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NEW! Our improved-design treatment kit is guaranteed to be more comfortable and ensure greater results than our time-tested success, TGuard Classic. On sale for a limited time only!

For kit contents, and sizing chart, please scroll down for more information.

Why is TGuard™ recommended the most?

  • AeroThumb™ takes less than 4 weeks to completely break the habit.
  • The TGuard AeroThumb product is made out of soft and flexible, FDA-listed, medical grade plastic, and is manufactured in the USA. The product is 100% BPA and phthalate free.
  • It has a success rate greater than 95%.
  • We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee.



New and recommended! We are glad to present the newest version of our highly successful thumb sucking treatment kit: AeroThumb®! Based on the same principles as our TGuard Classic, AeroThumb’s improved design offers a comfortable and ergonomic fit that will fit on your child’s hand like a glove. Ventilated holes ensure cool air flow, which allows the device to be worn without any worry of condensation build up. More adjustment resolution means you can get a tighter, more precise fit.

In short, our new design is more comfortable, more ergonomic, and is far more effective than our 20 year old classic design.

If you are looking for a guaranteed way to stop thumb sucking in 4 weeks or less, without causing pain or discomfort, then look no further. Most parents see results after only ONE week of using AeroThumb, making it one of the most recommended solutions to break the habit.

Please note: Most children switch from one thumb to the other, when you apply the TGuard. For that reason, we recommend purchasing two treatment kits, one for each hand.

To find out more about TGuard Technology, and how our products work to stop the thumb sucking habit, check out our TGuard Technology page.

If you have any questions, please visit FAQs for more information.

Kit Contents

Each treatment kit contains everything you need to stop the thumb sucking habit for one hand, within 30 days.

  • 1 Ambidextrous AeroThumb™ appliance (can be worn on either hand)
  • 30 bracelets: fun to wear, and multi-colored, so children can choose a new color every day!
  • 1 Instalock – makes the fitting process as easy as possible!
  • One set of instructions
  • Reward chart + stickers

Sizing Chart

Sizing can be a tricky matter and it’s very important to get the right size in order to have a successful treatment. We recommend the table below for most children.

Age / Weight Age: 0 to 4 (under 40 lbs) Age: 5 to 6 (between 40 and 65 lbs) Age: 7+ (more than 65 lbs)
Recommended Size Small Medium Large

While the table above will work for most children, if a child is in between sizes, or has a height / weight that is greater than the 80th percentile, or lower than the 20th percentile, the printable pdf file below may be helpful. It contains a tool which will assist in determining the exact right size for your child.

Click here to download the TGuard sizing PDF.

To use the tool, simply print out the PDF, cut out the banner, and wrap it around the thumb. The point at which the paper overlaps will indicate the right size.

Please know that children under 3 are more likely to switch from thumb to finger sucking, or vice-versa, due to their habit not being fully matured. If you see that the child switches from thumb to finger sucking, please contact us.

Video And Instructions



Click here to download AeroThumb instructions.

63 reviews for TGuard AeroThumb

  1. Jennifer

    We had tried everything we could think of to get my 7 year old daughter to quit sucking her thumb when I saw Tguard online. After 30 days with the Tguard, she was finally done! She said she does not even think about sucking her thumb anymore! This product is amazing!

  2. Oldine

    I can never thank you enough for this amazing product. I bought it for one of my daughter after I wait 4 years for her to stop on her own. I tried everything nothing has worked. when she went to the dentist, the dentist told me to do something her tooth is getting deform. I finally decided to buy it after I read the review. one week only , it only took her one week to stop sucking on her thumb. thank you so much for this amazing invention.

  3. Catherine Desjardins

    Wow! Ce fut un succès. Ça n’a pas été facile tous les jours, mais ma fille était très fière de pouvoir choisir ses bracelets de couleur. Elle se trouvait belle quand elle les portait. Elle avait 4 ans et demi et elle n’a pas recommencé à sucer son pouce depuis. Ça fait un an.

  4. Matt

    We started off by using the classic Thumbguard but it was difficult to get the right fit for my son (balance of not too tight and not too loose). My son still sucked/chewed on the thumbguard which made it wet and he soon got a blister.

    We worked with the great folks at Tguard who offered us the AeroThumb. This is a major upgrade and I highly recommend it. The air flow is significantly improved and he can wash his hands and get it wet but it quickly dries. Also, the plastic seems much softer which means no more blisters!

    We’re still working on breaking the habit but the Aerothumb is definitely helping!

  5. Jilian

    This product has the potential to be wonderful. My five year old managed to get her thumb out wth the original design until I made it super tight. It then rubbed and caused damage to her skin so we purchased the areoguard. It’s ventilation is better however my daughter continues to pull out her thumb each night. We’re persisting but I must say I feel frustrated. If I tighten the devise it will damage her skin.

