7. Melissa P.

    I was very skeptical about this product but now I’m a believer! I was desperate to stop my 13 month old daughter from sucking her finger and hair-pulling. She had pulled out a very large bald spot and was sucking and pulling non-stop. I was worried the device would be too big (she is really tiny 15% on the growth chart), but it was very adjustable and didn’t restrict her motion. The first week my dad commented she was like a new kid, she was engaged with us, no longer withdrawn by her finger. We made her a sleeping shirt by sewing a long sleeve shirt shut and used that at naptime and night-time… I believe this also discouraged her from switching digits. We kept the guard on her hand during the day and removed it at night and used the sleep shirt. I was surprised how little the guard bothered her, especially since she was a constant sucker. Happy to say after 30 days, she is no longer sucking. We still use the sleep shirt to be safe and probably will for a few more months. The hair pulling is very minimal and I am so happy that her hair is growing back in and her teeth are starting to go back to the correct position. It really was perfect timing for us, THANK YOU T-GUARD!!!

  8. Simone

    I bought this for my 22 month old son who has sucked his 2 fingers on his right hand since he was an infant. When he was very small I tried to give him a pacifier but he rejected every one I offered and continued to suck his fingers. It was a habit that I knew I had to break but was not sure how to do so. I purchased paint to put on his fingers but he simply made a funny face and kept right on sucking. His little had started to become chapped and dry. He was even suffering a bit socially because he couldn’t do anything without sucking his fingers. I came across this product several months but was reluctant to spend the money in case it didn’t work. Most recently I became desperate because the habit seemed to be getting worse and I knew that as he got older it would get even worse so I decided to give the Fingerguard a try. I bought a size small which fit his little hand well. I thought he was going to cry when I put it on or cry at night to have me take it off but to my surprise he never once cried. I would only take it off at night once he was asleep to wash it. In his eyes he was never without it. After about 35 days I felt comfortable enough to take it off and I have to say that he has been without it now for about 3 weeks and has not sucked his fingers. I am so delighted!!!! Let me add that my son is quite fiesty and never once did he try and rip it off. The material is very soft so that it doesn’t bother the child. Well maybe too soft because at about day 25 of the treatment the guard started ripping. I called the company and they sent me a new one free of charge no questions asked….how awesome is that?!?! He has learned how to put himself to sleep at night and can now play comfortably and be more social. Many thanks to the creators of Fingerguard. I will recommend this product to anyone I meet whose child sucks their fingers and is desperate to break the habit.

  9. Jen K.

    I ordered this product with high expectations and it did not disappoint. Our soon to be five year old has been finger sucking since he was a few months old. Within the last year it became a huge issue as his front teeth (top and bottom) were starting to spread apart. The dentist warned us we needed to do something soon to prevent permanent damage. I searched online and after rejecting some potential options found the TGuard Fingerguard. My husband was extremely skeptical but I was hopeful after reading all the positive reviews. Well, it worked out great for us. After a night or two of putting up a fight my son finally accepted his finger sucking fate and we haven’t looked back. It’s been about two weeks since we’ve stopped using the product and there hasn’t been one sign of the finger sucking returning!

  10. Tanya

    I do not usuallye write reviews, but I this product deserves ones, I bought the finger guard about 6 weeks ago, after nights of crying and resistance, I had to change the small for a medium as the small was tight and caused blisters, customer service was great. The medium worked and by then was only needed at night. Today she does not suck in the days at all and so I relaxed and le it off, but I notice she does suck at night when she’s still sleeping. I have again resumed having her wearit at night. I cannot believe she does not suck her fingers at all in the day or when awake. Other reviews were right, it does take commitment from parents to endure the initial crying and from the child as my daughter found a way to take it off, but after much discussions agreed to keep going. Great job on product and customer support.

