8 Tips To Keep Your Child Happy During Allergy Season

plastic thumb guard Spring is the time of year when your kids can finally play outside in the warm weather. But if your child has seasonal allergies, their joy will only last for so long.

To help keep your kids happy despite their allergy symptoms this season, consider the following day-to-day tips.

  1. Keep your child hydrated. A runny nose accompanied by warm weather can cause your child to lose water more quickly. Encourage them to sip water throughout the day and keep a water bottle on hand.
  2. Help your child keep their hands away from their face. The average person carries 3,200 bacteria on their hands as well as allergens and pollen. Help your child avoid touching their eyes or sucking their thumb to avoid allergen exposure. A plastic thumb guard such as a TGuard is 90% effective in breaking thumbsucking habits.
  3. Reduce itchiness with a cold compress. A cold compress can help to reduce soreness and itchy eyes, which can make your child uncomfortable.
  4. Pick soothing tissues. The type of tissues you choose can make all the difference when you’ve blown your nose enough times. Keep your child’s nose from getting sore by choosing tissues with lotion or aloe.
  5. Keep an eye out for certain foods. Your child may have an allergic sensitivity to melons, chamomile tea, sunflower seeds, bananas, and cucumbers if they’re allergic to ragweed.
  6. Try a little bit of spicy food. If your little ones like their fair share of spicy foods, try giving them food with garlic, onions, or hot ginger. Spice can help to clear nasal passages and thin mucus.
  7. Use salt water to soothe sore throats. Children who are old enough to gargle salt water without swallowing can gargle warm water with 1 to 2 tablespoons of table salt. This can help reduce some of the pain from a sore throat.
  8. Make your child some tea. A weak tea with honey and lemon can help soothe your child’s sore throat and relieve sinus congestion.

Thumb sucking remedies such as using a plastic thumb guard can help keep allergens out of your child’s mouth. To learn more about thumb sucking remedies and thumb sucking guards, contact T Guard today for more information on our TGuard classic.