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5 Alternatives to Pacifiers Parents Should Consider

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Pacifiers have long been a go-to for parents looking to soothe their babies. Although binkies often help soothe babies, children can become dependent on their pacifiers, and sucking on them for too long can cause dental problems as their jaw develops. Explore five alternatives to pacifiers that parents should consider. 


Teethers are a popular alternative to pacifiers, especially for teething babies. These toys are available in various shapes and materials designed to comfort sore gums. Unlike pacifiers, which primarily satisfy a baby’s sucking reflex, teethers cater specifically to the need to chew during the teething phase. 

Pro Tip

Experiment with silicone, rubber, and even wooden teethers, as they all offer slightly different textures that your baby may prefer as a natural pain reliever. 

Sensory Toys

During infancy and toddlerhood, children enjoy sensory toys that stimulate their curious minds. These toys employ various textures, sounds, and colors to engage your little one’s senses and keep them occupied. Sensory toys can also help soothe a fussy baby by providing a distraction from discomfort or boredom. 

Sippy Cup

A sippy cup or bottle is another alternative to pacifiers that parents should consider. Many sippy cups come with soft silicone spouts that mimic the texture and feel of a pacifier but serve the practical purpose of providing hydration and nutrition. 

Ensure your child does not use the sensation of sucking on a sippy cup as a substitute for their pacifier. Your child should only suck on their bottle when they are thirsty or hungry; if the bottle is empty, gently take it from your child.


Lullabies, classical music, and even white noise machines can create a soothing environment for your child. You can also sing to your baby rather than give them a pacifier when they become upset or need to relax. The sound of your voice and the calming melodies of peaceful music can have a similar calming effect to a pacifier without presenting any potential issues. 


Reading to your child from an early age fosters a love of books and sets the stage for early literacy. Additionally, picture books with bright colors and simple illustrations can capture your baby’s attention, offering an engaging alternative to pacifiers. Holding your baby close while reading also strengthens the parent-child bond, providing emotional security that a pacifier cannot offer. 

Prevent Thumb Sucking

Some children may start sucking on their fingers or thumb after you take away the pacifier because it provides the same soothing sensation.

Knowing how to break a finger sucking habit early on can help prevent potential dental and speech problems in the future. The AeroFinger slides over your child’s hand to prevent finger sucking. The holes in the medical-grade plastic eliminate the potential for suction. Keep your child comfortable and smiling brightly.