  11. Shanna

    My son is 6, and has sucked his first and middle fingers relentlessly since he was a baby. He had absolutely no desire to quit! We asked, reminded, scolded, begged, and bribed. we tried the nail polish that tastes bad, and hot sauce. Nothing worked. I gave him until the end of July 2013 to stop on his own (or even attempt to stop), or I was buying a guard to prevent him from sucking altogether. I bought the guard and he cried when it arrived. I had to PRY his fingers out of his mouth to put it on. The first night was AWFUL. He cried and screamed and yelled, and it took 2 hours for him to fall asleep without his fingers in his mouth. The second night, an hour. After the first 2 days he was better, not happy, but better. After the first week, he was on board. He was embarrassed to have it on, and really wanted to stop because he knew it was stop sucking or wear the guard to school. After 2.5 weeks, he was done. No more sucking! I have a zillion bracelets left and a $75 guard we no longer use, but I don’t care. He stopped sucking in time to prevent serious damage to his mouth, and before he lost any baby teeth. Here’s hoping we dodged the need for braces in the future! If you’re unsure if it’s worth the cost or hassle, trust me, it’s worth every penny and every struggle! My only complaint, is that it rubbed his ring finger raw, and we had to have the bracelets on tight to prevent any wiggling out of it. But a Band-Aid on his ring finger and a reminder to stop yanking on it helped a lot.

  12. Silvia Pagiryte

    Mi historia es esta : mi hija empezó a chuparse el dedo con unos 8 meses y solia hacer para dormirse. Le compramos el chupete y lo utizamos. Pero cuando no encontraba el chupe se metía el dedo en cualquier momento del día. Conozco las consecuencias del mal habito de chupa-dedos, así que estaba muy preocupada. Empecé a buscar información en internet y encontré T-guard. Me pareció un método eficaz: no se lo pueden quitar, no hay que echar “cosas” en el dedo y etc. Escribí un e-mail preguntando sobre este producto. Me comentaron que el producto es a partir de los 3 años.
    En mayo 2013 mi hijita cumplo 3 añitos. No podía esperar más!!! Parecía que se lo chupaba cada vez más – ya que le habíamos quitado el chupete!!! Me decidí en comprar el T-gaurd y probarlo – funcionara con mi hija o no, no lo sabía….pero tenía que hacer algo.
    Un día llego a casa la cajita con los “anti- dedos” – así los llamamos!!!Se lo habíamos comentado a Isabella que van a llegar unas cositas, que va a tener que ponerse en los pulgares para no chupar más. Estaba encantada!!! Le hacía ilusión y todo!!!
    Abrimos la caja – se lo ponemos – elije ella las pulseritas- las pegatinas …muy contenta. Así aguanto un par de horas. Y cuando llego el momento cuando ella ya necesitaba chuparlo – me formo una tregua…..chillando Quítamelo!!!Quítamelo!!! Mama Quítamelo!!!Quiro chupar dedo!! Me asuste – pero sabía que no podía dejarlo. Me habían enviado unos consejos de T-guard al e-mail, explicando cómo lo llevan los niños cuando se lo ponen!!! Y les hice caso. Estaba preparada para el estrés, enfado, irritabilidad. La calme : fuimos a dar un paseo, jugamos,pintamos… se le olvido!!! Luego cuando llego la noche, también no podía dormirse…la tuve que dormir en los brazos…Estuvo sensible un par de días. Luego todo se normalizo.
    Todo el esfuerzo valió la pena!! Solo tuvimos que llevar durante el día un par de semanas!!! Ya no se lo chupa el pulgar durante el día!! Y como me queda pulseritas sigo poniéndolo por la noche aunque ya había pasado un mes. Y voy a seguir hasta que las gasto todas.
    Isabella está orgullosa de que ya no se chupa el dedo – dice : mama ya se ha curado el dedito!!! – una Campeona!!!!
    Estamos muy contentos con este producto – es maravilloso! Lo mejor que podía haber comprado! Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!!Que no lo duden – funciona!!!

