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FingerGuard is our time-tested, guaranteed way to break finger sucking in 30 days or less. Works on any two adjacent fingers.

Why is FingerGuard recommended the most?

  • FingerGuard takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • FingerGuard is made out of FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA.
  • It has a success rate greater than 90%. If worn correctly, the success rate is greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

For detailed sizing info, please click the “Sizing Chart” tab below.

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MED et al, Inc. is proud to offer one of the only products on the market that is designed specifically to break the finger sucking habit: TGuard FingerGuard™. FingerGuard™ covers any two adjacent fingers, and it works the same way that TGuard Classic™ does, by painlessly disrupting the vacuum / suction that makes finger sucking so addictive.

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.

Each kit comes with everything you need to stop the finger sucking habit. This includes:

  • 1 Ambidextrous FingerGuard appliance, that can be worn over any TWO adjacent fingers
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • One set of instructions

If you have any questions, please visit FAQs for more information.

Sizing Chart

SIZING CHART Age: 3 to 4 (under 40 lbs) Age: 5 to 6 (between 40 and 55 lbs) Age: 7+ (more than 55 lbs)
Recommended Appliance Size Small Medium Large

If your child is in between sizes, such as a child who weighs around 40 pounds, or is 4.5 years old, order a smaller size if the child is taller / thinner than an average child of their age, or order a larger size if the child is shorter / heavier than an average child of their age.

Please know that children under 3 are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured. If you see that the child switches from thumb to finger sucking, you must contact us.


46 reviews for TGuard FingerGuard

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My 18 month son has been a STRONG middle finger sucker since 9 months old. My wife and I didn’t really think much of it at first. Especially given that his doctor said that he should eventually grow out of it. But it only got worst and worst given that his fingers became his source of comfort. It got so bad that his skin on this middle finger start to blister and he didn’t allow any time to heal. This is when I told my wife that we NEED to take action now! She was reluctant and didn’t push forward as much as I wanted to, but this was getting out of hand. So I started to do my research online for products to support. I came across the nail biting polish, but I didn’t want to make him throw-up with that poison (lol). So I just decided to try this product out by TGaurd ( THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!!!) Once we received it and placed it on, he had a FIT! Cried for an hour straight due to him not being able to resort to sucking his fingers. As the manual says, ***PARENTS…SAY STRONG****, and boy, they weren’t lying. To all parents, the success of this product is really in your hands. You have to stay consistent and show resilience every time you place that band on that wrist. My son was very stubborn when it came to his fingers and my wife didn’t think it would work, but with persistence and drive, I was wasn’t going to allow us to fail. I only took the guard off when he ate and during baths, other than that, I placed the guard back on. The first three days were the roughest. It was literally as if he was in rehab. He cried, screamed, became frustrated, and even throw-up from crying so badly. However, I was determined not to take it off. I had to remain strong for his success. FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!. After about 10 days of consistency, we started to realize that when we took the guard off, he didn’t realize it was there anymore. He didn’t have a relapse or resort back to sucking his fingers anymore. Only when he heard us talking about it and he tries to be funny and place them back, but he quickly removed them. After about 4 more days with the guard, he was BROKEN!!! He never, and I repeat, NEVER HAS RESORTED BACK TO HIS FINGERS!!! THANK YOU T-GUARD!…..also……..please use the bands wisely, they do give you a fair amount, but I did experience trail and error with a few. So use wisely!

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    We have had this on our child on and off two weeks at a time since April. Second we take it off fingers back in mouth. It may be just the habit is so ingrained.its the risk you take £50 is a lot of money to us but we took the risk and it was another failure.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather McDowell

    My son sucked his knuckle for 4.5 years – he would bend and suck & he had blisters…. he has perfect teeth and I knew we needed to stop asap …. probably should have tried this a year ago – spend the money. It’s 10000% worth it
    I did not take it off for probably 2 weeks because of fear – he gladly put it on as we rewarded him & did his sticker chart. we left the finger guard overnight at someone’s house on accident and wasn’t able to get it and we’ve never used it since – I have never seen him even put that finger by his mouth. Praise The Lord. It worked !!!! Thank you. Have no fear parents. If you’ll go through a few weeks to a month of pain the habit will be Broken for good

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dee Gnan

    I bought this product 2years ago but my hubby wouldn’t let me use it on our 3year old who sucks hermiddle 2 fingers as he thought it looked like a torture device! However, now she’s five, even he was desperate for her to stop. After 19 days, it has worked a treat!! One month after taking it off, she dooesn’teven think about putting her hand near her mouth. A word of warning though- I should have anticipated how hard it would be, as she had no other comfort mechanism and our placid daughter turned into a monster for 3weeks, with tantrums and misbehaviour. But now she’s back to her usual self and veryproud of herself for stopping the habit. I just wish we’d used it sooner!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janine Jackson

    After three years and messed up teeth on a 3 year old, bumps around the mouth hand foot and mouth disease and other diseases acquired from finger sucking I found this device online ordered it and on DAY 1 he stopped sucking his finger. This is the only device I purchased and glad it works and didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to figure this out.. This is revolutionary product I am a REAL customer and you definitely need to try this. I was expecting this to take 30 days and it took just one day. I will continue to use for 30 days of course so this becomes permanent.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had a 14 year long finger sucking habit, which was extremely hard to stop. I tried everything from those disgusting nail polish paints to wearing gloves. When I found the “finger guard” I was quite intrigued and excited for finding something that might work. I was amazed by finding that I had naturally stopped the habit within weeks. The only tip I have is to only use “Tguard” when you, your child, or whoever is using it, is ready to stop their habit. Good luck!

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