  6. Stephanie

    My 4 year old son has sucked his thumb since he was 3 months old. I waited till he was ready to stop sucking his thumb and asked for help,- I was delighted to be able to order him help by purchasing tguard! We purchased the wrong size and tguard made the exchange process very easy! My son was eager to stop but would still try to suck his thumb out of habit but the tguard prevented suction and stopped the habit. And his preschool teachers loved that he could easily wash his hands! Thank you!

  7. Anastasia

    Hey, mommas and daddy’s of thumb suckers. I was sharing with another mom (and thought I would share with others too) how wonderful this product is when you are ready. It is the BEST! As a former thumb sucker myself whose mother tried charts, rewards, taking my blanket away, changing the environment-all to no avail – I highly recommend this way of dealing with thumb sucking. My daughter used this at age 6 and my son at age 5. It’s still emotional for them the first couple of days-weeks but it is well worth it if you stick with it. My strategy was to let them suck their thumb until they started to loose teeth. That is the time where they NEED to stop so their adult teeth can come in straight. Both my son and daughter have beautifully straight teeth. I, on the other hand, had to have braces to correct my overbite that accommodated my thumb much too long. Again, can’t say enough good about this amazing product!!

  8. Ashley Kay

    Good idea in concept, but if your kid is hell bent on doing it they still will. Just bought these for my 6 year old. At first, he was slipping out of it. After we tightened it up, he started chewing on them and bit through the plastic enough to be able to suck on his thumb again.

  9. Deanna

    I bought the ThumbGuard for my six year old daughter. I have to say I was worried that this would not work after I had tried many other things. After 44 days my daughter stopped sucking her thumb and she herself told me how happy she was that she had stopped sucking her thumb!! My daughter was able to do everyday tasks with the ThumbGuard on with no trouble. I love this product and I wish I would have found this a lot earlier. Thank you for making a product that worked!!

  10. Ash

    We got a t-guard after getting off the phone with our pediatric dentist with a case of dizziness surrounding the cost of an orthodontic apparatus to stop our 4-year-old’s thumb sucking. She recommended the t-guard and even said it was less “traumatic” than a mouth cage. The first few days went great… I think because our 4-year-old had been well versed on WHY he has to stop (“can get teeth like a bunny”) and the included sticker-chart with his written reward (Lego dimensions for his Wii!). We took it off only for cleaning/bathing and though we had one spell of him sucking his thumb about 3-weeks in, we held strong. A little over a month in, we were able to only have it on at night when he is most likely to subconsciously suck his thumb at bedtime. Now? Not at all and we have ZERO relapse! I think it’s all about explaining the process, the age of the child and pure diligence in keeping up with it. He DID chew the apparatus for a day or two and it DID get a little discolored from the silicone material but nothing that changed it’s effectiveness and nothing that caused discomfort. I am SO grateful for this product as nothing else worked – not bandaids, other rewards, spicy nail polish, etc. I figured it wouldn’t work for me but took the plunge and I’m so glad we did!!

  11. Dr. Jane Soxman

    Although there are numerous reasons to cease a thumb or finger sucking habit, the consequences of malocclusion, the expense of Phase I orthodontic treatment and fracture or avulsion due to protrusion of the maxillary incisors, are foremost. Metal appliances that may loosen or break and the challenges of alginate impressions with a gag reflex or poor cooperation are avoided with aerofinger and aerothumb. As removable appliance therapy (D8210), dental insurance may cover the cost. School-age children are at a developmental stage when competence is especially important. Emotional immaturity or inability to attain the necessary discipline to stop sucking may create stress, which in turn drives the habit. With compliance, aerofinger and aerothmb are effective devices to stop a finger or thumb sucking habit in as little as three days. Continued wearing of the device for the recommended 30 days is advised to assure complete habit cessation. Caregivers too are relieved with the elimination of frustration, constant reminding or admonishing. The device is usually worn at bedtime, but does not interfere with any activity, so can also be worn during the day. The newly designed aerothumb and aerofinger offer an improved design with ventilation, contours and flexible shape. Children are involved as they select from 30 colorful lockbands and enjoy the sticker book and stickers. Easy, safe and inexpensive intervention that decreases traumatic dental injuries and need for phase I orthodontic treatment, along with everyone’s satisfaction with success, earn a “thumbs up” from my practice for aerothumb and aerofinger!