    Gracias T-GUARD

    Silvia Pagiryte y Isabella

  13. C. Faurot

    I tried all kinds of little things like nasty tasting nailpolish, bandadging up fingers, nothing worked.
    My three year old had been sucking her two middle fingers and rubbing her checks raw with her thumb. It was starting to scar her face. She sucked her fingers day and night.
    Finally I ordered this product and the first few days were TOUGH. She didn’t like them. They felt so awkward to her. It took me 30 minutes to put them on.
    After a week everything was great.
    She got used to them. Fully functional with her routines. Happy.
    Take them off now for a few hours a day and no sucking (after about 3 weeks of use) but want to make sure she’s truly broken the habbit.
    It only takes me 3 minutes to put them both on.
    At first I double banded each hand so she wouldn’t slip her fingers out but now only one per hand since she doesn’t try or seems to care about sucking them anymore.
    I do put a bandaid in the inside of her wrist so that the band isn’t uncomfortable in any way but not sure this is necessary.
    I ended up whole punching some air holes in the center of the tube which has worked wonders with air flow to her skin since one finger was getting red and irritated.
    Thank you T-GUARD!

  14. Jeffro

    It WORKED! I was hesitant. But my daughter stopped sucking her index and middle fingers. I did it for 30 days and she stopped sucking while watching TV during the day time. My struggle was during the night time. Once my 30 day supply was completed she stuck the fingers back in her mouth. I figured after having success with the day time I would try for an additional 30 days. IT WORKED! She no longer sucks her fingers.
    I have started to recommend it to the parents of the KG students I teach.

  15. Rhonda

    Olivia had a terrible finger-sucking habit since birth. To me, it seems like there were only minuted in the day when she was not sucking her two middle fingers. She has those fingers in her mouth in almost every single picture we have of her from newborn to one years old. She would suck them to soothe herself, when she was sleepy, ing the middle of the night while sleeping, when she was hungry, when she nervous; this habit was so bad she developed blisters on her fingers and they were cracked inbetween. Our pediatrician recommended this device to solve our proble. With 6 weeks of treatment the problem has been corrected.

  16. Tonya Ellis

    We used the fingerguard for a week and 1/2 with my eight year old son during the night, which was the time he mostly sucked his fingers. I forgot to put it on one evening and found he didn’t have his fingers in his mouth when he was asleep. We tried going without it the next night, and again he didn’t suck his fingers. It’s been a month now and we are finally finished with putting our hands in our mouth. I am so happy that after all these years of trying he has finally given up this nasty habit! I bought this as a last resort at the suggestion of our dentist because his teeth are already protruding in the front and nothing else we tried (socks, bad tasting nail polish, nagging) worked. Thanks T-Guard for creating this great product!!!

  17. Vin

    We purchased the fingerguard for our seven-year-old son. He had a pacifier as a baby and when we took it away he went straight to his finger. We tried everything from bribing him to threatening him to no avail. We purchased the fingerguards and he wore them just shy of three weeks. We forgot to put them on one night and checked him in the night and he was sound asleep with no fingers in his mouth!! It has been a couple weeks now and we are still going strong! Thank you so much for the wonderful invention!!!!

  18. Keely

    This product is a miracle! My four-year old son has been sucking his middle two fingers since he was a few months old. As a result, when he bites down, he has a nearly 1 cm gap between his top and bottom teeth. The only two teeth in his mouth that touch when he bites together are the very back molars. This makes eating food difficult and tedious…he prefers soft foods that are easier to chew. When his dentist suggested the fingerguard, I was very hesitant. I thought it was an extremely cruel thing to do to him. My son was emotional the first few days and nights, but he was a trooper about it the remainder of the time. This only seemed to be about as “cruel” as taking away a pacifier. Before he started using the fingerguard we counted down the days until the treatment began. After he put it on during the day, we gave him a present—a pillow pet that lights up his bedroom to distract him from the fingerguard. We also put a small mailbox outside of his bedroom and told him his pillow pet would put a treat in his mailbox while he was sleeping. This worked well!! I was also worried that using this product would lead to him quitting his naps. The first few days he did not nap, but he is back to napping now! After the first 6-8 weeks of using the product, my son’s fingers still looked chapped and our nanny reported she saw him putting the fingerguard in his mouth. When I called the company, they said the fingerguard might be too small. I ordered the size 3-4 because my son was still three at the time and he does not have big hands. I sent them a photo, and it was indeed too small. My son was still getting suction by putting the case in his mouth. Free of charge, the company sent a larger size. We continued using the fingerguard for another month, for a total of 3 months. We stopped using it at nap times for a week then discontinued it at bedtime. We are thrilled to report the finger sucking has stopped! Now we even see a smaller gap between his front teeth when he bites together. So, if you try this product, and something doesn’t seem to be working, call right away for assistance. I highly recommend this product!

