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Striving For Early Healthy Teeth For Your Child? Break The Thumb Sucking Habit

health concerns regarding thumb sucking There are many concerns that bring parents and their young children to the orthodontist and one of the most complicated issues to deal with is thumb sucking. Compared to developing a new habit that’s beneficial to your child like tooth brushing, breaking a habit like thumb sucking can be a challenging experience.

Infants and young toddlers will often suck their thumbs out of reflex, but as the child grows older their reflex can develop into a harmful habit.

The trouble with thumb sucking

Thumb sucking isn’t usually a problem until your child starts kindergarten. At this point, their reflex has become a habit and now they’re entering an environment where putting your thumb in your mouth may cause more health issues than it prevents (as in the case of allergens).

Additional problems with thumb sucking include the narrowing of the upper arch of your child’s mouth and/or the development of a crossbite. Thumb sucking has similar dental issues as using a pacifier. The suction on the thumb can change the roof of the mouth and have a direct impact on the growth of the teeth.

How do you prevent finger sucking?

Thumb sucking is a tricky habit to break, especially for children who have been sucking their thumb since birth or even before. They may naturally suck their thumb while sleeping or when they’re bored without even being aware they’re doing it.

Scolding your child for sucking their thumb can actually have the reverse effect that you want. Your child may learn not to suck their thumb around you and instead do it in secret when you’re not looking and it can have a negative effect on your relationship.

Consider using thumb sucking appliances

There are many health concerns regarding thumb sucking including dental issues, bacterial infections, and gum problems. Fortunately, you can fight back against these health concerns regarding thumb sucking by using a thumb sucking deterrent made of a soft plastic material such as the TGuard finger guard.

The TGuard Classic keeps your child from experiencing a sucking sensation when they put their thumb in their mouth. This helps to break your child’s thumb sucking habit by removing the pleasure from the action.

Age four is considered the best time in your child’s life to begin to discourage thumb sucking. To learn more about how thumb guards for toddlers can help break your child’s thumb sucking habit, contact T Guard today.