  12. Mate I. Liket

    My son has been sucking his thumb sinnce a year l8r he was born. My husband and i were worried and tried everything we could. He is now 11 yrs old and he has stopped. Thank yoy tghard. 4 those who havent bought it, i %100 recommend you buy it

    Kind reguard

    M8 I. Liket

  13. Rodney Planet

    We ordered the Tguard for our 3 year old, and by day 2 she had converted to sucking on the other thumb. The look on her face when the 2nd Tguard arrived in the mail was priceless. As her mom put it on her, she cried and said I need something in my mouth mom, and started unbuttoning her mom’s shirt. This really worried us. I took her to the library and we found a few children books on thumb sucking, which she really enjoyed having read to her. Within the first week as she played with her dolls, we could hear her saying to them that she was going to go check the mail so she can help them stop sucking on their thumbs. It was the funniest thing I have ever heard. The guards are now off, and it is as if the habit had never occurred. I will recommend this product to any and everyone. It is money well spent. We had a small mailing encounter with the 2nd order, and the professionalism of Tguard’s customer service really presented itself and David straightened the matter out immediately. Thank you David.

  14. Stephanie

    I don’t normally leave reviews, but I had to this time. The TGuard Aero Thumb has been amazing. It works! It was recommended to us by our dentist, who had serious concerns about our 3 1/2 year old daughters’ dental development because of her near-constant thumb sucking. We started with the TGuard about 23 days ago, full time for the first week, then part time (at times when she was more likely to suck: naps, bed, screen time, etc.). We have had it completely off for about a week now. Well, she has not sucked her thumb, or even put it in her mouth, since the first time the TGuard was put on. It well and truly made the habit disappear. It is easy to use, our daughter liked choosing her own coloured band, and best of all: it just worked. We are thrilled and have already recommended it to others.

  15. R Beaver

    Goodbye Thumb Sucking…that’s what we are saying at our home! Our two-year-old no longer sucks her thumb…thanks to the Aerothumb. Many people told us, “she is too young, she won’t be able to stop.” But, we knew she could do it…so we made a plan, set a goal, and stuck to it…and success! We are so thankful for a thumb guard device that is easy to use and not cumbersome for her to wear. She was so aware of her thumb sucking, she didn’t have to wear the device all day. She only had to wear at naptime and bedtime. After 35 days…she is thumb sucking free! Thank you tguard for an amazing product. We are beyond grateful for the improvements in her speech already…words enunciated more clearly! Thank you too for the amazing customer service. We needed more bracelets and your staff were amazingly helpful and kind in processing our additional order. Thank you tguard for the the BEST thumb guard ever!!

  16. Jennifer Pattison

    I just wanted to let you know how great this product is. At first we weren’t sure because we had a child who sucked his thumb all the time. After a week of having this on we could tell he was making huge progress and within 3-4 weeks he was completely broke of the habit. He has Not been wearing this for about a month or month and a half and has been thumb sucking free!! I can not tell you how appreciative I am of this product. It truly made this process much easier than we had anticipated. Thank you very much!!!

  17. Katherine

    I am very satisfied with this product, it really fulfilled and exceeded expectations. I bought this product earlier this year for our daughter of almost 5 years old, who had been sucking her finger since she was 2 years old ( I think). I never really did much to cut that habit, but since I was realizing that she was getting her teeth deformed and also because in September she will go to kindergarten, I started looking for information and also to ask the dentist if they knew any product for avoid that habit, but they did not help me much. so looking on the internet, I found this product and saw the video of promotion, as I found other products too, but this gave me more confidence, although its cost was a little higher than the others; but I think it was because of the video that has this page where they explain the whole process made me decide. During the treatment, in two occasions I forgot to put the aero thumb back to my daughter, and she tried to suck her finger again, and my husband felt a bit disappointed. I told him not to be disappointed, because we had to meet the total deadline to see results, and so it was …… at the end of the treatment (I extended it for 1 week, because my husband told me, in his distrust), the result was incredible, and never again has she gone back to sucking her finger again, the habit really was broken, and I am very grateful to you for having created this product. I really recommend it 100%.

    • TGuard Support

      Thank you Katherine for your review! We are so happy to hear of your success. I am glad you stuck with it during the hard parts; we know it is not an easy habit to break. But with patience and perseverance, a good outcome can be reached. We congratulate you!

  18. Shannon

    My 6 year old broke it in less than 4 hpurs of wearing it.

    • TGuard Support

      Hi Shannon,
      So sorry to hear that! This is very unusual. It is likely that this is due to a manufacturing defect. Please visit in order to get a free replacement sent out to you.
      Otherwise, our support team can troubleshoot the issue and make sure you have the right size / design for your child’s needs, to ensure a comfortable treatment with a durable appliance guaranteed to break the habit.

  19. Maria Regina

    My son has been sucking his thumb since 6 moths old and now he is 2 years old. I had tried many things for him to lose the habit but nothing worked. He used the Tguard during full 30 days and he has not sucked his fingers since then. I’m from Brazil and we are very happy, thank you!

