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Fun Ways To Stay Healthy: How To Teach Your Child About Germs

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Summer vacation is nearly here. But once your child goes back to school you can expect colds and illnesses to begin circulating around your home.

The average person carries up to 3,200 bacteria on their hands. While not all these bacteria are bad, many of them can cause illness if put into the wrong hands.

How Can I Teach My Child About Germs?

It’s important to teach your child about how germs spread. The more your child knows about spreading germs, the more health-conscious they’ll be. This will (hopefully) keep colds and viruses out of your home once school is back in session.

But how can you teach your child about how germs spread in a way they’ll understand? As it turns out, there are a few clever ways you can teach your child about bacteria.

Here are a few ways to consider:

  1. Use glitter. Like germs, glitter is small and can get everywhere. Have your child dip their hand in glitter and touch a few objects in a designated area for them to see how the glitter (germs) transfer to the surfaces they touch.
  2. Use paint. As with the glitter, you can do a similar activity using washable paint. Have your child dip their hand in the paint and touch different papers or placemats to see how the paint transfers.
  3. Make germs. It can be challenging for your child to understand germs when they can’t see them. Try making your own out of puffballs to demonstrate what they are.


Teach Your Child To Stop Finger Sucking

Once your child has an idea of what germs are, they may be able to better understand why they need to stop finger sucking. Approximately 10% of children will still suck their thumb after the age of two or three.

Thumb sucking can be advantageous for your child in their first two years of life. This is because it introduces them to allergens and weakened illnesses to build their immune system.

But after the age of two, when thumb sucking becomes a habit, it can be dangerous to your child’s teeth and thumbnail. It can also make them sick because of the bacteria on your child’s hands.

Thumb sucking appliances like the T Guard finger guard can help your child stop finger sucking before it becomes a health problem. To learn more about the TGuard classic and thumb sucking prevention, contact T Guard today.