  19. Rachel

    I can’t say enough about how fabulous a product the finger guard is! We got ours on a Thursday night, and it’s now Monday afternoon, and he hasn’t sucked his fingers all day even with it OFF! I am astounded since my son sucked his fingers 24/7 until 3 days ago. I put it on in the car and at night time because it’s easy to regress then, but I expect he’ll be completely done sucking his fingers very soon with this much early success. The only issue we ran into was that if we only did a bracelet on his wrist, he could pull his hand backwards enough to pull his fingers out the back of the tubes. His fingers would come out split apart (one on the right side of the right tube and one on the left side of the left tube), so he still couldn’t suck his fingers, but we just added a second bracelet at the base of his fingers, and that solved the problem. Great product! Thank you!

  20. Brenda

    My daughter is, of course in the 5% that it hasn’t worked for in the first month, or second, or….well you get the point….we are still working on it and trying. It has helped for sure when she wears it…’s when she doesn’t wear it that we are noticing (when she sleeps) most of the time she doesn’t have her fingers in when we go in to check on her but once in a while we catch her and remove her fingers from her mouth and she puts it back in eventually. We are trying one last set of bands before we give up. Hopefully this time around will be the last. I can’t give it 5 stars or 4 yet because we haven’t had the success we’d hoped. But it is a great product and wish others better success than we have had so far.

  21. Mirna Lopez

    El producto funciono de maravilla en tres semanas mi niño dejo de chuparse los dedos, lo uso las 24 horas del dia, aunque recomwndaria pulseras de tela, yo le cambie por un listos

  22. Jackson

    I purchased and used the fingerguard in June for my 4 year old. I waited to review the product to ensure this treatment worked. It worked for a while, now she is sucking her fingers again. We put the fingerguard on when we noticed that she had starting again. She was able to somehow get the fingerguard off. I have recommended this product to every person that I knew with this habit, but now not sure about complete treatment.

  23. Pavla Teclova

    Well it has been a week since the finger guard was delivered. I have to say that it’s not working, bought small size (4year old daughter). The wrist band jeez, on 3rd hole its to tight for her and giving her pain and making marks on hole number 4 she is able to take it off her hand. It’s easy for her even when it’s tight to pull her two little finger off it keeping the guard on her hand but her fingers are free to suck. Every day she is finding the way how to get rid off it. We have get around 40 wrist band but from last 7days we had to use awful amount of them, leaving us only with 8 of them. I’m gonna order some koncert wrist bands which sticking and holding by a glue to find the right position, it might be easier. Can’t wait for next year or whenever her hand will grow more because she has one more bad habit to go along with finger sucking and it is hair pulling. So if I will wait for next year, my child will be bold on one side of her head.

  24. Irene

    I never write reviews, but in this case felt compelled to. Our 4 year old daughter had been sucking her fingers since birth, and nothing we tried to stop her would work. We were ready to try anything, but didn’t really expect much since so many other methods had failed. She was excited about trying this method, but began chewing the fingerguard so much that it was damaged within the first week….I was even more skeptical at this point, but we pressed on. I had to trim off damaged portions a few times, but stuck with the program. Amazingly, after the one month timeframe she was ready to remove the guard, was VERY proud of herself and has not sucked her fingers since. Her dentist is very happy, and I am truly impressed.

  25. Brandi Pressley

    My son has been using the in her guard for almost a month now and I am very upset with his progress. First of all the guard is too big an too flimsy so I emailed the company to try and get a set of wrist bands because I have to use two a day and never got a response from anyone. Because I wanted to try the product out I went ahead and ordered another set of wrist bands in hopes that my son will stop sucking his two fingers. Needless to say this did my work. He wiggles his fingers out of the guard and the wrist bands cut into his skin as a result. I feel like I have wasted $80 because nothing is working. I would not recommend this product not because it didn’t work for my some but because the company guarantees their product but doesn’t even give you the courtesy of responding to an email inquiry.
    Signed very unhappy mom.