  20. Rami

    I bought this for my 3 year old. She started to suck her thumb from the day she was born. I tried lot of things to get rid of this habit. At last I found this TGuard, read all the reviews and I thought why shouldn’t I give it a try? Then I bought 2 of them. In one week I could see a lot of difference. She stopped sucking during day time. Then she almost took another 2 weeks to stop in the night. After that I stopped using the Product. I am very happy I found this product and I would recommend this 100%.

    • TGuard Support

      Thanks for the review Rami! We are always happy to hear success stories. Wishing your daughter all of the best, and congratulations once again!

  21. silva.cecilia04

    Thank you TGuard! I know my son will thank me when he’s older for making the wise choice of purchasing this amazing treatment.
    It’s been over a month since I removed it and he has completely forgotten about sucking his thumb!

  22. Flo Tefteller

    My 3 years old girl started sucking both thumps when she was three months. I couldn’t get her to stop. The pediatrician told me about the tguard. I had my doubts that it was going to work. The first days were rough for her as far as napping and bed time but after the first week, just like a magic she stopped ducking both thumbs. I gave her breaks of the tguard so I could see of she was progessing…after 2 weeks she no longer wears the tguard. No more thumb sucking. She enjoyed choosing her band colors, and even ask me to place the tguard in her fingers. Every time she see a picture of her sucking her thumb she will say…no more dedo “finger”
    Este producto hace maravillas. Mi niña de tres anos se chupaba el dedo desde los tres anos. Ya se le habia deformado la dentadura y sus pulgares de las dos manos. El pediatra me dijo del tguard e investigue a profundo. No la pensé dos veces. Después de dos semanas de seguir el plan, mi niña ya no se chupaba sus pulgares para nada. Ni siquiera para dormir que era lo que más le gustaba hacer antes de dormir. Lo recomiendo 100%. Las bandits de colores, las pegatinas con el calendario lo hacen superior divertido para los peques. Fácil de poner, quitar y lavar.

    • TGuard Support

      Hi Flo,
      Thanks so much for the review! We are always delighted to read our success stories. Congratulations to you and your daughter, and let us know if we can help you with anything else!!
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  23. Tiana Rogers

    This is an updated review. After my first review the company was in contact with me and when I sent pictures of what my child’s thumb gaurd looked like after my kid chewed it up, they were kind enough to send me a replacement. We still have to use a mitten when she’s feeling overly distressed, napping or in the car for longish rides, and keeping it clean is a challenge, but she isn’t chewing her gaurd anymore and she is more conscious about not sucking her thumb. We will see how things go when she starts school, because despite what the website says, she cannot use her hand properly to open things up or write so she will not be wearing it when she is in school. I think it is working though because she will often bring us her mitten and tell us she needs it on to remind herself not to suck her thumb and she will start to chew on her nails and then stop and berate herself and not chew again. As with all products it works better for some children but not others, if other options haven’t worked, try this one.

  24. Stephen

    Gave the AeroThumb guard a try on my 2-year old daughter, and while it definitely prevented her from thumbsucking her preferred thumb (left), on the 2nd day she’d switched to the other (right). Looks like I should’ve bought two instead of just one. But it makes me think that she’ll switch to some other finger if I do. *Sigh*. The thumbsucking saga continues…

    • TGuard Support

      Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for your comment. The majority of children who suck their thumbs end up switching from one thumb to another, even if they’ve never sucked the other thumb before. This is because the difference in shape between the left and right thumbs is pretty minimal when in the mouth.
      Switching from thumbs to fingers, on the other hand, is pretty rare, and really only affects a small percentage of children under the age of 3. If that happens, we would recommend either waiting 6 months (the child will develop a preference for a particular thumb or finger, which will prevent them from switching), or, you can add a fabric glove to the TGuard so that all of the fingers are covered.

      I hope it helps. Good luck, and let us know if we can help with anything else!

  25. Jenny Pung

    I would pay $50 two more times for the results I received from my 21 month old after just 5 weeks of wearing this product. He didn’t fight it or try to remove it. I clipped a little of the end off so he’d have more dexterity. I wouldn’t have minded him thumb sucking for comfort but he was so aggressive with it that he had already shifted one of his front teeth. His pediatric dentist recommended this to us and was happy to hear we had already ordered it. We put it on him day and night and only removed it briefly for washings. My son was a very committed thumb sucker too. All of our pictures include his smile being blocked by his hand ( as he sucked his thunb), he was even doing it in his ultrasound photos. I’m very pleased with this product and recommended it without reservation. I really didn’t think his habit could be broken in 5 was, but he doesn’t even do it as night as a reflux and had not even resorted to it after beginning preschool for the first time last week! best $49 I ever spent! Don’t put this off. Try it. My son’s vocabulary and speech has even improved as a result of not having his thumb in his mouth all the time!

