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When Is Thumb Sucking Good And When Is It Bad?

thumb sucking deterrents for thumbsuckers Up to 95% of babies will suck their thumb on reflex. In fact, some babies will even suck their thumbs while they’re still in the womb.

Because thumb sucking is an innate action, it can be a difficult habit to break later in your child’s life. But thumb sucking isn’t always a bad thing.

When is thumb sucking good?

Many parents are worried about their children when they bite their nails and suck their thumbs. They’re worried the habits will affect their teeth, their speech development, and cause teasing at school.

Parents are right to be worried. Thumb sucking and nail biting can cause damage to your child’s health, but not right away. During the first few years of your child’s life, nail biting and thumb sucking are actually good for your child.

Studies show that nail biting and thumb sucking introduce weakened or dead bacteria and allergens into your child’s body like a vaccine. Although thumb sucking can’t keep your child safe from the chicken pox and other viruses that require a vaccine, it can keep your child from developing allergies later in life.

When is thumb sucking not good?

Approximately 5% of children will continue to suck their thumb after the age of four or five. Age four is the optimal time to stop your child from sucking their thumb because, at this age, the thumb sucking reflex has become a habit.

The kindergarten age is typically the time when your child’s teeth begin to come in. Thumb sucking can have a negative impact on the roof your child’s mouth, the growth of their teeth, and may even cause a crossbite.

Looking for thumb sucking deterrents for thumbsuckers?

Thumb sucking is a difficult habit to break, but more than 75% of children’s cases of overbites and underbites have benefitted from early intervention. Thumb sucking deterrents for thumbsuckers can help to break your child’s thumb sucking habit before it can cause lasting damage to your child’s teeth.

The TGuard finger guard is a thumb sucking appliance made of soft plastic that covers your child’s thumb. The appliance keeps your child from experiencing the sucking sensation that drives the thumb sucking habit. To learn more about how the TGuard Classic can help break your child’s thumb sucking habit, contact T Guard today.