  26. Emma Quintana

    My 2 year old suck two of his fingers all the time, w used the fingerguard and he start to speak a lot, and now afer 30 day treatmeant he dosen´t sucks his fingers anymore, it didn’t hurt, he didn’t cry, it was a smooth quiting

    Thank u!!

  27. Pal

    Our daughter (now 2 years old) started her finger sucking (Middle and ring fingers of right hand) when she was about 6 months old. Initially we thought she will outgrow the habit and let it slide, until we noticed she made a habit out of it around 1.5 years. We tried everything from the weird tasting nail polish to gloves and tea tree oil. None of these worked. I had searched around and online until I found out about TGuard. We decided to give it a try with the hope that it will work. We ordered 1 and put it on.The first night she resisted, crying for about an hour until I rocked her off to sleep. Second night went much better. My husband actually kept telling her these were “Iron Man Gloves”, which made her more accepting towards them (Kudos to him). She got used to them because they made her feel special.
    We initially left them on day and night with cleaning once a week. They helped keep her fingers away from her mouth. The next day, however, she started sucking her fingers on her left hand. We ended up buying another finger guard for her. After about a week, she started sucking her right thumb. This prompted us to buy the thumb guard. After she realized she lost access to her right thumb as well as fingers on both hands, she switched to using her left thumb. Patience started working its way into anxiety on whether this product would work. At the same time, the previous finger guards cut at the joints and we had to shell out some more money to purchase another set of 2 finger guards. We also just ordered another thumb guard. So now, she has a thumb guard and finger guard on both hands at night. We are waiting to see if this helps. I wish the finger guards would have been strong enough to last longer than 3.5 weeks without cutting. We are keeping our fingers crossed now to see how she does with her hands loaded with the guards. To date we have invested in 4 finger guards and 2 thumb guards. Also, I wonder if they have a “full hand glove tguard” so that we could slip on a single glove that covers all or most fingers instead of maintaining multiple gloves. I am still holding onto hope that TGuard eventually helps her leave this habit.

  28. Kristen

    Our daughter is just shy of three. She has been an avid finger sucker (both hands) since she was a tiny one and her finger sucking actually interfered with her language development. Instead of talking, she would suck her fingers. My husband and I are opposed to putting chemicals on her hands and stumbled upon the tguard through internet research. We are so glad we did! After 8 long weeks of wearing the finger guards around the clock (we did take it off to wash it each day or so, but for the first 6 weeks, she would quickly attempt to suck her fingers so we put Band-Aids on her fingers while we washed the product), our daughter’s finger habit is broken! We were so impressed with the support you all offered and how you stood behind your product replacing it 2x due to her tearing it apart with her chewing, etc. twice. We thought the habit would never be broken as she has such a strong will and just loved those fingers. We cannot believe it took her twice the time to break the habit, but the habit finally broke! It has been off completely for a week now. We plan to watch her vigilantly and when she is away from us (which is rare as she is not yet in school), we plan to have the guards ready in case she needs them in those places. She is showing no signs of reverting back to her old habit. We are so thankful for this company!

  29. M. Hoad

    It worked! It really worked!!

