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4 Things That Will Keep Your Child Healthy This School Year And 1 Thing That Won’t

thumb sucking The kids are headed back to school and allergy season is nearly over. Unfortunately, the war between your child and germs has only just begun.

Germs go where people go, which makes your child’s school a breeding ground for bacteria. That doesn’t mean your kids can’t be ready for battle.

Here are four things your child can use to help fight back against germs this school year and one thing that could actually make things worse.

    1. A seasonal check-up. Check-ups help to make sure your child is on the right path in terms of growth and development. They also help to keep your child healthy by giving them the opportunity to get any vaccines they might need or that the school requires. Vaccines help keep serious illnesses away so your child can focus on their education and you can feel relieved knowing they’re protected.
    2. A flu shot. On the topic of vaccines, a flu shot is another way you can help keep your child protected against germs. The flu virus changes every year and it can be challenging to determine which strain your child could come down with. A flu shot can help keep your child safe from at least two out of three strains.
    3. A good hand-washing technique. Hand-washing is the most popular defense against germs. It’s important your child knows how to wash their hands correctly and for a long enough time to kill off bacteria that could make them sick.
    4. A thumb sucking appliance. If your child sucks their thumb, a thumb sucking deterrent may be a good idea. It helps keep your child from sucking their fingers, which can introduce bacteria into their bodies and get them sick.

Check-ups and thumb sucking appliances can be great to keep your child healthy, but one thing your child doesn’t need this school year is hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer kills both good and bad germs on your child’s hands and it can actually dry out your child’s skin. Instead of sanitizer, teach your child how to properly wash their hands and they’ll be all set to go.

How can I help my child stop thumb sucking?

Approximately 10% of children will continue to suck their thumb after the age of two or three. To help your child stop finger sucking, you can use a thumb sucking guard like the TGuard classic.

The TGuard finger guard is made of soft plastic that won’t hurt your child’s mouth and prevents the sucking sensation that turns thumb sucking into a habit. To learn more about thumb sucking deterrents, contact T Guard today.