Not Just The Teeth: How Thumb Sucking Can Impact Your Child’s Growth

thumb guards for toddlers For young children, thumb sucking is a normal form of oral stimulation that provides comfort. It also reduces the risk of allergy development. In fact, 95% of babies suck their thumbs on reflex.

But once your child has reached the age of three or four, it may be in their best interest to start deterring them from thumb sucking. This is because persistent oral habits like thumb sucking can have a major impact on your child’s growth and development.

How does thumb sucking impact my child’s development?

Many parents may not see thumb sucking as a major problem for their child. And in most cases, they’re right. Many children will eventually stop sucking their thumb on their own.

But for those children who don’t stop sucking their thumb once they’ve reached the age of four, thumb sucking can pose a threat to the growth and development of your child’s teeth, lips, and face.

As it turns out, thumb sucking can impact more than how your child’s teeth come in. Thumb sucking can also narrow your child’s upper jaw and palate.

As a result, your child may develop a high vaulted palate, a flaring of the upper teeth, and stunted upper jaw growth. It can also cause lip incompetence, a lack of space between the teeth, and an anterior open bite.

For this reason, it’s critical to start deterring your child from sucking their thumb before they start to lose their baby teeth. This is usually around the time when your child starts to attend school. Adult teeth will begin to come in around the age of six or seven.

How can I get my child to stop finger sucking?

Thumb sucking is a challenging habit to break. But early intervention can prevent your child from developing problematic health issues later in life.

One of the best ways you can help teach your child to stop sucking their thumb is by using thumb guards for toddlers. Thumb guards for toddlers like the TGuard Classic are soft and safe, but prevent your child from experiencing the sucking sensation that they find soothing.

When you remove the sucking sensation from the equation, your child is less likely to suck their thumb. To learn more about thumb sucking deterrents and thumb sucking appliances like the TGuard finger guard, contact T Guard today.