    My daughter started sucking her finger at 1.5 years when she was placed in a
    full time Montessori school. Certainly a soothing mechanism to deal with
    the change. She never took to a soother as a baby so I was surprised to see
    the habit form as a toddler. I noticed that she continued to suck her left
    index finger at night to fall asleep and during the night when asleep. I
    figured she would grow out of it. As she grew older her teachers did assure
    me that at school she rarely did it when focused on her activities and
    lessons. At night, we tried putting bad tasting liquid on her finger but
    she cried and cried and was distraught. It worked a few nights but as she
    aged she learned to wash it off. At the age of four years old, the dentist
    told her to stop since it was clearly affecting her teeth and palette. The
    one side of her mouth is visibly crooked. She did stop for a few months. I
    was so pleased. We moved cities and she started sucking it again. Change was
    the trigger and her finger was her comfort. As her 5th birthday was coming
    up she promised to stop. She didn’t. With her going into Grade 1 at a new
    school I wanted her to stop. I found Tguard online. With the exchange rate
    and shipping costs it wasn’t cheap but I thought if it worked it would be
    worth every penny. It was worth a try. I prepared my daughter for its
    arrival and with positive reinforcement of the doll she really wanted we
    embarked on this one month journey. The first few nights were hard. I let
    her fall asleep beside me in bed. In the day, she did put her fingers in her
    mouth a lot but no sucking of course. She enjoyed selecting which colour of
    bracelet to wear and placing stars on the chart each night. I told her camp
    leaders to encourage her to not chew the guard (she did do this at the
    beginning) and I noticed less and less her hands going in her mouth. Being
    flexible plastic it didn’t prevent her from doing any activities. One month
    later a very happy girl received her doll and a very happy mother has a
    little girl who no longer sucks her finger. It has been over a month since
    it came off and there has been no going back. I am thrilled. Thank you.

  30. Stephanie

    Great product! I can’t express how pleased I am with the result. My son is a late finger sucker-he didn’t start until he was 18 months and he just turned four this past June. I hated the habit, as it started to push his teeth forward. He would only suck his fingers when he was not engaged in activity. He would suck his finger, pull his ear and play with his navel- all in an effort to soothe himself and because he was bored. After his dentist told me that it was a matter of his willingness to quit, I took matters into my own hands and began my research . After searching for months, this summer I came across your product and knew it couldn’t hurt anything if I ordered and it didn’t work. I started my son with the Fingerguard in mid-August. He wore it daily and only took it off during his nightly bath. I am happy to say that after only 23 days, the habit is broken! On the way home from school in the car, when he would normally pacify himself with his finger as he was going to sleep, he just went to sleep. Thank you for helping my son with your product!

  31. M W

    My son had sucked his two fingers since an infant. We tried several positive reinforcement methods over the years to help him stop, but none were effective. At age 6, he really wanted to stop and tried hard, but he would still suck his fingers when he was almost asleep or during the night. We found the FingerGuard online, and he was excited to try it. We found it very easy to use and comfortable. He used it the full 30 days, and we are very happy to report that he has not sucked his fingers since then. Thank you!

  32. Catherine

    My son sucked two adjacent fingers since two months old. When he was 3 years old he stopped during the day but continued the habit at night. At 5 he expressed a strong interest in breaking the habit. After completing some research I discovered tguard. I showed my son a picture and he was very motivated to get started right away. Once the package arrived he got started that night. He was extremely exhausted which help! The following nights were tough but the process did get easier after about the 5/6th day. He wore it for 36 days and officially broke the habit. He is so proud!!! The skin around his mouth looks clearer now too. I would absolutely recommend this product! Without doubt, my son could not have broken his habit at 5 years old without tguard. Many thanks!

  33. laura

    this product is amazing i have 2 girl and the oldest suck her fingers in till she was 12 year old we tried everying in till we found this and my little one did it in till she was 7 year old

