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The Financial Consequences of Thumb Sucking

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The Financial Consequences of Thumb Sucking

Thumb-sucking, a seemingly innocent habit common among infants and toddlers, can lead to significant physical and emotional problems if you don’t address them early. Consider the financial consequences of thumb-sucking and learn about a cost-effective solution to help nip this problem in the bud. But first, here are several examples of how thumb-sucking can impact your family’s budget:

Speech Therapy

Hindered speech development is one of the less known but considerable impacts of prolonged thumb-sucking. This habit may lead to lisps or other speech impediments that require professional intervention. The cost of speech therapy varies widely, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $200 per session. Considering that successful therapy often takes many sessions, the total cost can add up quickly.

Behavioral and Psychological Therapy

Children who continue to suck their thumbs beyond the toddler years might do so as a response to stress or anxiety. Behavioral or psychological therapy could be necessary in such cases. Thumb-sucking can also subject a school-age child to ridicule and bullying, affecting their sense of self-worth and creating social anxiety and impaired social skills. Depending on the therapist and the required number of sessions, these treatments can range from $100 to $200 per hour.

Orthodontic Treatments

Prolonged thumb-sucking can lead to dental problems, including tooth misalignment and changes in the roof of the mouth. Correcting these issues often involves very costly orthodontic treatments. Braces, for instance, can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000, and more complex treatments, such as surgery to correct a malformed jaw, can be even higher.

Avoiding the Extreme Expense of Thumb Sucking Treatments

The good news is easier, equally effective, and far less costly ways to break the thumb-sucking habit exist. Using a thumb guard, a safe and proven solution that helps children quit the habit without the need for expensive therapies or treatments is one such method. Learn how to break thumb-sucking with a T-Guard AeroThumb device.

This device, made of medical-grade plastic, removes the pleasurable sensation of suction that thumb-sucking provides, so the child wearing it no longer craves the thumb as a method of comforting themselves or soothing their anxiety. Your child will be free to develop more grown-up coping strategies that will serve them better as they grow when they succeed in breaking the thumb-sucking habit.

The financial consequences of thumb-sucking can be extensive, involving various therapies and treatments. However, parents can prevent these unnecessary expenses by addressing the issue early with cost-effective solutions like thumb guards. With the right approach, breaking the thumb-sucking habit need not break the bank.