  26. Jenny Pung

    I would pay $50 two more times for the results I received from my 21 month old after just 5 weeks of wearing this product. This was more than 3 weeks ago and he is a non-thumb sucker now. He didn’t fight it or try to remove it. I clipped a little of the end off so he’d have more dexterity. I wouldn’t have minded him thumb sucking for comfort but he was so aggressive with it that he had already shifted one of his front teeth. His pediatric dentist recommended this to us and was happy to hear we had already ordered it. We put it on him day and night and only removed it briefly for washings. My son was a very committed thumb sucker too. All of our pictures include his smile being blocked by his hand ( as he sucked his thunb), he was even doing it in his ultrasound photos. I’m very pleased with this product and recommended it without reservation. I really didn’t think his habit could be broken in 5 weeks, but he doesn’t even do it at night as a reflex and has not even resorted to it after beginning preschool for the first time last week! Best $49 I ever spent! Don’t put this off. Try it. My son’s vocabulary and speech has even improved as a result of not having his thumb in his mouth all the time!

  27. MJ

    I can not thank you enough. My 4 year old had the tguard on for 7 days . And she is not longer sucking her thumb. Now I am sending one to my sister in Argentina for her son. She can not find anything like the tguard. My sister is desperate for her son to do this treatment, because it was a total success for my daughter.
    Also, my daughter’s pediatric dentist is sharing my daughter success to other patients.
    Thank you very much,

  28. Maria Jose

    I can not thank you enough. In less than three weeks my 4 year old daughter was done with sucking her thumb. Now My sister wo7ld like a tguard for her son, because off my success history. She can not find anything like it in Argentina. Also my daughter Pediatric Denits is sharing our success with other patients.
    [email protected] you very much

  29. Nadia Russell

    I did not know where to submit a big big thank u my son stopped sucking his thumb thank u thank u thank u we did not know what to do we were so worried that he would suck his thumb forever! We are so grateful this product exsists he’s been set free !
    5stars from us !!!!

  30. Ava

    This is amazing !!!! My husband and I decided to give this a try and let me tell you the first attempt we failed because we started it without a plan and our son within the first week he started sucking the other thumb. He is now 2 and we wanted to give it another try, this time we had a plan. The first week was the hardest. He would cry especially at nights because it was his comfort. The great thing was this time he did not try to suck the other thumb. The plan was to only take it off to clean and replace fresh band when he was asleep. We didn’t want him to have access to the thumb not even for a second because that would have defeated the purpose . On day 19 we took the T Guard off to see how he would react and he went through out the entire day without sucking his thumb. It is officially 3 weeks and so far so good.

  31. Addie

    It worked! My two and a half year old was an avid thumb sucker. When he was sleepy, hungry, cranky, tired, moody, etc etc. We purchased the aero thumb guard and follwed the directions. The first 2 nights were horrible. Like someone else said, it was as if he was a crack head going through withdrawal. But once we got passed that if was a breeze. He wore it for a month and a half. We only purchased one and thankfully he never switched to the other thumb. So far it’s been almost 2 months and he has not gone back to thumb sucking. And his teeth are falling back into place. I highly recommend this product and this company. Very strong product and well made.

  32. Ashley

    This thumb guard really worked for my 18 month old son! The first night was rough because he goes to sleep while sucking his thumb but he adjusted real quick (within days). He would actually come up to me and give me his thumb when he saw me take it out his backpack. In addition, he started babbling more then he was before which I am super happy about. The only reason why I didn’t give this review 5 stars is because it fit him a little big.

  33. PEDRO

    This product really works and customer service is excellent.
    I highly recommended.

    Este producto realmente funciona, mi niña de 3 años se chupaba el pulgar derecho y el dentista me dijo que comprar dos, uno para el derecho y uno para el izquierdo, ya que se dejaban de chupar una mano pero cambiaban a la otra.
    Compré ambos, pero decidi solo usar uno y el otro (nuevo sin abrir) lo devolvi. El servicio al cliente, es muy honesto y yo también, así que recibió el producto, vio que estaba nuevo y me devolvió el dinero.
    Adicional a esto, mi niña es bien grande, entonces yo compre talla medium (basado en el peso), pero ella de todas formas podia remover el dispositivo, hablé con el servicio al cliente y de manera gratuita me enviaron un tamaño menor.
    No tengo más que agradecer, ya que el tratamiento si funciona.
    Despues de un mes, mi niña ya no se chupa el pulgar.
    Al comienzo tenia miedo porque se veia en la imagen como un plastico duro, pero no lo es y no daña al niño. Los orificios del aerothumb son los que no le permiten al niño hacer la succión, contrario a lo que uno cree, que en mi caso pense que no se chuparia porque seria algo duro.
    Es un producto muy bien diseñado.