  34. Stacey

    My daughter rejected her pacifier at about 3 months of age, and replaced it with sucking the first 2 fingers of her right hand. With each passing month the frequency of finger sucking seemed to increase and it wasn’t clearly related to a specific stressor that I could identify. It just appeared to be developing into a frequent habit that I was concerned was beginning to interfere with her language development (talking less due to fingers always in mouth instead) and was also getting in the way of her getting involved in more hands-on activities/play than she would otherwise if her fingers weren’t occupied in her mouth. A couple other considerations that made me take action to try to stop her finger sucking, was the possibility of it affecting her tooth alignment as well as the fact that she attends day care and would conceivably be exposing herself to even more viruses/germs by sucking on her fingers after touching everything! I also decided that I wanted to help her break the finger sucking habit before it became too engrained as a coping mechanism that would be much harder to change later on. I purchased the fingerguard for her between 22-23mths and followed the directions about not allowing her ANY opportunity to suck her fingers during the treatment period. I created a very positive feeling about the whole experience by calling it her ‘special bracelet” and she actually asked for it to be put back after I had removed it for cleaning. There were no tears or wanting it off and no negative feelings at all about it. (I put it on her for the first time when we had a very busy/fun day planned with lots of activity that would keep her distracted so she wouldn’t focus on this new device on her hand!) It worked like a charm! Within 3 weeks of use, it proved extremely effective in breaking her of the finger sucking habit completely! (The only things I did differently was to give her fingers/hand a break at night, I would remove the finger guard and put her to bed in an extra-long sleeve shirt with the arms sewn shut at the end instead so her fingers could move around naturally and I also made my own soft fabric bands/bracelets with buttons that could be easily removed and reattached for hand washing throughout the day, rather than the hospital style plastic bands that have to be cut off and can’t be re-used after. These seemed more comfortable for her compared to the bands/bracelets that come with the finger guard as they have a tendency to dig into the skin a bit at the wrist area at times) The only negative feedback I have about the finger guard is that it did start to break apart on one side, where the finger tubes meet the hand piece, after only about 2weeks of use. Sure glad it was SO effective for us that we didn’t need it very much longer because it would’ve continued to break apart and I would’ve had to purchase another one! Just for the record, I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy another, if necessary, because the finger guard WORKS amazing and is well worth the small investment in my opinion!

  35. Gina

    My son had been sucking his two fingers since his growing in the womb. The summer before he turned 5 I decided to get the fingerguard, since I couldn’t figure out a way to get him to stop. I introduced them to him as Spiderman fingers, because the look pretty cool and he is into superheroes. He wore thrm for 30 days, with the ability to slide them off his fingers. The first few days I tied the bracelet tight and he got blisters from the fingers. But once I figured out the comfort zone, he did Ok. Midway through wearing them, the material broke. I contacted customer service and they replaced them fast and free of charge! On day 28, while driving to the beach, he told me he didn’t feel the urge to suck on his fingers. Success! We stayed the course to 30 days, and he truly no longer sucked his fingers. He still has his fingers guard, which he soides on his hand as pretend play, whenever he gets in superhero Spiderman mode:) thank you, tguard!

  36. Miranda

    My daughter has been sucking her fingers non-stop since she was 3 months old. When she turned 3 years old I purchased the finger guard. She quit sucking her fingers within 3 weeks! Highly recommended!!

  37. Miranda

    My daughter has been sucking her fingers non-stop since she was 3 months old. When she turned 3 years old I purchased the finger guard. She quit sucking her fingers within 3 weeks! Highly recommend!!

  38. Noria

    I want to thank you for making this product. My son has been sucking his 2-fingers since he was an infant. This product broke a 5 year habit with no problems. My son wore the fingerboard for less than 2wks and does not miss sucking his fingers.

  39. Maggy

    Hi, i hoy the fingerguard for my 6 year old. He has being doing this all his life. But I need help. He is able to get his fingers out even with the doble band and he is also biting the plastic on the fingers to a point that he even swallow a little pice of plastic. I don’t know what to do!!!!

  40. Chelsi

    In the beginning I wrote a review that said I wanted to like it but couldn’t because it broke just after the warenty. Even though past warenty they sent me another free of charge! My daughter had now completely stopped sucking her fingers and it worked! It needed a little longer for her but it was amazing with constant wear. Thank you guys!