  34. Victoria Maria Carreon

    I love this it worked for my 5yr old to an extent. What I mean by that is she started chewing it bit by bit and was no longer useful. I was hoping so find one with a harder plastic Because it does work except if you child is determined.

  35. Shoby John

    We have a 13 year old son with autism that has sucked his thumb and pointer finger since we adopted him at 14 months. As we started this process it became apparent it will take longer than 30 days. In the brief periods where he has the device off for changing the bands, he puts his fingers right back in his mouth. Also, what we discovered in the process is that the material seems to be falling apart at the top of his thumb. The “plastic” is tearing off. Looks like we might have to get a whole new set. 🙁 We would have rated this lower than 3 stars but when he’s had it on, it does seem to keep him from putting his fingers in his mouth, though we did catch him a few times putting his uncovered pointer finger in his mouth.

  36. Shoby John

    We received a follow up email from a TGuard representative after posting our original review. From the get go, the representative was very thoughtful and knowledgeable. Never perfunctory or dismissive. He even offered to do a consultation to consider all the facts about our situation and worked with us to try and address any misunderstandings or issues that we were experiencing. After the consultation and TGuard’s kind offer to replace the device that was outside of the warranty period, we will continue the regimen and see if we can overcome the initial challenges. At this point, we would like to replace our original review score with this one (from a 3 to a 4). And the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because we’re waiting for the 2nd attempt to be completed and achieve success.

  37. Anacaona de Lima

    4 stars

  38. Paula Furman

    Thank you. Almost 20 years ago we bought a TGuard for my daughter who was an intense thumb sucker. And she was clever about it. We tried putting stuff on her thumb. She learned she could get it off or switch thumbs or tolerate the taste. When we got the ThumbGuard we quickly found out we had to get two. Then she learned to twist her thumb out of it. She is double jointed in both thumbs. We called you for help and you kindly gave us more of the straps and told us how to secure it better. Then she ate the ThumbGuard off. We called you about that and you even sent us new ThumbGuard. At that time you hadn’t had a child go to that point. Finally she had it on and couldn’t get her fingers out. She still chewed on it some but not eating it. Then she hit serious withdrawal. Screaming and crying at nite. You see, thumb sucking was how she calmed herself. I stayed awake with her so many nights I completed a photo album! I would pull her hand away and pat her back. Finally she was done with the thumb! Her palate went back to a more normal shape ( it is still higher than typical) she had braces but not the surgery she was headed for because she stopped before she was 6. Now she has a beautiful smile. I asked her if she was glad that the thumb sucking habit was broken. At 24 she is very glad! Thank you for your ingenuity! We are fellow engineers and appreciated your engineering approach to this problem. I hope others will save their children from the damage of thumbsucking with your great product.

  39. Samantha

    This product is AMAZING and it really works. I never thought I could get my 5 year old to kick the habit of thumb sucking, especially because he needed to do it at night to help him sleep. We didn’t even need to use the guard for the full 30 days and he completely stopped thumb sucking or even wanting to. He really enjoyed putting a star sticker on every day he completed without sucking his thumb, and I promised him a big present if he could make it to the end. Definitely worth the purchase!

  40. Domonick Willis

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet! TGuard guaranteed their product and IT WORKS!!! I have an 8 year old daughter, her thumb sucking started from the age of two. We used this product 30+ days, she no longer sucks her thumbs, or show any signs of relapsing. “TGUARD DEFINITELY GUARDS YOUR GRILL!!!” 😁 Thanks a lifetime.

  41. Diana G.

    Hola! El producto es bueno y si ha ayudado a mi hijo, pero ya lleva más de un mes así que todavía tuvimos que comprar más tiras, y también que no todos los niños son iguales pero mejor seguir comprando tiras a que siga creciendo con los dientes mal.

  42. Brandi Albert

    This helped my son not suck his thumb while wearing it. He wasn’t even chewing his thumb anymore!! However it did not kick the habit to the curb. After the 30 day warranty period was up, both thumb guards started cracking all over and started holding so much dirt that I can no longer clean them properly. These are expensive to buy if you have to buy them every 45 days! Extra arm bands are far more expense than other options on amazon only the other bracelets won’t fit for the tguards. It impossible to get customer service on the phone. Make a product you can stand behind. Not one that becomes defective after 30 days.

  43. Rachael

    Our 2 1/2 year old is a hard core thumb sucker. Yes the T-guard works. After 3 weeks she would not suck during the day when the guard was off. I still put it on at night, but now she has switched and sucks the other thumb. We purchased a 2nd thumb guard in hopes this would stop her nighttime sucking, but again she switched to sucking her finger.
    Now we are looking at buying 2 of the finger guards. We are almost at the 60 day mark. I am a happy customer, we just have a very determined child.

  44. Carlos Byrd

    To All
    I’m writing this review to hopefully clear up a previous review sent in haste. I purchased the AeroThumb and received great support and attention to detail in ordering which I discovered a mishap on my end and not Tguard which led to hasty review previously. At the time, I acknowledged the mishap as well as kept and utilized the product to this day for my 3 year old daughter. The product is great and my previous review 6 months ago should have been deleted then, but is now deleted after dialogue with Google Business Listing which has been confirmed.

  45. Krista McAvoy

    Product works but don’t expect it to last longer than thirty days. And when it doesn’t, don’t expect TGuard to care about it even though you just dropped significant money with them.

    • TGuard Support

      TGuard Response: This customer used our automated warranty claim system and their claim was denied because it was outside of the warranty period, and they were not in the USA. Despite the fact that they did not reach out to us directly to give us a chance to help, we did offer a free replacement for the cost of shipping, as a courtesy, which they refused.
      Our guarantee can be found here:

  46. Tearris Washington

    My 20 month old had been sucking her thumb excessively since she was 4 months old. Thumb guard broke the habit within 3 week. I’m so happy that I found this product! Well worth the money!

  47. Liz Loring

    Mother of a 9 year old boy: Amazing! We noticed the day time habit had stopped after 1 week and the nighttime habit stopped after only 2 weeks. Its been about three weeks and for the past 3 nights we’ve allowed him to sleep without it and there is NO THUMB SUCKING! We’d been fighting this battle for so long and I was skeptical but I was wrong! I am so grateful for this product and my son is so proud of himself!

  48. Virginia M

    The T-guard worked brilliantly for us. My 4 yo sucked both thumbs (so we bought two) and he fully kicked the habit within 30 days. He loved choosing the coloured ties each night. We did the full 30 nights and didn’t have any issues with durability of the guards. He only needed to do 3 or 4 days at the start with the guards on all the times but we continued to put them on at times when he was likely to fall asleep (like in the car) within the 30 days. We had tried band-aids and cloth wraps before this, and neither worked. The tguard helped kick the habit and heal the skin on his thumbs which had become almost raw from constant sucking. 100% recommend.

  49. Louise Rosales

    I was excited about this product. But my 1 year old has been wearing it two days and I noticed the product cutting in to her skin. I use the tight setting at first but thought it would cut of circulation in her hand so I loosen it only to see her thumb was getting cut from the plastic. I ignored the babies behavior for two nights thinking she just wanted her thumb but she was probably trying to tell me it was uncomfortable and hurting. I think a slip for the thumb should also come with product for better comfort.

    • TGuard Support

      Hi Louise,
      Please reach out to us: the device, when properly adjusted, should not cause any marks at all. If the device is cutting into the skin, it must be loosened. It is best to remove the device daily and inspect the skin yourself to see if there are any signs that the device is not adjusted well.
      We would be happy to troubleshoot this issue and extend your warranty.
      Kind regards,
      MED et al, Inc.

  50. Lili Lee

    LO finally stopped sucking her thumb! It took us 45 days. We took off the guard at 30 days and caught her sucking her thumb at naptime the next day and quickly put it back on. It’s a week after the 45 day mark and she hasn’t sucked her thumb. Product itself is pricey but totally worth it. Quality is good, but if you ever have any issues, the customer service is excellent. Be sure to check your spam box if you email them and don’t seem to get a response. They actually went the extra mile and called me when I emailed a second time. A+ for service.

  51. Ivrielle Dworkis

    First, I’d like to give accolades to the customer service for the products. They are quick to respond, thoughtful, and extremely accommodating to requests.
    We used the older version of both the thumb guard and finger guard with our twins over 5 years ago and it was the ONLY thing that got them to stop sucking! Due to the success we had then, we’re using the upgraded Aero thumb guard with our now 2 year old. Looking forward to finally being done with thumbsucking! Thanks, T-Guard!

  52. Yerlie Zacharie

    My daughter is 2 years old and begin sucking her thumb at 11 months old. I tried everything for her to stop but they all were not successful. Once i saw the commercial for the Tguard i decided to give them a try. I told my daughter it is a finder toy. I must say after 22 days she stopped sucking her thumb. It works. I am very satisfied. She is now 3 months old and has not even tried to put her finger back in her mouth. If you are consistent with it they will stop. I highly recommend it.

  53. Dhaval Patel

    My 3 years old one sucking her thumb since 9 months old! We purchased thumb gaurd for both hands to make sure that she would not start sucking her other thumb . She is fully out of this habit in 6 weeks. Thanks a lot.

  54. Steph

    This is expensive. We purchased 2 of these hoping to help. Our son is very smart and figured the weak points on these and worked at it. This is not worth trying because they only give you 30 days. We gave this 7 months and kept buying the bands as well. Long story short, we are out $160 and our son is still sucking his thumb. What a big disappointment!