  41. Antoine

    My 18 month son has been a STRONG middle finger sucker since 9 months old. My wife and I didn’t really think much of it at first. Especially given that his doctor said that he should eventually grow out of it. But it only got worst and worst given that his fingers became his source of comfort. It got so bad that his skin on this middle finger start to blister and he didn’t allow any time to heal. This is when I told my wife that we NEED to take action now! She was reluctant and didn’t push forward as much as I wanted to, but this was getting out of hand. So I started to do my research online for products to support. I came across the nail biting polish, but I didn’t want to make him throw-up with that poison (lol). So I just decided to try this product out by TGaurd ( THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!!) Once we received it and placed it on, he had a FIT! Cried for an hour straight due to him not being able to resort to sucking his fingers. As the manual says, ***PARENTS…SAY STRONG****, and boy, they weren’t lying. To all parents, the success of this product is really in your hands. You have to stay consistent and show resilience every time you place that band on that wrist. My son was very stubborn when it came to his fingers and my wife didn’t think it would work, but with persistence and drive, I was wasn’t going to allow us to fail. I only took the guard off when he ate and during baths, other than that, I placed the guard back on. The first three days were the roughest. It was literally as if he was in rehab. He cried, screamed, became frustrated, and even throw-up from crying so badly. However, I was determined not to take it off. I had to remain strong for his success. FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!. After about 10 days of consistency, we started to realize that when we took the guard off, he didn’t realize it was there anymore. He didn’t have a relapse or resort back to sucking his fingers anymore. Only when he heard us talking about it and he tries to be funny and place them back, but he quickly removed them. After about 4 more days with the guard, he was BROKEN!!! He never, and I repeat, NEVER HAS RESORTED BACK TO HIS FINGERS!!! THANK YOU T-GUARD!…..also……..please use the bands wisely, they do give you a fair amount, but I did experience trail and error with a few. So use wisely!

  42. Steph

    We have had this on our child on and off two weeks at a time since April. Second we take it off fingers back in mouth. It may be just the habit is so ingrained.its the risk you take £50 is a lot of money to us but we took the risk and it was another failure.

  43. Heather McDowell

    My son sucked his knuckle for 4.5 years – he would bend and suck & he had blisters…. he has perfect teeth and I knew we needed to stop asap …. probably should have tried this a year ago – spend the money. It’s 10000% worth it
    I did not take it off for probably 2 weeks because of fear – he gladly put it on as we rewarded him & did his sticker chart. we left the finger guard overnight at someone’s house on accident and wasn’t able to get it and we’ve never used it since – I have never seen him even put that finger by his mouth. Praise The Lord. It worked !!!! Thank you. Have no fear parents. If you’ll go through a few weeks to a month of pain the habit will be Broken for good

  44. Dee Gnan

    I bought this product 2years ago but my hubby wouldn’t let me use it on our 3year old who sucks hermiddle 2 fingers as he thought it looked like a torture device! However, now she’s five, even he was desperate for her to stop. After 19 days, it has worked a treat!! One month after taking it off, she dooesn’teven think about putting her hand near her mouth. A word of warning though- I should have anticipated how hard it would be, as she had no other comfort mechanism and our placid daughter turned into a monster for 3weeks, with tantrums and misbehaviour. But now she’s back to her usual self and veryproud of herself for stopping the habit. I just wish we’d used it sooner!!!

  45. Janine Jackson

    After three years and messed up teeth on a 3 year old, bumps around the mouth hand foot and mouth disease and other diseases acquired from finger sucking I found this device online ordered it and on DAY 1 he stopped sucking his finger. This is the only device I purchased and glad it works and didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to figure this out.. This is revolutionary product I am a REAL customer and you definitely need to try this. I was expecting this to take 30 days and it took just one day. I will continue to use for 30 days of course so this becomes permanent.

  46. Abbey

    I had a 14 year long finger sucking habit, which was extremely hard to stop. I tried everything from those disgusting nail polish paints to wearing gloves. When I found the “finger guard” I was quite intrigued and excited for finding something that might work. I was amazed by finding that I had naturally stopped the habit within weeks. The only tip I have is to only use “Tguard” when you, your child, or whoever is using it, is ready to stop their habit. Good luck!

  47. Sanjana

    My son has been sucking his right index finger since he was 2 months old. His habit was so addictive that he needed his finger every minute or two in his mouth. At 8 months due to the excessive teething pain he bit his finger at night, despite the wound his finger kept going in his mouth. His wound was infected but still he did not stop. I researched online and invested in the finger guard. Used it despite being ridiculed by my family and friends. By the 18th day he stopped putting his finger in the mouth and hadn’t ever since. Thank You for making such an amazing product. It’s easy to use, clean and so effective. I have recommended this to my friends and made sure they bought it for their kids!!!

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