  55. Brooke Canchola

    The thumb guard works really well. The guard did cause a really bad burn/rash. We only got to use the guard for 11 days. It did stop her from sucking her thumb, but we had to stop using the product.

    • TGuard Support

      We have since reached out to this customer to address the reason for the rash, which happened to be because the size was too small. We have since sent the customer a replacement appliance in the medium size, which is fitting better.

  56. Melissa Ogden

    Best option available!!! Worth every penny. We tried the arm brace that doesn’t allow them to bend their arm all the way and it didn’t work (because they can still suck their thumb), we’ve tried coating his thumb with something sour, and even scolding him but nothing stuck… Until we tried the TGuard. Our son was persistent enough that 3 weeks wasn’t enough so we ended up leaving it on for over a month (we periodically took it off to thoroughly clean it and give him a chance but he proved several times that he wasn’t ready for it to be taken off). We have extra straps because we would keep one on for several days before cutting it off and changing it. Highly recommend! Our son was pushing his teeth out already and he was still 2 when first got it so hopefully any damage he caused won’t affect his permanent teeth too much.

  57. Oyinkansola Olatunji

    This product worked for my 1 year old in just 20 days!!! When I say it’s fantastic. Believe me. First week he cried and broke out in hives as he was a prolific thumb suckered but boy did this work. Didn’t even finish the wristbands
    A I highly recommend

  58. Christie Friestad

    It works! After trying every hack and method for years to break my daughters all day thumb sucking habit, TGuard was the winner. We put one on both her hands because she WAS an ambidextrous thumb sucker. What I loved was that it didn’t hinder her normal activities, like coloring, swimming, or eating. It can get wet without needing to be “changed”. I’m telling my friends to use this product. It’s worth the investment.

  59. KA

    So thankful I found tguard for my twins. We went a few days after the 30days. My girls actually asked for it to be put back on each time we had to clean it. No more thumb sucking

  60. Ellen Arnold

    I have to say I wasn’t sure anything was going to stop my kids from sucking their thumbs. Their (pediatric) dentist even told me not to bother with it these types of appliances or nail polishes or anything, that they will stop when they’re ready. Well I am so glad that I gave the tguard aero thumb a chance. Yes it is a bit pricey, but it works and the company will work with you if the size is wrong. Let me save you the trouble, just buy 2. My daughter (5) has only ever sucked her left thumb so I tried to get away with just buying 1 for her. Well she had no problem switching thumbs. Regardless it has been less than the 30 days and both her and my son (3) have completely stopped sucking their thumbs during the day. I don’t even have to put the appliances on them anymore during the day. I do still continue to use them at night because I can’t see if they are sucking at night in their sleep due to habit. I plan on using them at night for a while until I know for sure they aren’t sucking their thumbs.
    Long story short if you’re thinking about trying the aero thumb, just do it it’s worth the money.
    The appliances also never bothered either one of my children.
    Thank you tguard!

  61. Jennifer Greenup

    My daughter has been a thumb sucker since I was pregnant with her. We have sonograms with her sucking her thumb almost every time. She is 8 years old now. The Tguard has been awesome! The plastic is very soft and has not caused any dry skin or redness at all. We only use it at night though. She has worn it for several months now and never sucks her thumb during the day. She will still put it in her mouth in the middle of the night if we forget to put it on her out of habit. 8 years of thumb sucking has been a hard habit to break. The tguard has been such a help. I do recommend getting two though because my daughter has switched thumbs and we ended up ordering a second one anyways. Hopefully we have corrected the habit to help her adult teeth growing in straight! Thank you tguard! I only wish we’d found this sooner!

  62. Lorraine Brown

    I used this product for both my daughters who sucked their thumbs from birth until 6-7 years old. I was amazed at how it worked, after trying all kinds of tricks, I was ready to give up. I highly recommend this product to parents. My older daughter stopped sucking her thumb completely after a few weeks, night and day. She was 7. My youngest stopped completely as well after the 30 days. She was 6. It’s been a year now and neither of them restarted. I couldn’t believe it. I have such faith in this product!

  63. Colleen Warning-Davis

    My 15 month old had her first dentist appointment, I was told that even though she only sucked her thumb for maybe an hour a day total, it was already moving her jaw. We bought 2 Tguards. She wore them 24/7 except for bath time which is when I cleaned them. She only wore them for about a week and half before she figured out how to get them off. Even though she was supposed to wear them for 30 days, on Thanksgiving we took them off late morning. It’s been a day and half and she hasn’t sucked her thumb. I am prepared to have to start over if she does. But right now I’m taking as a win. I highly recommend these guards and I highly recommend you start you child young.

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